Disquiet Junto Project 0369: Final Solo


Here’s what I did with Spooning – thanks @gentil and @Total Energy. Put programmed drums and synth sounds from Logic in the middle lane.


Added a bass synth to complete the trio of
1: drums from https://soundcloud.com/north_woods/disquiet0367-trio-initiate
2: drone from https://soundcloud.com/carlin-mclellan-751824513/northwoods-droney-drone-disquiet0368

The bass is built from Operator in Ableton, played on a Launchpad Pro, with aftertouch mapped to the filter so that I could be a bit expressive while playing. I added reverb to have it match the feel, but not as much as the others, so it sits in front, despite being the low end.


Will have to miss this week due to personal schedule. Good luck to everyone! Has been an absolutely incredible introduction to the disquiet! And can’t wait to get back on track next Thursday!


these are yet to be worked on:
(let me know if i’ve made any mistakes)

) — Duo (disquiet0368)
APOB — APOB - Ratis Duo (with OHELEM) [disquiet0368]
Benn DeMole — Trombovocader (with Ethan Hein) [disquiet0368]
Cetus — Cetus & OHELEM Engage Duo (Disquiet0368)
Detritus Tabu3 — Ichii Need (disquiet0368)Duet with Tunnelwater
encym III — The Engaging Accompanist (disquiet0368)
Ethan Hein — Turbo Sitar (disquiet0368)
Gbel - lifesonance — Liquipeggio Cadence [ disquiet0368 ]
GLSmyth — Duo Initiate (disquiet0368)
Hoffman Cortez — Trio [disquiet0368]
how the night came — [disquiet0368] Engage Duo
joyneski — Engage Duo (Disquiet0368) - A Random Trio
k-blamo — close {Disquiet0368}
morgulbee — Trio The Second - Disquiet0368
MtnViewMark-Bits — deep cade (disquiet0358)
MtnViewMark-Bits — Monosynth And Drums Study (disquiet0368)
noimspartacus — Kastle Mass (disquiet0368)
Ohm Research — Juxt [w/ Vonna Wolf - Heart Uno] {Disquiet0368}
ph_vs_f — Space Left On Device (disquiet0368)
plusch — Spaceriff Duo (disquiet0368)
Richie Witch — Wind in the Lavender (Disquiet0368)
SliverSounds — Waiting For You (disquiet0368)
UntilledSound — The Krell Conversing with Infinite Space [disquiet0368]
vgmrmojo — disquiet0368 Bass Drum
yobink — 011919 Disquiet0368 Blind Date Ice Cream
Zero Meaning — The Rotting [disquiet0368]
𝙨𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙞𝙨𝙢 — Carlin McLellan’s mate Mark + sevenism - Texas Nexus (disquiet0368)


I added some flute with grain FX and did a spot of mastering. I like this piece, very happy to create in collaboration. Thank you.


i added to https://soundcloud.com/lawtonhall/bellymind-disquiet0368-with-burn

low humming through lots of podfarm 2 guitar fx


I chose the beautiful ‘Wind in the Lavender’ by @RichieWitch (which it turns out built on @Tunnelwater’s track) . I added an ad-libbed bassline on BS2, and a high shimmering to the start and end to add a feeling of the lavender heads shaking in the wind.


Glad you like what I did. :blush:


That baseline really gels the whole thing together. Fantastic addition.

The board wouldn’t let me add another reply yet, so I’m tacking this on to the end of my last comment:

So glad I joined the Disquiet Junto. I’ve been listening to the tracks for this week and there is an astounding amount of talent across the group. As I listened to last week’s submissions, I remember how difficult it was to find one I felt I could contribute to, but as I listen to where the rest of you have taken them, I am just awed by the results. Much love.


I want in on this, too. spacecafrobeat…I’m down.


Hi all,

Here’s what I did with https://soundcloud.com/bearp-aw/revolving-spoons-disquiet0368?in=disquiet/sets/disquiet-junto-project-0368 by @bearp-aw and @gentil – thanks guys for the fantastic bedding :wink:


I had trouble deciding what to do and didn’t have as much time as I would have liked, but came up with this:

Added a drum loop from Ableton’s stock samples and played some bass and guitar

Thanks to @gentil and @TotalEnergy! Original duo here: https://soundcloud.com/total_energy/spooning


Well, for my first entry I selected the piece from @sevenism on the left and @alanza on the right.
I really enjoyed the textures present and since I had been working on sound design for the last week,
I thought I could do the reverse and do something a little more “musical” than my latest endeavour.

I edited some Swing Drums “Tony Williams style” I had on my disk, grabbed a piano sample from a Sun Ra Bootleg since I didn’t have a keyboard with me, edited it to fit the previous disquiet.
Then recorded a Furthrrrr Generator bass line in the back, along with some sus chords from a Just Friends. Slapped 15% of a room reverb to tie the mix and did some slight eq and comp to the master.

These Junto things are quite fun to get you out of your usual habits.


I like what you’ve done here. At first it felt a bit David Lynch and then Santana walks in!


Disquiet 0369 The Final Trio

Left Track: Anoddhue – Spaceriff-leftpan-disquiet0367

Left + Right Track: Plusch – Spaceriff-duo-disquiet0368

It started with anoddhue laying down a happy bouncy synth track, followed by @plusch added some spacey wavetable arppegiation. I had a hard time nailing down the tempo, but when I did, I used my Drumbrute Impact and ran some of the outputs through my eurorack using the Hertz Donut, Interstellar Radio, Wasp Filter and AI OTA VCF.

Things got a little crazy.

(Sorry anoddhue, I wanted to tag your lines handle, but for the life of me I can’t find it!)


woah, you totally transformed the piece into this breezy jazz affair, I love it!


Left Track: Tedthetrumpet – Cade-disquiet0367

Right Track: Zeromeaning2 – The-rotting-disquiet0368

The rich and haunting tracks by @tedthetrumpet and @ZeroMeaning formed the basis for this work. There was room in the high frequency range so I added some extra sound to add to the creep factor.

I know i’ve used the Schlappi Engineering “Interstellar Radio” on every single track I’ve done for this trio project, but… It’s just so fun to use!! In fact these are some of the coolest sounds I’ve gotten from it. I ran the error out into the signal in, as recommended by the designer, then split the output into two filters: The doepfer wasp filter and the AI Synthesis OTA Filter, then mixed the outputs. After that it was just turning knobs and trying to contact the dead.

The result reminded me a lot of the video game “Oxenfree” so I named the track “Kanaloa” which has a significance to the plot of the game. (No spoilers I haven’t finished the game yet!)

This track, and entire project, has given me the most fun and inspiration I’ve had with Junto so far. Let’s do more like this!!


Here’s what I came up with: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/neo-trio-disquiet0369

A random number generator gave me 35, which pointed me to the duo of @OHELEM and @morgulbee at Morgulbee – Trio-the-second-disquiet0368 (which built on User-206756168 – Disquiet-junto-0367-trio-initiate-140119).

I added a bass arpeggio panned to the center using Bitwig Studio’s Arpeggiator and FM-4, with ValhallaFreqEcho and ValhallaRoom. Various parameters were modulated with Bitwig’s Step, LFO, and Audio Sidechain modulators.


I used @morgulbee and @OHELEM’s track Trio the Second. I really liked the droney hypnotic sound—it reminded me kind of really early Sigur Rós? Like somewhere between the various recordings of “Hafsól” and “Olsen Olsen”? Anyway, I think last week I had some idea of what I was going to do with it and when I sat down this evening I discovered that I had totally forgotten that.

I thought about doing more of a solo over the top of it with Earthsea, but once I had altered my modular patch enough to allow me to play legato I discovered that the timbres I was getting were way less exciting, so I gave up and went back to my usual patch (which was for the best, I think). I had randomly set up the sequence you hear before even really starting to work, so I was surprised to discover the pitch didn’t clash horribly.

Anyway, from there my process was basically identical to last week’s: first record along with the track, twiddling around with the timbre in deliberately kind of wide swathes. Then after recording I went back and played the mixer. This time I recorded automation for the Reverb and Delay send volumes, as well as the track volume, chorus dry/wet and chorus feedback.

Thank you all for letting me press on doing silly modular process-learning things over the top of all of your exciting tracks these three weeks! I think my next task to conquer is going to be taking advantage of Kria more fully (cf. this week’s recording is a six-step sequence :sweat_smile:), after which will be fleshing out a proper Teletype script.


Sorry for the original contributors, but here it is (I think it’s still Monday somewhere in the world):

Process: I used the track by @OHELEM & @klaatuberada’s track “Ratis Duo” because it really did something to me. (links to originals: OHELEM’s and APOB’s)

The process was that I searched for the term “Ratis” (or, if that failed, “Duo”) and used the first result on each of those platforms:

  • FMA
  • Dogmazic
  • SoundCloud
  • Internet Archive
  • freesound.org
  • LBRY
  • Jamendo
  • YouTube
  • CCMixter
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Bandcamp

I then extracted one single sample on each one of those sounds to build a program on my MPC1000 to create a beat. Not all sounds ended up being used in the final track, and it was quite the challenge to make something out of those restrictions…

I really enjoyed learning more about recording, trimming, effects, and pass-through input on the MPC, and matching tempos on Qtractor. I also had to deal with crappy background static on my lappy’s input that meant I had to use an external USB mic with the MPC as a line input for a clean workaround… :sweat_smile:

Défouloir, because it’s a pretty violent sound and hopefully it makes some people punch the air while dancing… High hopes!

(CC licence + download, let me know if that doesn’t suit you!)