Disquiet Junto Project 0366: Ice Breaker


Hey guys!

I used a basic CAD GXL 1200 instrument microphone to record the ice. I played with loops, adding layers of effects as I pictured the hectic state ice is in after heat is added. The track decays much like ice does.


thank you :slight_smile: looking forward to more!


“Suddenly I saw the cold and rook-delighting heaven,” wrote the poet William Butler Yeats. “That seemed as though ice burned and was but the more ice … And I took all the blame out of all sense and reason.”

Yeats’ classic poem expresses a shift in his opinion of what heaven will offer. Without his true love, the vision he had of spending eternity in warmth is replaced with cold neutrality. Perhaps this what Talking Heads were attempting to convey when they told us, “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.”

In totally unrelated news, Suss Müsik has been dealing with a bone fracture. One’s appreciation for human capability increases the moment it’s taken away. Still, there is the desire to get up and get on with things. Hence, what you have here is a one-armed composition for Moog synth, strings, organ, percussion, and ice cubes.

For this piece, Suss Müsik recorded ice cubes in a glass filtered through an Infinite Jets glitch processor. Select bits were resampled and patched to create the two base rhythms, one housed within the other like how a skeleton supports the human body. The remaining instruments were played and recorded live.

The piece is titled Osseous. The image is a medical ice pack, Suss Müsik’s best friend of late.


It’s warm these days in Tasmania - so I’ve been using a lot of ice.
Recorded the original sound with an old Zoom.
Then tweaked the sound to create a drum groove in 5/4, and finished by recording a floaty pad and a melody on electric bass.
I’ve been away for a few years… but I’m back now.


I took my ice in a glass sounds and put them through Ableton Live’s sampler to create 4 different voices.


My Alaskan husky sled team love it. Your track is their new workout tune.


I like the rhythm. It’s really deep and the echo trail keeps it lively.

And @Ahornberg, I like the wide stereo field. Feels like my head is in the glass.


Gear. Digital recorder, contact mic from a guitar tuner, modular synth with ext input module, filter, sampler module. Line out to computer. The recording from the digital recorder is just audible the first seconds.


Great contribution and a fascinating listen. Welcome to the Junto. It’s a very supportive community. Fear not :slight_smile:


A 10 second sample of a single piece of ice in a glass. Processing by Mutable Instruments Elements and Clouds. Modulation by Mutable Instruments Tides, Make Noise Maths, Endorphin.es Terminal, and Ornament and Crime Quadrature.


I recorded ice in a glass with my phone. I also poured water into the glass, hoping to get some nice cracking sounds, but I think the ice must have been too warm by then because none happened. Cleaned up the recordings, dropped them into MLR (well, re: mix).

Got stuck for a bit here noodling and listening to loops before actually hitting record, and then pressed one of the top-row buttons that I hadn’t bothered to learn yet when I did record which seemed to break things. So in the end, it’s a minimalist piece in the spirit of “Ship Early”


Sort of a soft ice sound in the beginning, cool


Rhythmic loops created in MAX/MSP built to "auto"generate loops from samples fed to it. In this case the sounds of ice in the glass. Additional percussion added as needed, but I did try to minimize the use sounds not directly captured during recording the ice.

I had Masaru Emoto’s research into audio effects on ice creation and really wanted to add a few samples of him speaking about the experiments, but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Really fun project.


omg. the first weekend in January 2019; i know it was in some sense inevitable but equally, somehow, i never quite expected it - my relationship with time is… i dunno… both somehow arrested and faintly delirious, i guess. & yet in spite of - maybe beacuse of? - this i keep fiddling with sounds…

To the matter in hand: I got three glasses (an old Nutella jar, a larger tumbler sort of thing and a ahem liberated pint glass) out and filled one with water, the others with ice cubes and proceeded to record my faffing - pouring, shaking - for three and half minutes or so.

Before actually doing anything with the new sounds i - kinda self-indulgently - relistened to the previous six submissions i’ve made for this annual project; guess it’s a body of work at this point, huh? (!) Most years i’ve been trying to hold previous submissions in mind, either as inspirations or as, uh, anti-inspirations; something to respond to, anyhow. As i’ve been using so many effects in the past few years I felt i ought to make a point of using as few as possible this time; in the end beyond some compression and eq-ing i’ve used nothing. In addition, i made a point of not pitching samples up or down though i did allow myself to reverse playback a number of times for various sections and samples. So yeah, instead of processing the sound much, i’ve simply made an awkward cut and paste abstraction, with a bias towards reasonably seamless loops interspersed with sharp and definite splices. Some of the loops are tiny, in order to create buzzes and ersatz sines, others work more conventionally, if scarcely in any sense musically. I had this temptation to keep refining, condensing this piece - to a sort of seething, over-eventful, brittle mush but also wanted it to breathe or at least stop and start, pulse and jitter… this is, i guess, a sort of compromise between those two inclinations.

A really soothing afternoon in all; clicking about in various Audacity projects, shuffling, fiddling, reviewing… gonna head off and watch Tokyo Story now, something that’s not quite not a New Year tradition 'round these parts. Thanks again, always, to Marc & peace to all Junto folks. &, it occurs to me now, thanks to Kirk, who gave me the ice cube mold i’ve been using for at least five of these projects now.


Happy new year everyone!

This marks almost exactly one year since I joined the Junto! \o/

I also didn’t read the instructions carefully enough and recorded ice melting in a glass :smiley:

I recorded the initial field recording using a hydrophone into a glass of frozen water and pouring a bit of warm water to hasten the process. Then I processed the tracks using a combination of Adobe Audition and Ableton, layering nine tracks in total.

Lots of my processes also involve playing with time and asynchronicity, so I’ve layered the tracks in a way that it sounds more like multiple waves hitting and bumping into each other - sometimes lining up, sometimes not. I also wanted to explore the various intricacies of ‘melting’ and the richness of small, intimate ecosystems and moments - in this case, half a glass of frozen water and stretched-out field recordings.

Layer 1: Grinding ice, slowed 800%.
Layer 2: Grinding ice, slowed 1600% panned left + bass extender
Layer 3: Grinding ice, slowed 1600% panned right + bass extender
Layer 4: Air bubbles, with Around The Head panning effect
Layer 5: Air bubbles, with Brooklyn resonator + Minor Third Down delay + Around The Head panning effect
Layer 6: Air bubbles, with Great Buddha phaser effect + Replika delay
Layer 7: Air bubbles, with Rush delay + Space Syncopations frequency shifter + Wanderer filter delay
Layer 8: Air bubbles. with DTMF frequency shifter + Slow Churn phaser + Wanderer filter delay
Layer 9: Air bubbles, pitch-shifted + Frozen build-up reverb and bass extender.


Always look forward to this one…

Fortress of Solitude [disquiet0366]

Took some clinks of varying pitches out of the recording I made in 2013 and arranged into a “melody” of a few seconds. This was duplicated many times, at different pitches, and became a 1 minute ambient track. This in turn was multiplied, with some tracks being reversed, pitched down and given slight reverb. The resulting track was then treated in both The Mangle and ambient software and the two tracks then mixed and further treated with Audacity plugins.


A short recording of ice going into glass, rattling, water being added is layered with recut and minimally processed versions of itself. Processing limited to speed changes and in a few cases reverse playback.


icecode (in alex?)

two Bb wine glasses, tray of ice cubes, plastic bucket
recorded on Olympus LS-P2
as well as glass sounds, sound of ice coming out of tray, into bucket etc

10 single sounds isolated as hits in Audacity and saved as short samples
10 slightly longer gestures isolated and saved also for possible looping/granulation

abandoned longer slices: got stuck trying to recode my granulator instead of making music! also, these sounds did not seem to work well with granulation

also abandonded sounds of tray and plastic bucket, too different

finally livecoded six polyrhythmic streams of different one-shot samples, varied with pitchshifting and occasional spectral freezing.

… a rush job, really, but has it’s moments


I took last year’s recording (“Cold Start Disquiet0314”) and ran it through my Empress Reverb box after finding settings that I liked.

Then I took a photo similar to last year’s, but instead of showing my iPad running Samplr (how I made last year’s recording), I showed the Empress Reverb. I also switched desks in the past year, selling my old industrial 80’s-era level-adjustable for a newer tempered glass top.

And here’s last year’s recording: Markrushton – Cold-start-disquiet0314


I recorded ice being tossed into a tall blue-glass tumbler that I’m especially fond of; I also had soda in the glass for some samples. I used super cheap piezo mics, including two that I made improvised hydrophones with, so some samples are directly on the glass and some are in the liquid. All sounds in the track are generated from these samples; most are stretched, pitched (up or down), resampled, etc. The track was constructed in Live 9 and processed with various plug-ins, including a sample scrambler I built in M4L.

@disquiet may correct me, but I believe this is the first piece I’ve completed on time (I’ve taken several swings at this ball, but missed previous deadlines). Mark one goal for the year 50% achieved!