Disquiet Junto Project 0367: Trio Initiate


Artwork: The Daily Grr

Recorded Simple Waltz using accordion and voice samples from Olympus Elements

90BPM 3/4 Time C Major
I - Am G C
T - C G C
C - C Am G F



Agreed with above! Thanks for sharing that insight into the tracks story.

Love that Tim Burton book!



This is fantastic! Looks like your friend filled your brief’s requirements perfectly! Tonne of potential for additional input from other members!

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Uploaded slightly after the deadline. I hope it can be excused. ><

I learned about Krell Patches recently, and wanted to try to do my take on one using Sapel, Cs-L, Dynamix, and Stages. Since the Sapel and the Cs-L have 2 channels, I set up 2 patches then cross patched a ton of modulation between them. Maths added additional modulation.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lcalytrix/krell-in-a-cell-disquiet0367
Photos of the patch: https://www.dropbox.com/home/disquiet%20junto%20367

Please let me know if either of the links have issues!!



@Tunnelwater and I were talking method, and I realized that others may be interested, so I’ll share my comments about what I did----I’m exceptionally negligent in taking notes while working on music, so this is guesswork based on the draft and final take. I have one of those ubiquitous cream BR-9 lap steels (but painted over with cheaper looking cream paint by some prior owner). I’m pretty sure I used a Mr. Black Blood Moon reverb, Boss DD-3 and an octaver. The key to the glitchyness is in feeding reverb/short delays early so they mar the tracking. I added some outboard nastiness with a Thermionic Culture Solo Vulture used as a DI straight into Logic. I think from there I may have pitched things down or ran them backwards to see where it wound up. The melody was initially a very simple, nearly classical line, and I felt it wasn’t playful enough for a joint project with strangers. I duplicated the song and then ran the doppleganger through trash 2 to weave in a thick noise-to-signal track at the fade. On pan to left, it sounded too full and rich to provide space for people to work with, so I ran it through a stock eq in Ableton (which could have been accomplished just as easily in logic, but Ableton is a bit mystifying to me, so I took this as an opportunity to give it a shake.) I love talking process, so feel free to fire away any questions. For contrast, I use the steel a bit more traditionally here-- https://www.instagram.com/p/Boul6dhBmv1/ Best- RSM



Friday night, just after reading the Disquiet Junto challenge for the week, I had jam with my neighbor Paul and suggested we record something in response to the challenge. So I picked up the electric bass and he jumped on the drum kit and we recorded for a bit. On Monday night I had a chance to listen through and edit a 3 minute section. Hope someone is inspired to add some more layers to this next week! Oh, I left it panned in the center as it’s bass and drums and just sounded weird on the left, yet feel free to pan it to that side if you like when adding another layer…

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Improv on prepared guitar. Used alligator clips for bell and percussion tones and a screw for slide and bow style playing.



Thanks, that was very interesting. Love the instagram track too!



Thanks, everyone, for a great showing. Please be sure to set your tracks for download, so they can be employed in this coming Thursday’s project.

As always, the instructions will go out via tinyletter.com/disquiet-junto.



G’day! As a former Canberran, your track caught my interest and I enjoyed hearing it.

You should set it to download, so someone else might work with you.

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This rhythm is wild!

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Hi all,

Forgot to post my “first chair”/“initiate” track, here you go:

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