Disquiet Junto Project 0362: Operational Surrealism


I really really love that photo project, how the found words and word-fragments are always on the edge, and the rest of the context drops away in focus, or is “just” juxtaposed because of your framing. this comes out in the sounds, sharps and fuzzes going in and out of focus and wavering left to right in unexpected ways, to draw the attention to some fragment which is then swapped out for the next. and you’re right, you have to have the pigeon: Surrealistic Pigeon! (remember Bert’s pigeon dance? “doin’ the (uh-uh) pigeon…”)


machines as almost-animals. great combo of noises-as-music and instruments-as-noise. enough of a beat, but interrupted by a drone (can one be interrupted by a drone?) love the changes of personality 3/4 way through, and again almost at the end, as a kind of coda. one has cause to wonder, once the umbrella and the sewing machine have stiched together their unlikely encounter, and before the vibrations have fully dispersed from the dissecting table — was all that indeed by chance? :slight_smile:


Samples used are from F.Fellini’s Toby Dammit (music Nino Rota) and
from the yellow vests (gilets jaunes) protests in France these days.
It was a windy night with lots of frustration and weird dreams.

Processed with norns mlr.


that an acoustic guitar gloss on gymnopédie 1 could be dissonant with anything is a wonder :wink: but actually, now that I hear the combo — I wonder if waking to a kind of soft musical dissonance is maybe the best of both worlds? one for each ear: the dream-world and the waking-one :slight_smile:


Thanks :smiley: I have started to make the project harder and more interesting by only using words that are made out of other words - so ‘PEN’ came from a sign saying ‘OPEN’ , ‘TRY’ from ‘NO ENTRY’ and so on. I also only want there to be a single word per frame, which does make the shot framing quite tricky - it is a good constraint that has slowed me down, there have been loads of words I haven’t been able to use because I can’t get the framing how I need it to be! 'Bert’s pigeon dance is new to me! :smiley:


lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPj3G7U-K04


Love this one, the juxtaposition works really (and surprisingly) well. It feels a little voyeuristic, like I have had my head on your pillow!


nice! The Chance Meeting of How the Night Came and Sevenism in Ohm Research’s Audio Dissecting Table. an excellent case can be made that this is what the astronaut/aristocrat in 2001 would have chosen to play in his Louis XIV space-Versailles home soundsystem :slight_smile:


yeah therein lies the rub – happy accidents still have to be happy, and we decide about that :slight_smile:


definitely! and the use of your own vid (and sounds of course) is what made that mashup good. the silents are decent sources, but then we have to build on/bounce off of them… :slight_smile:

they returned Metropolis to copyright? uuuggghhh that should not be possible, everyone involved in the original is long gone…


HONK!fest meets an ad hoc a cappella flash mob, and what are the chances of that! let us shift the dissecting table to find out… really nice dissonances at play in the field of texture :slight_smile:


Nice birds peeking through at the end ! I like your mix of photography and sound art together. Stills and sound go so well together. Reminds me of days of old getting an illustrated booklet with an album of sounds. I love the ritual of looking at the booklet of pictures while listening.


the carnivalesque has funhouses, sure, but what are those weird mirrors really reflecting? is it that something wicked this way comes, or does it not come fast enough? what happens when dreams are disrupted; is an irruption into the real the most real, or the real’s undoing? questions, questions… and thx for the reference to Toby Dammit — I looked it up as I was unfamiliar; loves me some Poe, oh yes :slight_smile:


I will probably be the last one to submit this week, but just possibly better late than never.

The idea here was to work with two dissimilar items, in this case a twelve-tone row and a tonal center. The more I worked on this the more I was able to find, and with hours to go before the deadline for completing the piece, I am offering what is part of what should become a much larger piece, as I still see numerous opportunities for playing with this idea.

A Sewing-Machine And An Umbrella was written for Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Violin, Viola and Cello.

The score is available at http://bit.ly/2Ecb2hm


The umbrella and sewing machine were the samples I used
The chance was in the randomness of throwing it together until stuff worked (beauty)
The dissecting table was FL Studio
The whole undertaking was surreal :grinning:


Dissecting-table drone,
Glitchy sewing beats,
Chance random Gestrument umbrellaic instruments,
Is there beauty in the flute?



Missing a “Baz” … ie a low end.


When criminals in the world appear
Expect abstract foley sounds from key chains to clicks.
Read what users say:
Is it any wonder that mankind stands open-mouthed before the bartender?
Diarrhea Draught,
Dixie Cocktail,
Thanks to our acoustic object models,
the cry goes out both far and near
for Jimbo! Tom Bullock!
St. Louis Style.
This is not a Librivox recording.


Like a lost Ives piece. Lovely and mysterious. Bravo.