Disquiet Junto Project 0363: Gymnopédie Rats


A re-setting in 13/8 time:



Disquiet0363 • Made this easy and simple. Piano, one synth, one sample, and random drums • Downloaded the midi file from Musescore • https://musescore.com/dashboard • Used Analog Lab 3, Synthmaster, ADM drum machine and the cloud-based Arcade • https://output.com/arcade • All done in Reaper


If this is “Furniture Muzak”, then I want moar of that genre!


Love your version!! Time signature and tempo work really well


Fun little excursion, playing with one of my favorite piano pieces.

Ooof…after ripping through everyone else’s work, I think I am still a little too precious with with the original, of well, still worthwhile.



So good. Left turn and then a carjacking.


I really like the mix of instrumentation - and “discursions” that happen on just some notes.


I found this deeply beautiful. It’s like taking every word of a sentence and examining them one by one. Like looking at woven fabric under a microscope and discovering a hidden world. Thank you for this!


Gymnopedie 1 by WHΛLT THISИEY reimagined / reworked.


Not to precious at all: It is a really nice, re-imagining for guitar and synth. I also really think the mixing and balance is superb.


My granular ambient version:

I started with the first few bars from Gymnopédie No.1, from this PD-OGG, cut out these bars and processed them mainly with Ambient_v0.3 with different settings. The result had been a dozen or so samples, which I put together and mixed them with some fragments from my delicate halucinations disquiet0350, which was already loosely based on Saties Gymnopédie No.1.

Eric Satie would have been a disquiet contributor…


MIDI file from 8notes.com > Katsuhiro Chiba’s August synth plugin > Bastl Microgranny granular sampler > Way Huge Supa-Puss delay pedal + Digitech Polaris reverb pedal > Ableton echo


I had all day in my head the " and the beat goes on" a 90’s track so I had to use it
somehow! So I’ve used the beat from that track not so completely in time courtesy of mlr/norns and
the Satie’s melody modulated with mlr/norns as well.


Groovy groovy groovy



Since I have no style, I will at least describe the process. This is four 1-20 second samples from Satie’s Gymnopédies No. 1. Two samples were time stretched and kneaded until they either rose into the heavens or sank into the earth. The other two samples were time stretched to the point of breaking so I could resample them and derive a rhythmic particulate. This was assembled on a very dark and rainy evening in Maryland.


Better late than never.


I need to catch up on everyone else’s work, but I’ve been busy with…

So, I was walking the dog on Friday night, having just listened to a recording of Gymnopedie in prep for the project. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it, but while we were out walking, I kept hearing Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th” layered on top. I figured it was too good to be true, but it turns out, they interact really beautifully!

I kept all the music in the order of the original pieces, stretching some notes, looping some bits as necessary, but tried to remain true to the original compositions. Four instances of Kontakt’s The Giant for the piano - L and R hands of Satie and Aphex Twin, respectively :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


A recording of “Gymnopédie No. 1” playing through my phone speaker ->
microphone ->
VCV Rack:
6 signals split:
4 -> loop modules (Sonus Luppolo); clock divider turning record and play on and off, staggered to the 4 loopers
1 -> to Rakes
1 -> some real sloppy pitch-to-CV conversion into Sonus Ladrone
< Luppolos -> mscHack Ping Pong delay
< Rakes -> Vult Unstabile filter
-> mixer with sends to Nsysthi Plateverb and Dissonantverb and (yep) Clouds
-> ersatz Fennesz, or, as I call it, Fauxnesz


My love for Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies is such that I HAD to do this weeks project in spite of a very full weekend.
I downloaded the score and a midi version at: http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=353
Opened it in Logic X and after some editing to separate the melody from the chords started replacing the piano with other sounds. I choose to work at 24bpm for this version partly from the tempo marking of “Lent et doulourex” ( 24 seemed like it might be painfully slow…) and also because I am making music under a newish AKA: DeSloMol. It was a pleasure to use the Sculpture synth in Logic for the first time in ages, I’d forgotten what great sounds it’s capable of.
Coming in at 10 minutes yet it doesn’t seem to drag…