Disquiet Junto Project 0362: Operational Surrealism


nice track, love the umbrella beat and the subtle segue from rain to sewing (it’s the needles isn’t it ;)). I was put in mind of an emu, strutting its ungainliness in a way that is ultimately beautiful, as true to its disparate parts as any Thing could Be :slight_smile:


Hello otolythe. First of all, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Second, you really got people inspired with this week’s challenge - so many submissions already and lots of discussion. Brilliant.

So happy that you spoke about Shakespeare!! You are right, Kozintzev’s King Lear is a great work (although his earlier film Hamlet is - perhaps - even better). Kurosawa Akira’s RAN is an epic retelling of Lear, but my favourite may be Peter Brook’s short but devastating film. You’ve made me realise how many great film versions there are of King Lear…


As with all of my content, this entire process was documented in a live stream at www.twitch.tv/zeromeaning

A violin bow was broken in the process of recording. This became part of the percussion.

Artifacts used in the creation of this piece of music:
DR-660, Umbrella, Violin, Piano, Cornet, TranceDrive, MinimogueVA, BitBoy, Comb, Sewing Machine

Vocals: Zero Meaning

goddess of chaos, discord, and confusion
anarchy made manifest
contrast to the pentagon
rainbows on your breath
a prism that fucks all minds

everything we've heard is the truth (and also a lie)
we are free

we have accepted in our hearts and prepared for in our minds
the return of oblivion
locked in philosophical limbo
the aneristic illusion that aligns grids to maintain superiority
slowly building a cage around itself
but creation is destruction is creation is

on the 68th day of the 2nd season
i gave nothing to the prettiest one
opposing arrows converge in your five hands
as they split, branching out ad infinitum

everything we've heard is meaningless (and also true)
we are free

disorder exists in every system
reality is the original rorschach


Sew Cool



MAx generated sentence fragments strung together to make a poem laid over a musical sketch:

The Jesus mechanism black, austere
lonely the worlds of forever
Lurched inevitable to the cavern
of the erotic everday

The infernal static
Blue pained and impossible
A Clockwork black and infernal


I hate being a doof, but how are people posting so that you see the soundcloud player and a hyper link? I’ve tried embed coding, etc. No luck…

Any guidance?




just copy the link from soundcloud directly has worked for me … no frames, embeds etc

not too proud to say that pasting a direct link from the internet archive as an mp3 (derived naturally) will also work here. just in case you want a slightly more permanent archive deposit / source for your music.


Thanks, pretty sure that’s what I’m doing will check. Much appreciated.

Update: Got it, thx Horridus.



this is pure magic! Love it


I think you also have to leave space (ENTER) before and after the link line to turn it into a player…


Wonders … have some how made a Junto.
VCV build --> Reaper responses --> Machine composed text.


no problem @3Keay. lots of direct links will spawn a player on discourse / lines … flacs didn’t work on last try … since edits by a user are enabled, you can always fix anything you post … pretty nice feature.


Cheers, I’ve a couple of other soundtracks for “silent” movies. One was for Metropolis, which has sadly since returned to copyright.

It’s good to be prompted to look for ways to mash one’s own material though. I love finding pieces that go together.

A good mashup is more than the sum of its parts.


Peace, brothers and sisters and others :sunny:


I haven’t totally disappeared…

Played some chords, to an odd rhythm in 5. Then recorded street noise, and layered it 5 times. Chopped the noise, then chopped the chords. Two very dissimilar things, together on a DAWsecting table.


I really how the very very different layers fit together very nicely without directly meshing. The effect on me was like a place that was unidentifiable, yet familiar. Excellent!


That was perfectly surreal, and absolutely beautiful.

Welcome to llllllll - If that was your first Junto, you should get the newcomer award, which would be, uhm… a cassette tape, 45 random numbers, and the beer of your choice. Yeah, that’s it…


when i was 2 i made up the word antibanner for umbrella. i class this as my most creative achievement so far.

i thought of the sound of an antibanner opening as a cello-french horn blooming with slow attack. represented this in iris2, low quality tempo change in audacity

opened this in 2 instances of vlc, had them playing at different points and at slightly different speeds. gradually they’re stitched into the same time frame. further sewing done in audacity with reverb at +5 semitones.


I have a long-running photo project I have been doing, where I try to photograph single words from signs out of context (https://www.flickr.com/photos/ikjoyce/albums/72157630476790604), so I decided that for this junto it would be ideal to write a surrealist poem using the images I have taken so far. Having written the poem, I then created sounds by importing the images into photosounder, and then arranging them in the order of the poem, along with a random photograph of a seemingly judgemental pigeon that I took, just to add another element of surreal juxtaposition. To add some interest, I panned the original hard left and created a modulated delayed copy to the right. It should be possible to view the left channel in an FFT tool, and see the original images to some extent.
The poem reads:

Red lines,
green pen.
Operate inter-woodland bike
Ping and ding,
square King,
born shy.
Try me.


0362 disquiet junto

​​Table sewing umbrella

Found these links at the UBU web website…


Used a new cloud based synth called Arcade

https://output.com/arcade?msclkid=5673d4ac6e5815a6db7688a12bf1e909&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Arcade - US&utm_term=%2Boutput %2Barcade&utm_content=Output Arcade