Disquiet Junto Project 0362: Operational Surrealism


First off, @sevenism, I love the word-creation “Antibanner”. That’s awesome.

NOTE - This piece is best with headphones!!

After reading the email prompt for this week’s Junto on Thursday, I woke up the next morning thinking about the project, as both my alarm and my partner’s alarm went off at the same time - both from an iPhone app called “SleepBot”. These two pieces of music are not designed to co-exist. Her’s, titled “Parisian Dream” is a soft acoustic guitar piece. Mine, the default, “Morning Dew”, is a little more uptempo, more fully orchestrated. Our phones play a loop of ocean waves at night to help mask city sounds (my partner’s a light sleeper) which are interrupted, rather abruptly, every morning by this music. I usually awake with the ocean sounds turning off before my alarm music even starts playing…

So, for this week, I mocked up our sleeping arrangement, with my phone to the right of my head, close, on a stack of books and her’s off to my left, on her side of the bed. I used my Roland CS-10EM binaural earphones to record my perspective, laying in bed listening to these two pieces intertwine. No effects, no additional sounds, just very light breathing, mingling ocean sounds, and two pieces of music that should never play together.


I haven’t seen his Hamlet yet! It was at a nearby rep theater a little while back but I missed it. And I will track down the Peter Brook one – basically anything that involves Paul Scofield speaking is a win for me :slight_smile:


“The only difference between a madman and myself is that I am not mad.” – Salvador Dalí


Ah, a dissection of the dissection, this time virtually – raising the question of which makes the human more visible, new medical technologies or surrealistic free association…? Nice inclusion of umbrella in French for a bit more onomatopoeticism :slight_smile:


very prog! and I’m getting hints of la divina kate bush. I love the machine-generated text: perhaps every age gets the jesus christ superstar it deserves… :slight_smile:


hi nettles – nice track! dense and detailed – the assertive drone reminds me of the times I’ve tried to drag .raw files into audacity, thinking it would generate a certain something, and instead it generated what it wanted, not what I had pre-decided for it :slight_smile: and/or also, when (back in the land of images) you enlarge some black and white text but you’re in RGB mode, and once you’ve zoomed in 1600%, you can see the riot of color, none of which is the anticipated smoothness of grey…


beautiful, and troubling :slight_smile: inspired me to seek out a link to Einstein and Freud’s correspondence about human psychology, and war.


nice! at different times it reminded me of a full pipe organ, although the stuttering and the other-sourced rhythmic sounds worked against the piece going full-on cathedral. an intriguing mix of the “so-coded” quotidian and transcendent :slight_smile:


hmmm, “zoomed in 1600%” is kind’a it - exemplifying partials to assert harmony seems to give at best “partial harmony” :slight_smile: It’s all generative stuff; lets me off the hook with composition but challenges in trying to coordinate it back into anything coherent! Work fast, keep substance subliminal.



The source material for this came from the sessions of my remix for Disquiet 0359. I have been working with it for the last couple of weeks, and felt it was appropriate for Disquiet 0362.


Hello! I used samples from a street paver for my sewing machine and cast an umbrella of voices above it.


sweet caravan sounds … love it


Managed to sneak this in time! :smiley:

I chose this from Les Chants de Maldoror:

“…I felt an unknown strength rising within me. I took hold of a huge stone; after many attempts, I managed to lift it as far as my chest. Then, with my arms, I put it on my shoulders. I climbed the mountain until I reached the top: from there, I hurled the stone on to the shining worm, crushing it.”

Sounds: rock sounds slowed 1200-1600%, my footsteps crunching on gravel, distorted harmonics from field recordings.

Panned across the soundfield using the Sennheiser AMBEO plug-in.


Really nice song. Is that you singing?


:grinning: I had a made up word for Citroën DS…


Thanks. Yes that’s me!


Cool! we’ve got a Citroen. what was the word? Is there a rough translation?


I’m impressed - keep up the good work!!


I was about 2 years of age too. So there is no translation… My word was “sabkobis”. Maybe the fist part “sab” is from saab??? “kobis” don’t know. That car must have made an impression :smiley:


really nice - you can hear the source instruments if you want, but they also sound very different here than their original purposes. the track sounds a bit like when you play a voice backwards, except it’s orchestral. puts me in mind of lou reed’s wild child: “what’s good, 'bout rain that falls up?” I also loved the waffling/wuffling sound of (what could be) umbrellas struggling to open in a drenching rain… antibanners I mean!! :slight_smile: