Disquiet Junto Project 0369: Final Solo


So honored that you played saxophone! One of my favourite instruments. Well done, makes me float like « Blade Runner Blues »…

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@prema108 thanks for this, it’s so meticulous and spot on, making sense of some of the melodic twist, and following my rubatto it’s something I really value a lot, serious job from both you and @ClaudeLeBelge.
And it is beautiful. What else?
I’m extremely happy whit the places you guys took this little impro. THANKS.

The accordina made me find the warm spot between two instruments I cherished for decades: the melodica (that I master but hate the sound) and the chromatic harmonica whose sound I love but that’s always difficult to tame for me. I’ve found a great match with the accordina. So: Toots & Pat yeah, a great influence, their track Antonia? Awesome. I Second your tribute to them.



Oh, I like how this came out :smiley:

I especially like the haunted sounding keys in the first third and how big some of the percussion sounds in the later third.

From the beatless, soundscape-y foundation that @bearp-aw created to where we ended up is a really interesting progression. For some reason it evokes an image in me of a dustbowl era America, maybe a little post-apocalyptic, with an ageing pianist playing an old battered piano outside as the world gradually collapses around him.



Antonia …

Always and Forever also

You welcome



wow, what a gift to hear these great finished pieces!!

@bassling I was thinking when I posted my piece for last week that I hoped someone would come and give it a bass line, and this is a great one! I think the live playing adds a nice layer of narrative to the chaos I added. It reminds me of some of my favorite Tortoise tracks.

@morgulbee Your addition really ties the whole thing together and puts a bow on it! Your synth and @Calytrix’s rhythm section really brought out the snatches of structure in my synth line!

@mdh these modal synthesis plucks are crazy realistic, wow! Your addition gives the piece this gorgeous spare feeling, and the snatches of dialogue add a great kind of haunting sense to it!



I really love what you’ve done with the place.

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I felt like adding some beats and reverbed voice to this nice ambient track. Luckily the 2 other artists @ryanscottmattingly and @Tunnelwater of this trio project will enjoy this phony touch!



The Afro-Caribbean-Electrobeat Cyberspace Collaboration Band. Catchy! Let’s do it!



I really love this! Thanks for the collaboration!

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I am totally in - and I am not kidding.



My contribution to the beautiful, haunting duo by @howthenightcame and @ikjoyce . I recently gathered up some old tape machines that have been (literally) gathering dust in my attic and brought them to the studio to clean up and use for creative projects. My Portastudio MF-P01 creates this beautiful, shimmery warble to the high end, even after cleaning the heads. I recorded several different improvisations over the duo directly into the Portastudio with my 69 Telecaster Thinline and recorded the tape into Pro Tools via a True P-Solo preamp. I added some Valhalla Vintage Verb after aligning and comping in PT.

I then decided to try a Basinski/Lucier approach and recorded the output of PT back into the Portastudio, repeating this process six times to degrade the recording futher. Each subsequent pass has more 'verb applied. I helped the degradation along by manually flanging the cassette.



Well, I managed to “bang” out something for this week (pun intended).

My track is based on the submission from @Calytrix and @alanza. As I listened to it, I could hear a dance-able beat hiding in there, some kind of afro/latin groove. Using sampled 909 sounds, some recordings from my Korg Electribe ER-1, and a library of bongos and congas, I tried to support their performances, to be the percussion section standing behind these two musicians. I gave myself a bit of a solo towards the end.

And then I sort of danced around the studio. :grin:



Wonderful additions!

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this is so groovy! I love it!! Your drums really tie the piece together!



Thank you! So glad you like it.



Really dig this. Nice job.



Cheers, wish I’d thought of Tortoise!



Disquiet 0369
A) Random.org came up with track #31
B) https://soundcloud.com/bearp-aw
C) Added a little bit of vocals



@morgulbee, @RichieWitch: Wow, These are both really cool! And, it’s awesome hearing different interpretations!



Sorry, I couldn’t resist to do two tracks…

First one is based on NorthWoods’

based on Vonna Wolf’s

My contribution is a live improvisation on a ruined piano (Pianoteq). I played mostly rhythmic because the synth guitar already offered a lot of melodic parts.

The second one is completely different, picked up by a random generator (the first suggestion however was my own track from disquiet0368).

It is based on anoddhue’s

based on MtnViewMark-Bits’

As the piece was already divided nicely into three parts, I decided to leave the first part as it was. My playing on BleepLabs Thingamagoop started in the pause, heavily processed like guitar (compressor, overdrive, Ableton Live Heavy amp + 4x12 cabinet) but also chaotic delay (Delalus Delay by Amazing Noises), giving the impression of heavy shredding. The third part adds some noise clusters with delay.

Here is my second piece: