Disquiet Junto Project 0364: Casting Drones


Thanks they are from my changing the “size” parameter in ableton reverb on the fly, that seems to mess things up.


So glad you could join in. All oscillators are welcome.


been a while since I did one of these

4-2 2-2 2-3

rolled dice.
created a tone.
chose chords that fit the dice roll.
tweaked and affected for better sound.


My second Junto!

1-1 4-2 4-1

I chose to interpret the “notes” part as adding voices so that all four would play at once for the final four minutes. (I also just noticed that I missed how to interpret the time rolls… oops!)

Voices are four samples from Carly Rae Jepsen’s excellent Favourite Colour (“hold”, “[con]trol”, “kinda serious”, “the morning light”). The drone was created in the Granulator II M4L device, and the others were played (although, I only really chose the loop once so, “played”) in MLR.

I added various effects to each voice and assigned the knobs and faders of my MIDI controller to a total of 16 parameters. I then played the drones with the MIDI controller over the course of the 10 minutes in one take. Aside from fixing levels and ends, no post-processing.


5 - 1 : 1 - 2 : 3 - 2 :roll_eyes:
Just My Luck. Exactly, it feels like the dices never roll my way. I threw my dices. Low numbers. Selected tones on the piano (C#, F#, G#, B). I performed my drone on the modular with one eye on the clock. Recorded to tape. I added a little noise to my drone… I wanted an electronic drone. Just a tiny bit of spring reverb. No editing of the recorded sound. I didn’t manage to end at the right time. Sorry. I prioritized a smooth fade out. Merry Christmas to all of you (or just holidays if you prefer).


@cigazze I loooooooove this tone! The wobbliness is so nice

@UMCorps And yours too! The FM(?) sweeping is so creepily pretty


First Junto! I rolled for 3-minute, 2-minute, and 1-minute brackets, and interpreted two high rolls as maxing out, so leading with 4 tones, then down to 3, then changing one before the fadeout.

This is mostly Akemie’s Castle, with me riding the levels on the various operators and swapping in the second oscillator for my one tone change at the end. Run through the instant lo-fi junky for a bit of low pass and pitch wavering. Hard to identify the separate tones as everything’s plucked from the same harmonic series, but droning is my favorite use of Akemie. One nice thing about the lo-fi junky is that it sort of ducks sounds around each other (really no clue what it’s doing), so new voices really seem to emerge out of the muck. (This is also my first trial run with actually trying to record the modular out, so apologies if the recording’s a bit shit.)


Happy Holidays!


hey! a long time lurker here, finally decided to participate!

here it is:

the process looked something like this —

the dice and the accompanying decisions:

i set up three voices on my modular:
1 (constant tone) — (modulated) E352 -> 3 Sisters -> Dervish (reverb)
2 (“note 1”) — (really modulated) Furthrrr Generator -> Springray spring reverb -> modulated pan
3 (“note 2”) — self-oscillating Folktek Conduit delay -> Verbos Bark filter
all (slow) modulations coming from Vermona Fourmulator, Maths, New Pam’s and Just Friends

note change around 3:00 comes from pressure points into both Furthrrr v/oct inputs, slew limited by Maths and Function.

then i set up stopwatch in my iphone and recorded everything live into the Tascam 464 4-track cassette portastudio, overdriving it a good bit, at the same time recording with Ableton in case the wretched cassette thingy goes haywire (it didn’t).

then i found some balance between 2 recorded stereo pairs on the Tascam and dumped the mix into ableton, adding a layer of Strymon Big Sky hall reverb with Tascam’s FX sends.

then i eq’d the reverb a little, added fade in, master limiter and exported. fade out is too abrupt but i did it live so no way to adjust.


Welcome! Great end to the year.


thanks! i hope to become a regular!


Excellent. If you ever have thoughts about a project, let me know.


Great, will do of course!


This was a cool challenge. Great work from everyone.

3 - 2
5 - 3
2 - 3


  • Plaits: main drone
  • Piston Honda: 2 notes used throughout


  • Ripples: main drone
  • Three Sisters: 2 piston honda voices in, All out


  • Erbeverb
  • Tape delay pedal


  • Maths
  • Marbles
  • Cold Mac
  • Quad VCA


Hello, this is my first Junto project.

I rolled:
3 + 2 (2 min - tone + voice2)
2 + 3 (1 min - voice 3 enters)
1 + 5 (1 min - voice 2 disappears)
plus 1 min - voice 3 disappears and then, the end.

Tone + voice 3 on eurorack and voice 2 on serge modular.

Tone : Sawtooth wave through 4ms sprectal multiband resonator (different random control voltages on each bands + randomly voltage controlled enveloppe on resonance) and then through Make Noise erbe-verb.

Voice 2 : Sawtooth wave through resonant eq and then through variable Q low pass filter (randomly voltage controled enveloppe on resonance + audio modulation on resonance).

Voice 3 : Low pass gate (Make Noise Optomix) randomly triggered through 4ms dual looping delay. (I realized a bit too late that I didn’t completely follow the rules because the pitch of the vco going through the LPG is voltage controlled).

Everything was played live.

Enjoy, merry christmass and happy new year to you all.


This challenge was the sort of thing that I would naturally try and use eurorack for - but I’ve gone home for the holiday, with no musical equipment bar a laptop.

Doing drones ‘in the box’ is strange - because you can easily make very long pieces of music without listening to them. I used a sample I recorded a while ago, and a woodwind sample pack to try and build up my drone. The initial result was uninspiring - and very static, so I added a plethora of max4live lfos and envelope followers and randomly assigned them to lots of parameters. I also recorded the sounds out of the window with my laptops microphone and laid them over the top.

I’m quite please with how it came out

1 minutes, 4 voices
3 minutes, 2 voices
2 minutes, 4 voices.



5-6 4-6 4-3

Rolled the dice online at: http://roll-dice-online.com/

5-6, 4-6, 4-3 came up

Used a Tampura drone in C minor that I downloaded from Sounds.com

Used Analog Lab 3 for the other drone notes

Used a Matrix 12 V instrument in Analog Lab 3

Base note was the Tampura

Bracket one was 2 notes with the Matrix 12, C and G

Bracket 2 was 2 notes with the Matrix 12, C and G

Bracket 3 was 2 different notes with the Matrix 12, F and C

All done in Reaper


1-6 1-5 1-2

I’ve been playing acoustic guitar a bunch which doesn’t sustain enough to drone for minutes, so I recorded a bunch of takes on banjo, nylon and steel string guitars playing only the note G but in different octaves and rhythmic patterns for the main drone. Then I did the same thing but just the note D, then B and finally E.

The dice gave me an arrangement to start with all the tones and slowly remove them each minute.


The playlist is now rolling, so to speak:

Thanks, again, @Toaster for having proposed this project.


Welcome, @manu-b. Thanks for joining in.