Disquiet Junto Project 0368: Engage Duo


Fantastic work!! Thanks so much for picking my piece, you’ve done a great job with it!



My addition is here: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/spaceriff-duo-disquiet0368

A random number generator gave me 24, so I started with anoddhue’s Spaceriff Leftpan: Anoddhue – Spaceriff-leftpan-disquiet0367

I created a sequenced, arpeggiated patch in u-he’s Hive using a custom wavetable, and with Hive’s compression and delay. In Bitwig Studio, I used the audio from the original track to duck the volume of the Hive patch, and processed the Hive output with Sonic Charge’s Permut8, with several parameters modulated by Bitwig’s Steps modulator. I added some reverb from ValhallaRoom, exported the audio, then trimmed and limited it a bit in Audacity.



I chose Zero Meaning’s track Burial Mass (Zeromeaning2 – Burial-mass-disquiet0367) to play with, I really liked the atmosphere of the static scrapes and the bent bass notes.
I patched up my Neutron to a Bastl Kastle so they would feed back and forth between each other and twiddled away to the the track. I added a teensy bit of reverb over the master to glue the track together. I really enjoyed playing along with source material, I think I’d like to tackle it again without having to stick to the brief of keeping the tracks on seperate channels.



Apologies to the original artist (Première étape). I’ve been listening to a lot of Opal Tapes recently. I wanted to make it into dark techno but had a hard time discerning the tempo so I hand played (?) some euclidian rhythms on the organelle in a close tempo. I figured the polyrhythm would help cover up the slight discrepancy in tempo. It works kinda. I also added some sounds from a strange and mysterious organelle patch at -22db. All in all a pretty fun project to work on.



There’s a loong story behind this one. I was in a cafe a couple of weeks ago when the 1976 disco hit ‘You To Me Are Everything’ by The Real Thing came on the sound system. Not a track I was really aware of before, but… I instantly became completely obsessed with it. So, next: I was thinking about the drum part on the plane to the ICLC conference in Madrid, and decided to see if I could figure out a new way to livecode drums in SuperCollider that would let me easily program in that kind of disco beat. By the time we’d landed I had something working.

Saturday rolls around, now on way /back/ from Madrid, remember about the disquiet junto. Quickly download a bunch of tracks to listen to on the plane home. Find ‘Première étape — Trio Initiate (disquiet0367)’ by mateo, which is just two chords all the way through. Thinks: is there any way in the world I might be able to sync my SuperCollider drum machine to that? Feels like a very hard problem indeed but… turns out that my first guess of a tempo of 120 is exactly right. So… there you go.

Couple of things: the disco beat didn’t really work, so something a bit simpler. Structurally, eight bar sections with a random fill at the end of each one. The original track had lots of variation in the timbre of the chords throughout. I’ve tried to match that in a subtle way with some gradually changing fx on each of the kick, snare and hat. Structurally a bit of a problem, as the original track is one bar shorter than an even number of 8 bar sections, so there are extra chords at the end.

The SuperCollider code, or at least part of it, is here:

Of course, the whole thing about this is that it is a stupidly complicated way to go about something that would be trivial to accomplish in a DAW. Once again then, an exercise in learning how to do stuff the hard way.



Thanks for using my track! Like.



I explored a few recordings before settling on ‘Feedback Trio’ by @swhic, which is described as:

Speaker/mic feedbak with room ambience intervals
Portable speaker and recorder.]

You can see I’ve used my electric upright bass to contribute a simple part, setting the click to 99 BPM and moving from opening in A to F# into C#.

Our combined tracks can be downloaded here for next week.



thanks for the collaboration…:slight_smile:



This week I was quite interested in pseudo-random number generators and true-random number generators. So, I decided it was appropriate to use real atmospheric randomness to decide on which track to pick


Which led me to https://soundcloud.com/bearp-aw/the-11th-hour-disquiet0367?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0367

This nice droney piece leaves lots of space for additional instrumentation and layers. I decided not to crowd it up too much, I added a simple percussive track from the Digitakt (all factory samples) and used PaulStretch VST to sample a cooking video which I found amusing.

I liked the dark ominous sound to the original piece and so I’ve tried to retain that with my additions.
My parts were recorded at 60.5 BPM and panned 100% right

The image is a bitmap generated by https://www.random.org/bitmaps/ using atmospheric noise as a seed

Great fun once again :slight_smile:



Very nice work :smiley:

I really like the beat you’ve added

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Clever idea using the original track to duck the new one!

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I love ambiant music and compose from OHELEM’s track couldn’t be better.
I’d never heard of electric sitar before and it’s just mesmerizing.
I added Steinway Grand Piano and a pad (Celestial Voices).
It was a great pleasure @OHELEM :slight_smile:



Note to self, put the BPM in the track description next time!

Happy to see that my last minute submission inspired a few people though :smile: Interesting that it’s all been drums…



I really enjoyed using the original track in this. Good job, gentil.



I liked this original beat by @UntilledSound , so I improvised some wild guitar on the opposite channel. I dig what Cole created, and I tried to take it in a new direction without pissing all over the clever things he had done. Cheers- RSM



I choose to work with tedthetrumpet’s lovely “cade”.

I wanted to add a part that was both identifiable as an instrument, but also similarly modified well beyond normal sounding. At the same time, it had to not be another drone. I hit upon using heavily echo’d piano. A similar ebbing effect, but nicely distinct from the drone’d trumpet.

After working out the inherit tempo and pitch structure of the first part, I improvised a bit, and then recorded this performance in a single take.

Made in Ableton Live, with a sampled grand piano, the echo delay, reverb, and performed on a Launchpad Pro.

Both the original track, and the echo, make use of the stereo field, I didn’t pan them left and right. Should anyone want to use this next week, the piano part is available separately deep cade - part 2 stem



The track I chose was i.m.prov by Kyle TM:

I liked the space in it and its cinematic quality. I used mainly my Bastl Softpop with some Stylophone at the end routed into Softpop. Most sounds in Softpop were done by filter self oscillation.

The Softpop was recorded with Ableton Live running through a setup with overdrive, amp, cabinet, compressor and some reverb.

With each take I played less, until I found -at least for me - the right balance between sparseness and suspense.

The result is here:



I chose the track by Northwoods. Loved the reverby drums.

I used this process as an exercise in trying some new effects that i’ve never used before in Ableton. The drone is made up of three tracks which are all created from the original drum track.

Drone layer 1: Drum track fed through resonator at 100% wet + bit crushed using redux.
Drone layer 2: Same as above but pitch shifted up an octave with some reverb.
Drone layer 3: Same as layer one but with Guitar Rig distortion effect.

All these drones are going through sidechain compressor with the threshold gradually decreasing.

Then I just wanted a little sparkly piano to come in the second half.

Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/carlin-mclellan-751824513/northwoods-droney-drone-disquiet0368




The innocence of Vonna Wolf’s “Heart Uno” with some atmospheric additions.



Added a synth line to vgmrmojo’s A Random Trio drum track (https://soundcloud.com/vgmrmojo/disquiet0367-a-random-trio)

Synth sound from Alchemy, fed through Absynth with increasing levels of waveshape distortion and reverb as the track progressed.
Not sure what it was about this drum track, but I kept getting melody lines popping into my head when I listened to it. I’m also not sure it was the wisest choice for me as I am extremely rhythmically challenged (I think I get quite lost in the final section). I ended up spending so much time wondering if I was in sync to the beat or not, I had to keep my synth lines very very very simple. Hope I haven’t trampled over vgmrmojo’s drumming too clumsily!