Disquiet Junto Project 0362: Operational Surrealism


beautiful piece — it doesn’t even sound like you’re “working with”, it just sounds like music. and the score is equally austere and lovely, thanks for posting it as well! from our vantage point in the 21st century, surrealism could be said to be “classical”…looking forward to hearing its next iteration :slight_smile:


surreal disco is the best disco! I had no idea of the dance potential of these domestic implements/instruments :slight_smile:


delicate and mesmerizing, the depths of the eternal abyss and the temporal ship floating over, unawares… :slight_smile:


incremental incidental percussive builds to melody or rhythmic patterns, before bursting briefly apart, then building, differently, again – love your interpretation of appliances by instruments, yet another layer of surrealist gesture :slight_smile:


hooked on bach meets hooked on breton meets the pace of change is accelerating these days, everyone says so meets hooked on noyze: nice! :slight_smile:


I FOR ONE welcome our new robot overlords — so long as they are composed of happy accidents and snippets of previously broadcast instruction and delight :slight_smile:


HOW did I miss that it’s a Satie rip-off! I’ll blame the fact that I’m only ever half-awake when I hear it :slight_smile:


Hahaha! Yep, very voyeuristic! :slight_smile:


NON-SUBMISSION Hey All, I mucked about with some of the Junto tracks. They are basically destroyed beyond recognition. I also chopped up some lynch and beastie boys on it too.

Peace. Hugh


I don’t fully grasp what the remit is, but I love what I’m hearing, have read the FAQ and 100% want to get involved with the next one!


Cool. Great to have you join in. The basic idea is that every Thursday a different project goes out (tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto), and you have until the following Monday at 11:59pm to post a track in response to the assignment.


Brilliant - I’ve signed up for the email and am ready to go tomorrow.


because it was the EDM version lol – wait that’s an idea! make over gymnopédie No. 1 in your chosen genre: metal gymnopédie, britpop gymnopédie, R&B gymnopédie, high school choir gymnopédie, slowed-down-800% gymnopédie… :slight_smile:


dissecting table as a service:slight_smile:


I am 100% here for that idea. @disquiet?? Can we please?? :smiley:


Ha! that is great. Totally.


Thanks for listening :slight_smile: