Disquiet Junto Project 0368: Engage Duo


Very enjoyable project.
Listened to all of the offerings from 0367.
Downloaded the lovely track by joyneski.
Set up a mic to record my Duduk.
Made a 1st take recording.
Cleaned it up, added a little reverb.
Panned it right and mixed it down.
Can’t wait to hear what comes next…



Collaboration with gentil. Original here https://soundcloud.com/jesuisgentil/spoons-disquiet0367?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0367



You’re very welcome! Your contribution sounds amazing and I love the imagery you described.



this one uses Vonna Wolf’s (@VonnaWolf) wonderful track Heart Uno and adds some synth guitar. The track reminded me a bit of some of the Fripp/Crimson/Eno era rock from back in the day (with kind of a Liquid Sky vibe too), so I tried to evoke a little of Fripp’s more “coruscating” guitar parts. On listening to her track I envisioned a lot of stacked major thirds and fourths, note clusters, and glitches. I did a bit of planning but also a fair amount of improvisation.

The guitar synth is a Roland Gr-55 and I used the GR-300 patch, which is an emulation of the hex-fuzz type sound that I believe Fripp used in the days I was trying to evoke. The patch glitches wonderfully on certain ranges and held notes.



Hey All, I got the lucky #7 in the generator [ Tunnelwater ] disquiet0367. I midi converted and added midi spice and found this sound in the new Pigments plug in from Arturia and man I just knew I couldn’t make it any better than this so I left it alone hopefully leaving space for #3.

Peace, Hugh



left ch. https://soundcloud.com/howthenightcame/disquiet0367-trio-initiate?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0367
right ch. laura’s vox through the monolase



cool sounds :slight_smile:



Amazing work @Ethan_Hein! It transforms my listening experience of the drones in an electric tribal dance! Can’t wait to hear what comes next. Thank you very much for choosing my piece.



Beautiful work as always. Very delicate, and leaves lots of space for the next contributor. Your channel reminds me of Morricone in one of his tender moments… I couldn’t be happier!!

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I chose how the night came’s “[disquiet0368] Engage Duo”. Popular choice :yum:
Added a bass (and some more) with an edge, to keep the tension.
Pathetic new title, but it has to do with the photo I took this morning (no birds).
Sound from a Yamaha QY-10 through a Zoom MS-70CDR stompbox (just a little reverb).
I forward the information from last weeks diquiet (0367).
“Instrument 1: brushed bells (chords = D#m > F# > F#(b5) > F#add(4)]
Instrument 2: piano (descending notes = D# > C# > C > B]
Time: Three bars of 5/4 followed by one bar of 5/2. (I think … Please correct me if I’m wrong!!)
Volume: mixed dark and relatively quiet, peaking around -14dB” (now -10dB).



@gis_sweden Great bass work. It brings a sweet, dark tension that I really connect with.

Also, we both run through a Zoom MS-70CDR stomp box!! That thing is a real workhorse. Do you control it with that page (I forget the name) on github?

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Can you control it otherwise than by hand…? Didn’t know. I seldom use it now since I got a spring reverb. But now I made the bass on my QY-10 and needed some reverb. Recorded straight to Audacity. I have no DAW. Thanks for a great track to work with :smiley:



I’m not at home now, but I think this is the one:

Plug your stomp box into your laptop via a USB port and have fun!! It’s easy to stack several delays and / or reverb for some huge cavernous sounds…



Hi, not really inspired today for this lovely challenge, and I decided to avoid any track already used, I guess I think that it’ll be better overall (was this discussed Marc?) to have distinct collaborations instead of several tracks being used by different guys? I’m not sure if prefer that really)
From the tracks I liked and downloaded after listening to the whole playlist a couple of days ago, many were used so I went with @ikjoyce 's track, not the first time I collaborate with him in this junto gatherings.
This music took me on a different direction from I was expecting (using a molodic accordina as in the previous junto) .
His track was mostly a groove with electro sequences popping throughout, and then it goes to some electro-bollywwood mantra thing, very interesting already, so I just played my electric bass making it more like a rhythm section for a third juntonian to play on top next week.
But I played a melody on the bass at the end, like a montuno obstinatto, Not really proud of this one, but I guess it sounds unfinished and that’s good for the next step.
Ian’s original here : https://soundcloud.com/ikjoyce/setting-out-disquiet0367?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0367



ho utilizzato la traccia di Daniel Diaz.:https://soundcloud.com/daniel-diaz/initiate-january-10th-disquiet0367



@euclidian Bravo! Bravissimo!!!

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Love it, tribal dramatic

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Used my usual random methods to do things ( John Cage )
1. Used Random.org to pick a track to work with
2. #21 came up - Trioh - Bass (disquiet0367) by MtnViewMark-Bits is licensed under a Creative Commons License
3. Imported the bass track into Reaper
4. Put Reaktor 6 on a separate track in Reaper
5. Used random to pick out the drum sounds from within Reaktor
6. Hi hat #57
7. Kick drum #7
8. Open hi-hat #6
9. Snare drum #11
10. Sub percussion sound #1
11. FX #9
12. Panning bass hard left and drums/percussion hard right
13. Mixed and mastered

More on this 368th weekly Disquiet Junto project (Engage Duo / The Assignment: Record the second third of a trio, adding to a pre-existing track.) at:


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I chose the beautifully simple Trio Initiate by @howthenightcame
To this I added three layers of Bass Station 2 arps at varying speeds and levels of reverb/delay/eq. I also added a flanger to two of the layers, and some EQ to all to make them sit together. Finally, I panned the two mid-range arps more to the right, leaving the original track mainly in the left.

HowTheNightCame’s original track here: https://soundcloud.com/howthenightcame/disquiet0367-trio-initiate



Wow - love that bassline! Really brings the electronic rhythm to life.