Disquiet Junto Project 0366: Ice Breaker


This is my fourth track based on the first-project-of-the-year instructions. My inspiration came first from my desire to create something very different from the other three but using identical material, and second from my wish to explore what I can do with a looping instrument I created for the RTcmix toolkit (www.rtcmix.org).
All raw content comes from 19 time offsets within a single sound file of recorded ice noises. The looping instrument repeats the content starting at those offsets, with the loop lengths varying from a second or two down to a few milliseconds, and the length of the loops can change over time in programmed fashion. The music falls into sections, some overlapping, some not. Continuous buzzing textures (very short loops) alternate with more varied textures with longer loops. The original single-pitched ice sounds are transposed up and down a diatonic scale as well, so the combinations often have a bell-like quality. This piece was generated using a single large script used to control the RTcmix software toolkit.


I started by recording the sound of ice cubes dropped into 3 different glasses (ceramic, glass and plastic). I selected several of the sounds, assigned them to a drum kit in Ableton Live, and used that to create the percussion track. To go along with the ice cube samples, I chose several pitched instruments that felt cold and windy. My hope is that you imagine a chill wind blowing across an icy landscape while listening to this track.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/yeti-disquiet0366

Ice recording in Bitwig’s Sampler and Drum Machine, and in Kaivo.


First time respondent to Disquiet. Excited to be part.
I’m new to modular and this didn’t go the way I thought, but it was enjoyable to make and it is good to have a prompt to get me going in the new year.

For this, I recorded ice swirling in a glass for about 30 seconds. I brought that into my modular system with the Morphagene.
I then took the Morphagene output into Cold Mac to use as an envelope follower. I sent that envelope all over the place, most notably to the VCA for a Dixie II+ oscillator.
The envelope from Cold Mac is also modulating the wavefolder on a Tona oscillator, which is playing the low drone.
Lots of modulated echos coming from a Chronoblob.


Hey there. I’m really excited that I stumbled across this group / project on twitter a few days ago, I’m looking forward to being a part of and contributing to this community.

Here’s my Ice Breaker:

All of the percussion in this track except for the kick(ish) sound that comes in halfway through is ice in a glass. I gave myself the additional limitation of 5 hours total to complete the track (done in 2 sessions).

My process:

I recorded 3 ice cubes rattling in a glass. I did one 60 second pass with just the ice cubes, and then another 60 seconds with the ice cubes swimming in Jameson irish whiskey. I then chopped up the recordings to remove all the individual hits I liked and made a series of percussion loops in Ableton with them. Oh, and drank the whiskey (of course). Once I had a basic percussion loop of ice cubes going, I turned on my machines and got to work. The rest of the sounds in this track were synthesized and performed on a Novation Peak synthesizer except for the aforementioned kick-like sound, which comes from my Moog DFAM which was being CV clocked from my Pro 2.


First I recorded samples of ice clinking and then put them into a Morphagene and chopped them up, but I didn’t like what I was getting.

Then I took a tuned sample, made it a sampler in Ableton, and started setting La Neige Danse (The Snow is Dancing) by Debussy. I kind of like where that was going, and I may finish it tomorrow.

Then I decided I was thinking too hard, brought 5-6 glasses and bowls to my desk, and fed the sounds of ice falling into them into Avalanche Run. I wish I’d set up a little better…I was holding the mic in one hand while I dropped ice into glasses and poured it from one to the other, then occasionally reached over to tweak the pedal. The whole thing was finished in about the time it took to record it plus 3 minutes to export it.

I don’t love this, but effects and live manipulation of acoustic sound is a thread I think I want to follow this year, so I’m happy with it in that sense.


Hello everyone and happy new year!

This is my first contribution to the Junto Project and I really look forward to contributing regularly!

From Beneath The Ice

My piece was composed of field recordings I made of Ice impacting on a glass, ice slowly melting inside of the glass (recordings made from inside the glass and around the bottom of it) and finally swirling the ice as it gradually melted into water.

The processing was acheieved by timestretching the samples and utilizing reverbs to help create the drones, delays for percussive sounds and finally distortions (because I come from a drone background and can’t kick old habits!)

This piece if actually the first piece ive made for a couple of years now and I certainly felt out of my comfort zone and rusty as heck! But, looking forward, as I said to contributing regularly and getting back into the swing of things and hopefully meet a tonne of you in the chat!


Black Ice

Contact mic taped to glass, shaken ice exciting Mutable Rings via Mutable Ears.

Effects courtesy of KOMA Field Kit FX.

All one take, no edits, just a bit of EQ in Ableton Live.



Hi guys.
I’m running a bit late. :slight_smile:
I’ve spent all afternoon recording ice cubes, dropped in tibetan bowl and in glass jar. Selected loops to use and did a polyrythmic drum pattern-4-7-8 with them. Bpm is at 33.Some loops were routed to vst granular synth-vstgranny and recorded.
Did use lavish amounts of delays, reverbs and tape hiss/noise. Also did use vst Regresif on fx bus, to distort audio from granular synth.
At the end, since project was about ice, could not resist inserting “ice ice baby”. :slight_smile:

my recording equipment. :slight_smile:8



Another first post and first time contributor here! I had some issues with my equipment so this didn’t turn out quite as I expected but I wanted to contribute in some way so here it is

I recorded 2 cubes swirled around a brandy glass then turned this into an instrument using iPulsaret on my iPad. I then recorded an improvisation. I had constructed a few other layers to add but ran into some problems so what I present here is the first and only take.
Thanks for listening and I look forward to trying to take part in as many of these as I can from now on!


This version is ashort multi tracked collage of chinking and sloshing with gradually incresing effects.

nice to revisit this project again.


HiYa all! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to work this one in but here ya go. I hope you enjoy.I used a sample I collected of ice falling into a cup from an ice machine. I took 3 instances of the sample and placed them into individual tracks. I added EQ with the high removed from 1 and the low removed from 1 with additional processing. I then grouped 2 of them together and captured a loop of the group that was blended with a loop of the 3rd track. These were then routed to my Roli to jam thru. I then applied some final effects to a few sections of the track.


Ice In a Glass (2019) disquiet0366

Disquiet Junto Project 0366: Ice Breaker
The Assignment: Record the sound of ice in a glass and make something of it.

The sound of ice in a glass recorded with a Zoom H5. Track created with Morphagene, Plaits, Rings, and Clouds all controlled by Marbles. Edited in Audacity.

Image from How It Works Magazine.


Ice Cube in an Ikea tumbler. Recorded with contact mic, pitched down and reversed, eq’d and reverb’d.


And here’s my contribution. Gotta stop leaving things to the last minute like this :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed listening to this one, nice work!


This is my first participation, excited to join in!

I recorded ice dropping and swirling in several different glass vessels (and the inside of the freezer) with a handheld cassette recorder. Not planning I would incorporate it into the project I recorded acoustic guitar as well, and it ended up getting sampled into the digitakt right after the ice…

The jumble of ice is joined by peaks & ehx super space & ehx crash pad drums and the “string” is mysteron and plaits sequenced by the digitakt

recorded in stereo to my cassette 4-track



A short, but sweet one (well, more noisy than sweet), this marks the beginning of my third year participating in the Junto. Continuing a frozen thread, this piece is mainly comprised of three outtakes from my live-recorded piece made a year ago. A different loop is brought to the foreground, and then is (somewhat gently) exploded and dismantled by a series of effects pedals. Samples from last year’s melody have been Paulstretched and repitched into an icy choir. A higher pitched loop from another outtake has also been added in. All sounds originated (two years ago) as a clinking ice cube. Any sounds resembling a T.A.R.D.I.S. are purely coincidental.

Happy 2019, and welcome to all Junto newcomers!