Disquiet Junto Project 0368: Engage Duo


Cheers. This project reminded me it’s important to leave space, which is something you’ve done well.


Thanks! (in 20 characters)


Really stunning work @Elisa-room237! If I and my electric sitar can ever be of any use again for your music please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!, amazing to hear so many incredible pieces so early on last week. You are all acting as a huge inspiration!

I contributed to the wonderful work posted last week by @krehg.

To me the piece conjured up memories of the sparse, experimental soundscapes used in 50’s science fiction or 60’s and 70’s B-Movies. I wanted to contribute something textural that would compliment Ohm Research’s work rather than overpower the track with additional instrumentation and go towards to overall tone/ambience. Like a dream sequence from a Polanski film or a murderer moving through the night ala Hitchcock.

I sampled/ cut up a church bell (seemed fitting) that I recorded in my neighborhood and improvised with it live - pitch shifting and engaging with the reverb processing in real time.


Thank you, I can’t wait to see what happens!


for anyone wanting to select a different one, these tracks havent been used yet:

Benn DeMole — Pallaben (Drums and Bass) [disquiet0367]
Cetus — Unfinished Guitar (disquiet0367)
Cross Tomb — 333 Waltz [disquiet0367]
Detritus Tabu3 — R Section (disquiet0367)
mdh — Trio Initiate (disquiet0367)
morgulbee — Trio The First - Disquiet0367
ph_vs_f — Left Lane (disquiet0367)
plusch — Meander (disquiet0367)
SliverSounds — Em Am - Now Its Your Turn (disquiet0367)
Total Energy — Louie (Disquiet0367)
WH?LT THIS?EY — Memoir By WH?LT THIS?EY (disquiet0367)
bassling - Correlation [disquiet0367]

(tabu has used alanza, gbel, and plusch’s tracks in non-submission pieces)


thank you very much for posting that, it must have taken you a while to check everything…


i used this lovely acoustic piece https://soundcloud.com/carlin-mclellan-751824513/texas-disquiet0367

played along with a mountain dulcimer, duplicated and pitched down, bit of preverb, reverb. recorded on my phone.


thanks! it wasnt too bad once i got into the swing of it


cool idea, great execution, nice and airy


Really loving it! But I think you forgot to allow downloads? :slight_smile:


I took encym III’s beautiful track “Quietude” and improvised some acoustic guitar while listening to it, recorded into Qtractor. I then played around with LADSPA/LV2/VST effects on my guitar track, as that’s something I want to be more comfortable with. I ended up with this chain: Delayorama (by Steve Harris) > Freeverb (by CMT) > C* Saturate (by MOD Team) > Harmless (by DISTRHO).
Delayorama allowed to introduce some randomness, and I also used ~4 automation tracks with the different effects.
I’m really enjoying working with Qtractor: every time I play around with it, I discover something nice about it.
Thanks, encym III! Looking forward to the third batch! :slight_smile:


Used @howthenightcame lovely tune. Recorded in my kitchen.

I’ve changed the title/tag to 0368 on sc


I used the random number generator at random.org to select @OHELEM’s electric sitar drone track from last week. I added synthesized choir voices to continue the hypnotic meditative feel.


Very generous for you to have taken the time to do this. Thanks so much.


It’s early Monday, and we already have almost as many participants as we did last week, which is great. Something I love about using this project toward the start of the year is kicking things off in a manner that naturally leads to conversation between participants, and the sense of connection inherent in collaboration.


Hi all,

I came up with this jam:

… based on Daniel Diaz’s magnificent recording (https://soundcloud.com/daniel-diaz/initiate-january-10th-disquiet0367).


Thanks @gentil — this sounds gorgeous!


I couldn’t resist that track from @Tunnelwater from last week; I was pretty sure it was the one I was going to use as soon as I heard it.

For my part, I’ve added an arpeggiated harmony in E Major using my Yamaha DX7S, panned hard right. I’ve added just a bit of reverb to match the other half of the track, and used a sidechain compressor to help the electric piano play off the lap steel.


My first Disquiet Junto! Excited to join this community. This piece builds upon @burn 's wonky tritone-based guitar piece. I used Dave Pendle’s Ghost Dulcitone instrument to create an undulating counterpoint to the unpredictable guitar part. Half the fun (and challenge) was trying to follow burn’s harmonies. The percussive, overblown flute part adds momentum. Both parts were dirtied up and delayed a bit to fit in behind the guitar.

The biggest challenge was not being able to rely on stereo delays or reverb to create a sense of space. It was a good challenge, having to mix my part around the guitar without any panning or stereo effects.

Recently I’ve been pushing myself to write music with lots of notes. This has coincided with me collaborating with a mallet percussionist, and the Dulcitone parts I wrote for this piece draw a lot of inspiration from marimba patterns.

Can’t wait to hear how this sounds as a trio. (hint for future juntos: the tempo is 86 bpm, the key is based on G with lots of C# and G# thrown in)

PS Here’s the original: