Disquiet Junto Project 0363: Gymnopédie Rats



Hi there. Light spirit & short tune:


I have been using a computer, and the first 8 bars.
midi-file from: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bbowman/midi/satie/
Programs and plugins: VSTHost, DSK Guitars Nylon, Signaldust Abstract Chamber, Audacity
Birds from: https://freesound.org/people/NightVoice/sounds/123999/
Insects from: https://freesound.org/people/YleArkisto/sounds/249726/


And the playlist is rolling:


This is using the midi file by Oguri. Started off going for some African instrumentation, but it morphed. Hope you enjoy.


I did this exact project of my own volition a few months ago, enjoy.


Very cool. I added the prescient track to the playlist.


I meant to say I looked into afrobeat, new jack swing and raï as some surprising genre choices… an interesting aspect of the task this week was picking a genre that felt like some kind of challenge without feeling like it’d be impossible.

Here’s a couple of pre-existing cover versions in quite different genres, just for interest’s sake.

Smith & Mighty doing something in the 80s vaguely in line with what other Bristol groups who eventually became Massive Attack and Soul II Soul would’ve been up to at that time. The drum feel is actually kinda like new jack swing! Or at least it’s a swung drum machine…

Isan doing their melodic IDM (hate that term, but whatever) take, a bit over 10 years ago. The clicky percussion works surprisingly well.


I used a grain sampler on the original.


wanted it to start off relatively expected and descend into weirdness

found a midi file, had it gradually going down 24 semitones and longer attack on the piano. gradually more fx: dream acoustic chorus, freqecho, podfarm (amp presence, sine chorus, echo platter, rich chamber reverb), ddly.

another track used the same midi with the sound of a dresser door thru ambient reverb - faded in throughout


I think I took a left turn somewhere. This doesn’t really have much to do with Satie anymore.

Piano, Variax guitar, impOSCar, percussive samples, vinyl scratch, TranceDrive.

Vocals: Zero Meaning


I utilized 2 different MIDI in’s and grouped them while feeding the reverb and delay back thru the group. I compressed and compressed with ducks in the high and low end. I also used a looper at 1 bar and an additional looper set to 3 bars to help capture iterations of the piece. I then processed the loops with additional EQ and compression prior to blending in with the original tones created with SIN and Square waves from a collision and wavetable instruments in Abelton Live. I really enjoyed this piece and I wanted to just try and give it a Vonna Wolf vibe. I am so close to finishing this term and this was the relaxation I needed. Thanks for creating, participating and listening!


Took a midi performance of the piece, slowed it down to 8 bpm or so, removed repetitions, and orchestrated on top of that.

I think his piece is quite optimistic and quirky, even performed slowly. I took his score’s instructions and followed that as close as I could: “Slow and Painful”

Performed on a cold December Friday afternoon in Paris, France.
Long live Erik Satie. A genius , a true one.


Transmuted gymnopédie [disquiet0363]

First half is a recording of the Gymnopédie No 1 played through my creaky demo copy of The Mangle, rather more carefully than usual, with a definite intention to keep the results recognisable and within the musical back yard of the original. This graduates into the same piece transformed by Audiobulb’s ambient software – rather less recognisable but still retaining some of the ambience of the original. Both halves involved multi-tracking with selective addition of reverb, delay and equalisation.


It’s a nylon string guitar with some chorus, a multitap delay, and some reverb. Higher than usual tempo.



I sampled a few bars of Gymnopédie No. 1 and chopped and reversed it through a sampler. Then added the rest of what you hear, including a little shape and hold sound which I used Arturia’s new Pigments wavetable synth for, if you’re into that sort of thing.


I never know how to embed my track with the pretty picture link like everybody else :weary::joy:


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