Disquiet Junto Project 0369: Final Solo


I think Afro-Caribbean-Electrobeat is my new favourite genre :sunglasses:

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Here’s mine:

Decided to join in on the track that followed mine on the 0368 playlist and realised I had a challenge (this is nowhere near the kind of music I listen to usually).

Listened to it and wondered, could I fashion something very simple between these two not-exactly-easy-listening pieces that could combine them into something (whisper it) beautiful?

Decided to use the 7,2,5 series (and its sum of 14) as musical guidance. My first thought was obviously to use them as musical intervals, but in what key? Found this page (http://www.trapdnb.com/handig/notes.php) and saw that the first hz value on the piano roll that was divisible by 14 was G1, so my first chord was F#, A and D, i.e. the 7th, 2nd and 5th notes of G (I went with the major scale). I then chose G, B and E (notes of the alphabet). Dmaj and Em chords! Sorted. (I like to keep things simple.)

Played these chords through Hollow Sun’s Cathotron fed through Absynth’s Grain filter, a fair bit of compression and some reverb. Didn’t try too hard to fit into the rhythmic precision of the previous contributors (I can play along to a 3 or 4/4 beat at 80bpm, but this: no chance - sorry…), but I did make a few passes before deciding that the one enclosed was less horribly out-of-time than the others.

I then brought in a ‘harmony’ noise about 1’30" in, made from a field recording of a blackbird fed through:

  • A pitch shifter adding an octave lower tone to the sound
  • ‘I Wish’ (a vst that allows you to play pitched notes from any sample you give to it)
  • Cloud and LP filter in Absynth
  • Compression and reverb.

Faded up the blackbird sample toward the end of the piece.

I think my contribution spends about a minute finding its feet in the sonic mayhem, and then something happens and somehow it all seems to fit together. I’ll be interested to see if it makes sense to anyone else…



I’m in literal awe hearing how this all came together. Everyone compliments eachother so well. Would be a real honour to work on a trio piece with the both of you any time ! Thank you so.much for involving me in your process.

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Part one, the accordina (which I thought was a chromatic harmonica), is “Initiate (January 10th)” by Daniel Diaz. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-diaz/initiate-january-10th-disquiet0367

Part two, which adds the ambient chimes part, is “The Sky Has No Walls” by Euclidean~~~. https://soundcloud.com/user-970962304/the-sky-has-no-wallsdisquiet0368

Finally, part three, which I added, is three loops sampled from “Half The Fun” by Duke Ellington, with added saturation, auto filter, reverb and delay.



I took a very similar approach to your duet with UntilledSound. Don’t think my addition was quite as restrained as yours though… :slight_smile:

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@ryanscottmattingly’s 7, 2, 5 (Duo) was used as the basis for this piece.
7,2,5 by @UntilledSound was the left-hand side of the above collaboration.

Objects used in its creation: Cornet, Variax, Spray, Keyboard, DR-660



Here’s my attempt - it was a hard choice, I’ve really enjoyed working my way through last week’s submissions.
In the end I chose to work with mdh’s Engage Duo
Matthewh538 – Engage-duo-disquiet0368
and Bearp-aw’s The 11th Hour.
Bearp-aw – The-11th-hour-disquiet0367

I used an iPad app Gestrument pro to control a granular synth Spacecraft and a Fm percussion synth Ruismaker Noir and jammed along - headphones recommended .



Inspired by the sweet work of @DeDe and @ClaudeLeBelge I added my part on this Trio, and it sounds sweet to me.

It made me remember Pat Matheny and Thielemans collaborations.

In my process, I added keys following the bass. Some layered CP80 with Rhodes and an FM soft key patch. And there are some lines on a mono synth.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did while recording it.



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Most of the weeks this isn’t much of an issue, but these multi-part projects that involve multiple people tend to generate a lot more commentary. We’re actually doing another project continuing the trios next week, which will mean as many as four different musicians working on a given track (well, more than four if some of those acts are themselves multiple musicians, but you know what I mean — multiple accounts).

In any case, thanks for having brought this to my attention. The threading is a known issue within Discourse, and other forums have been pursuing solutions as well.



I used Disquietude (by gentil & encym) as my “final” piece. I was really moved by it, and hope that I was able to add some finality to it’s fragile beauty. I used a kind of reverse string patch in Arturia Pigments and thought the tones sat nicely. It was a pleasure to work with, so many thanks to the original artists.



I’ve used @alanza’s collaboration with @sevenism as a foundation and got a bit carried away on my five-string electric bass guitar.

P.S. This track can be downloaded from here.



This sounds fabulous! Exactly what you said, it’s lovely when you just don’t take the exact direction of the path the two previous contributors laid out for you, but make something unexpected and fascinating like in this one. Thank you for doing something bold and wonderful! :slight_smile:
BTW, any chance we/I can get a high quality download?

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Hey All, Man from what I have heard so far this week is bringing on the heat. It is exciting to hear such layered pieces but also how they compliment each other. Here is my take this week.I used

deuxième étape (disquiet0368)I really added about 5 bands in my 3rd part so it is pretty dense but is the narrator a narcissist or really paranoid or something else all together. I have done several other pieces for the week and I must say it has been a blast. I am always up for a collaboration. Thanks again to Marc who makes it all possible week in and week out.

Peace, Hugh



I selected the jam by Alanza (left channel, Aalanzaa – Disquiet-0367-trio-initiate-monosynth-study) and Calytrix (right channel, Lcalytrix – A-study-in-euclidean-dynamics) and added my track to the center to create this asynchronous trio. I continued the frenzied pace of the duet with an arpeggiated Z3TA+2 program in sync with the rhythm of the other two tracks. I performed some of the modulations in real time, others I added afterwards.

Thanks @Alanza and @Calytrix for the starting point!



Really lovely track, it does take you on some wonderful little melancholic, cinematic trip! Thanks for following up on our contributions :slight_smile:



For this piece I once again decided to use a random number:


Which led me to: @Alanza https://soundcloud.com/aalanzaa/disquiet0368-left-right?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0368

which itself came from: @sevenism https://soundcloud.com/notsevenism/left-disquiet0367

My initial idea was to not add any of my own sounds, but to use the 0-coast as an effects unit to play with the sound and create something haunting in the centre. Annoyingly I couldn’t get a good audio level out from the 0-coast (I think I needed to amplify the signal going in maybe?).

I’d been reading the vcvrack source code recently and it got me interested in using it again (I stopped a few months back when I got some hardware), so I used mutable instruments texture synth to add some ominous background to it and the modal synthesiser with turing machine and bernouilli gates to add the random plucky sounds in.

The randomness in almost everything made it sound quite different each time, so it was very difficult to actually settle on something and hit record. But I figured I would never find perfection.

As I was drifting off to sleep last night the French movie La Jetée was going around in my mind, so I added a few snatches of dialogue from that.

So it ended up quite different to how I’d envisioned :smiley: But I really enjoy that this project pushes me to try things I ordinarily wouldn’t :slight_smile:

I had a lot of fun building on what you both made