Disquiet Junto Project 0371: Concrete Ambience


Considering all the attributes of wallpaper that looks like concrete, I created music with repeating synthetic elements, with the occasional hole or tear to break up the monotony. I recorded background noise at a restaurant Thursday night (with real brick walls, not fake concrete), added some repeating synth parts and a drum track, and carved a few holes in it.

For the cover art I shot some photos of a concrete wall on Friday and turned them into stained wallpaper.


A friend of mine built a mobile piezo preamp for recording sounds directly into my Zoom H1n. For this disquiet, I tried to record stones.

But trying to get sound out of stones turned out to be futile. They may sound, but not as “stones” (whatever I expected stones to sound…). Nevertheless I added my since some weeks favourite Riviera Hyper-Room Reverb VST in different tracks of recording takes.

Spoken in analogies, the result is more a concrete wall (of huge, cosmic, stable sound), which tries to cover up that it’s just a thin wallpaper (of poor contact mic stone recordings). The pads are just some wallpaper paste to glue paper and wall together …

Please consider commenting with links to better stone recording! :wink:


Amazing “stone” track by @dnealelo


Thanks! I had some thoughts about doing something for this junto with some of the samples from Ringing Rocks. Ended up caught up in other projects on non-musical weekend tasks. :relaxed:


This one was a mix of a few ideas, mainly inspired by the words “wallpaper” and “concrete”:

  • wallpaper as the background of a home: I recorded the background noise of my home.
  • wallpapers often have repetitive patterns: I looped three different tracks.
  • I’ll always have in mind the tacky photographic panorama-style of wallpapers, specifically the european/north-american autumn forest landscape: the forest is in klankbeeld’s field recording
  • about the tackiness: reuse of 90s pop/musak from Kmart background music à la vapourwave
  • material and decay: paper ripping by TheScarlettWitch89
  • I couldn’t get the band “Japanese Wallpaper” out of my head when thinking about wallpaper, so sampled a tiny bit of their track “Between Friends”
  • the word “concrete” meant I had to reference musique concrète and its repetition of (often industrial) found sounds. Construction works fitted the bill perfectly, so I used nebulousflynn’s sound.

Thank you goes to people sharing sounds for others to reuse.


Sneaking this one in! Also glad to be back on board with the Junto, been away the past few weeks :slight_smile:

For a while, I’ve seemed to associate the words “walls” and “concrete” with tinnitus. It must be because my tinnitus is most evident in the quiet moments before bed, when I’m encased in the four walls of my room waiting to sleep and the only appreciable sounds I’m hearing are coming from within my ears.

I’ve always heard the weirdest amalgamation of noises - I remember reading somewhere that the brain tries to interpret, as best it can, the meaning of a frequency. So I’ll hear what might be a vague bell or piano, or what might be a siren, or what might be static…all layered
and interwoven into this one, fluid entity.

Which fits in with the idea of “wallpaper” - it’s all in the layering :slight_smile:


Key stages on the route of my usual faffing about: -

  1. Have the idea that the individual components of concrete are soft and/or fluid.
  2. Equate this concept to running short occasional stabs of a blackbird’s song through a randomised pitchshifter and a long reverb in ‘Freeze’ mode (the opening sound). (This is also tied in the thought of concrete music = musique concrete.)
  3. For the wallpaper, I wondered - what if the concrete tried to sing to make itself more attractive?
  4. On this basis, I fed some of the drone from the previous step through Waveshape and Freq Shift in Absynth, modulating FS using CCStepper to make a sort-of tune, then added a rumbley bass using a similar technique.


Cheers Everyone,

After a long and unexpected Junto absence, I’m sort of back at it. Since both time and ability have been in short supply around here, I had to settle for some noise.

The thought of concrete wallpaper seemed a bit absurd to me, the appearance of substance without the mass, weight or longevity.

The only sources this week are recordings from two pieces of paper being torn. These were cut and pasted together forming one continuous tearing sound. This was pitched down, doubled in length and run through eq, Replicant 2, Adverb 2 and Kosmonaut. The resulting mix down was copied to three other tracks and run through DLYM, Mani chorus, more eq and Roomverb. The mix down was also sent through the original four effects again. The resulting mess was then partnered with an odd rhythm kit made of concrete hits (a kit made for an earlier project).

Meant to be an exercise of inversion, substance from paper rather than paper without substance…or something along those lines…if that makes any sense :-/

Out of practice in both explanation and music. Oh well, it’s a start :slight_smile:


Responsive to the brief in some subliminal way. I had a lot of considerations about repeating patterns, and ‘outlining’ or embossing the lines of the design. That ended up turning into the structure of the piece, a simple AA form. Percussion and synths in Logic, and the guitar is run through SuperCollider, with a pitch detector running the notes through a simple patch, glitching out a little at the end.


Concrete ambience: https://soundcloud.com/user-352157410/disquiet0371-concrete