Disquiet Junto Project 0365: 2018 Tracker


I chose to take the instructions for this junto as much as a technical challenge as a musical one: to write code in SuperCollider that would, given twelve files, select 5-second segments at random and join them together into a single piece. The code is available here:

The submitted file is the first sucessful run of this code using the files I selected to represent my year:

Jan – livecoding/algorave practice in SuperCollider
Feb – mechanical-only sounds sampled from a trumpet, livecoded in SC https://youtu.be/7Yud8TjJMP0?t=630
Mar – SC experiments in arhythmic repetition and granulation https://clyp.it/bxw2npop
Apr – livecoding with prepared piano samples https://soundcloud.com/tedthetrumpet/pylon-country
May – midi demo, abandoned algorithmic sketches for ‘Prelude, Gantungan and Dance’ for gamelan, piano, and prepared piano
Jun – midi demo of melody called ‘Burnlaw’ written on holiday in the Penines
Jul – trying out Ubuntu Studio: livecoded remix of ‘The Avengers’ theme tune https://jsimonvanderwalt.com/2018/07/13/raving-the-netbook-again/
Aug – midi demo, final piano part for PGD (see May) https://youtu.be/uouRNaNJsE4
Sep – reconstruction of livecoded performance at Sheffield algorave https://youtu.be/KT2vgFod66M?t=379
Oct – ’werk stadig’, https://citiesandmemory.com/sounding-nature/
Nov – Javanese gamelan: rehearsing Ldr Ayun2 with Prasadiyanto http://www.nagamas.co.uk/event/prasadiyanto-gamelans-glasgow/
Dec – midi demo of latin tune ‘Vampire Ballerina’ written over winter break

My first Disquiet Junto – I’ve enjoyed listening to the others, thanks!


ive done 48 albums this year, nearly an album a week, ive got 36 minutes for another album so i should have 49 albums done by the end of this year.
i treat music as an audio diary and make it in snatched moments, intense bursts. its been a good year for my stuff: i played live for the first time and that was released on a live album, i was featured on bandcamp daily and in dazed digital, and had tracks on compilations.

i’ve done snippets of each of my albums here. the intro of every intro track. i like to put the most accessible/rewarding/emotive tracks at the start of albums. it’s funny, if i condensed my albums down to the first couple of tracks of each there’d be like 10 albums of (what i think is) really good stuff; but that gives a false idea, i want the more difficult/noisy/failed experiments included, it’s part and parcel of the process

i had 2 copies of bandcamp open and went thru playing about 10 seconds of each album, captured in live8 through ambience for reverb and recorded in audacity. i added echo, reverb, distortion in post to make it work more like a single piece


:thinking: Am I missing something, or where is the result? Curious!


Hi, It’s been a while since I’ve contributed. Lots has happened in the interim, including a heart attack, but that hasn’t hampered my drive to create. As usual, I took a few liberties with the directions. I am pleased with the result. It’s a blurry mélange… sort of like me.

The tracks are:

  1. aisle27
  2. brexit
    3.distorted steam engine
  3. identity crisis
  4. clavinet groove
  5. solstice 2018
  6. sufi
  7. turning stone
  8. last honey bee
  9. tin foil hat
  10. neck pain
  11. drone bed

I loaded these tracks into an array of buffers and then played them sequentially via a SynthDef. The Synth picks a random starting point for each buffer. Each time I run the code, I get a different mix.

Here is the code:
b = PathName(PathName(thisProcess.nowExecutingPath).parentPath++ “samples/disquiet0365/mono/”).entries.collect({
arg path;
Buffer.readChannel(s, path.fullPath);

SynthDef.new(\play3, {
arg buf=0, out=0;
var sig, rate, amp, start;
rate = EnvGen.kr(Env([1.0,1.3,0.5], [(BufDur.ir(buf) * 0.3),(BufDur.ir(buf) * 0.7)], [1, -1]), doneAction:Done.freeSelf);
start = rrand(((BufFrames.kr(buf))/3), (BufFrames.kr(buf)/1.25));
amp = EnvGen.kr(Env([0,0.8,0.8,0], [(BufDur.ir(buf)* 0.4),(BufDur.ir(buf) * 0.5), (BufDur.ir(buf) * 0.1)], [1, -1, -1]), doneAction:Done.freeSelf);
sig = PlayBuf.ar(1, buf, rate, 1, start, doneAction:Done.freeSelf);
sig = PanAz.ar(4, sig, LFSaw.kr(1/BufDur.ir(buf),1), 1, 2, 0.5);
Out.ar(out, sig * amp);

p = Pbind(
\instrument, \play3,
\dur, 10,
\buf, Pseq([0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]),



Hey tedthetrumpet,

Unbeknownst to me, I tried something similar to what you did. I couldn’t figure out how to limit the playback of each buffer to 5 seconds. Not sure I would have liked the result anyway…

Welcome to the Junto!


Hmm, I used an embed code for SoundCloud, which looks like it didn’t work. Now when I try to edit it some error about being a new user. Let’s try the link now:


Look here for my 2018 Audio Journal, with notes:

Happy new year!


Wishing you all well in the new year


This was a tough year for me, and what little time I had for my own work was spent primarily in “laboratory” mode - so this is 12 five second snippets of unrelated excerpts from live lab sessions. Instrumentation and processes vary, but it’s mostly modular synth, processed piano, a bit of found sound in the first snippet, and on the computer side bidule, zebra, and bazille.
We were asked to identify each segment, but as these are from lab sessions the only identification I have is the date - no titles, and its just pure experimentation.
The formalist in me doesn’t want to post this, but I love the idea of the Disquiet Junto, and it’s often good to do what’s uncomfortable. so here it is.


not sure why soundcloud isn’t embedding - neither link nor embed codes are doing it. Hmmm.


Try putting two hard returns after the URL.


Loving how much variety there is here, between different people as well as within individual years!


Glad to hear it. These annual journals have a bit of a “life flashing before your eyes” vibe. A personal montage.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/sounds-from-2018-disquiet0365

Five second excerpts from these 2018 works:
Plusch – Ice-in-glass-disquiet0314
Plusch – Pachyderm-parade-disquiet0315
Plusch – Plucks-and-hand-drums-and-other-sounds-disquiet0317
Plusch – System-005
Plusch – Speedy-disquiet0319
Plusch – Heavy-heart-disquiet0322
Plusch – Speculate
Plusch – Positronic-blues-disquiet0331
Plusch – Hold-loop-disquiet0335
Plusch – Necromancers-mirror-disquiet0344
Plusch – Slapdash-disquiet0346
Plusch – Flowers-fall-into-shade-naviarhaiku245
Plusch – Varied-disquiet0352
Plusch – Loop-010