Disquiet Junto Project 0372: Honeymoon Phase

Disquiet Junto Project 0372: Honeymoon Phase
The Assignment: Record a piece of music with (only) your most recently obtained instrument or music/sound tool.

Step 1: Locate the latest instrument, piece of music/sound software, or related technology that has come into your possession. (If there’s something inexpensive, like an app, you’ve been meaning to try out, this project might provide an impetus to do so.)

Step 2: Employ only the single thing identified in Step 1 to compose and record a short track.

Seven More Important Steps When Your Track Is Done:

Step 1: Include “disquiet0372” (no spaces or quotation marks) in the name of your track.

Step 2: If your audio-hosting platform allows for tags, be sure to also include the project tag “disquiet0372” (no spaces or quotation marks). If you’re posting on SoundCloud in particular, this is essential to subsequent location of tracks for the creation a project playlist.

Step 3: Upload your track. It is helpful but not essential that you use SoundCloud to host your track.

Step 4: Post your track in the following discussion thread at llllllll.co:


Step 5: Annotate your track with a brief explanation of your approach and process.

Step 6: If posting on social media, please consider using the hashtag #disquietjunto so fellow participants are more likely to locate your communication.

Step 7: Then listen to and comment on tracks uploaded by your fellow Disquiet Junto participants.

Additional Details:

Deadline: This project’s deadline is Monday, February 18, 2019, at 11:59pm (that is, just before midnight) wherever you are on. It was posted shortly after noon, California time, on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

Length: The length is up to you. Short is good.

Title/Tag: When posting your track, please include “disquiet0372” in the title of the track, and where applicable (on SoundCloud, for example) as a tag.

Upload: When participating in this project, post one finished track with the project tag, and be sure to include a description of your process in planning, composing, and recording it. This description is an essential element of the communicative process inherent in the Disquiet Junto. Photos, video, and lists of equipment are always appreciated.

Download: Please for this project be sure to set your track as downloadable and allowing for attributed remixing (i.e., a Creative Commons license permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution, allowing for derivatives).

For context, when posting the track online, please be sure to include this following information:

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The project is now live. Happy Valentine’s Day.


last instrument
beatmaker 3, with nils
a friend gave me an old ipad mini,
it’s cool, and a little busted
iphone vox memo next to the speaker
'what are some tools for humanization?


Bought amazing TC-11 Synth


Happy Valentine’s Day to all…

Straight into the studio after waking up this morn.
Had an idea for something Baroque and subdued
because I just purchased 3 x 2nd hand wooden recorders from a friend moving overseas
a sopranino, a descant, and a treble.
Recorded random long notes on the lowest one
then built chords using the other two
it sounded good but a bit bland.
So then added a drum loop and it completely changed the vibe
played a bit of slightly funky bass
and added tenor saxophone to finish it up…


I downloaded Zebralette for free and improvised a melody on the first setting I liked. From there, I tripled that with cut and paste so I could pan it.


This week I received my second Kaossilator, which are a synth with an XY controller.

They’re going cheap since an updated version came out, and I had one of those but it wasn’t as solid and broke quickly.

For the Junto I recorded about 12 minutes, then spent an hour editing it back to a bit over 5 minutes.

The editing was done in Final Cut, which probably contributed to the time required.

You can see I’ve layered a couple of earlier parts toward the end, and also repeated the drum loop without the bassline.

One drawback with the Kaossilator is the loops are short, which makes it tricky to incorporate a chord progression.

They’re fun though and kids enjoy playing them too.


:slightly_smiling_face: cool sounds

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It’s been a while since I last took part in a Junto project but this was too tempting to pass up…

Made very quickly using the Synclavier Go iOS app, done in 3 live passes, a bit of additional reverb (from Ableton) on two of the tracks and some Eq and Dynamics processing from Izotope Neutron Elements.


My latest purchase was a Tibetan Bowl you see in the photo, I bought it last Sunday in a garage sale here in Paris. It was a deal and included 100 incense sticks …
Now: my previous purchase was, like a year ago, another Tibetan Bowl, so I did many recordings using that one in the past year. But the challenge forces me to go back into the bronze age. Again.

I used the two sound you make with this thing, Tap that’s a “hit” on teh edge of the bowl with the fat wood stick/mallet and a Rub drone turning the stick around the bowl’s edges.
Then I just pitched up and down to several different notes and constructed this soundscape. But the source is just that single bowl. And 40 sec Lexicon Reverbs with Wah Wah…

No synth used off course, nothing but the bowl.


i think the last instrument i got was art pyrite softsynth. i try not to get too much new stuff; work with what i’ve got (depth v breadth / necessity is the mother of invention etc)

i played for a few minutes and turned up the depth and feedback on the drone setting throughout. weirdly when i looked at the recording it said i’d been playing for over 9 minutes. just did a little limiting and normalized it.


So great to see you here.

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Latest instrument: monôme norns

Details: I used the generative melody creator, Kayan. Also used a background drone from Reason. Added delay 'cause I like it!


I know, it’s been way too long… I‘ve just been so busy with other stuff. I‘m going to try and participate more regularly again

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My most recently acquired music tool is Ableton Live 10.1, both in the sense that I downloaded it a few days ago, and in the broader sense that I acquire new pieces of music gear very infrequently.

This track began its life as a breakbeat sampled from the end of “Stranded In Your Love” by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings feat. Lee Fields. Next, I improvised on top using the Supermode setting on the aQWERTYon (https://musedlab.org/aqwertyon) controlling the Wish U Were Lead preset on Ableton’s Operator synth. I want to thank Ableton for their invaluable new MIDI capture feature, which records all of your MIDI input whether you remember to hit record or not (and I didn’t.)

I was reading an article about Anton Webern, and though I don’t particularly enjoy his music, I thought I should listen to some for context. I pulled up Six Bagatelles For String Quartet, Op. 9, because that was the first Google result. As I was listening, I heard some intriguing samples, so I pulled them in, looped them, pitched them up and down until they fit the key, and applied a filter sweep.

The last piece of the puzzle was a voice message left for me on Facebook by my friend Dylan. I had posted that I have an idea for the title of my dissertation: “Music education within and without hip-hop/Hip-hop within and without music education.” Dylan was inspired by this to record a little freestyle rap and send it to me. I added it to my track, did some auto-tuning via iZotope Nectar, did some radical time-stretching in a few spots, and voila.


That’s super. Hope it’s good stuff. The Junto is there when folks have time (and interest).

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Hello - I signed up for the Disquiet Junto emails a few months ago and have been lurking ever since. This is a really cool little community you have going on here.
I’ve owned this reel-to-reel machine for years, but finally fixed it up just this week (replaced a belt) so I could use it for its true purpose of making music - I’m counting it as a ‘new’ acquisition so I can jump into the discussion. This track was created by recording tape loops of banjo and electric guitar, with some mixing in Audacity.
A friend and I create experimental videos/music under the banner “The Dim Projection” and this little soundscape was originally made for a video we put together just a day before I saw this project challenge.


Story. In a thread on muffwiggler.com the “Barry Schrader Atlantis Patch” is discussed. Schrader was working with “contrary- and parallel motion”… Look it up if you are interested. Anyway that is a way to obtain sounds. A sort of music tool/technique… My most recent physical music object is a mini case (seen on the picture). Yes I used two of the modules in the case, just for the sake of it. No manuel involvement during recording. No editing of the sound. Sorry Barry… So immaterial and material news - are used. New for me…


Welcome! I look forward to seeing your work.


My last piece of gear that I have obtained was a Meng Qi version of Rollz-5. I recorded the live output from rollz-5 and the only edit was to add reverb, compression and a little tape simulation but I have not sliced the track did not overdub it etc. It was very raw and very far from what I am making most of the time but that is why I am feeling excited about this piece of gear and I would like to research it further. I don’t know if this is typical for rollz but even moving my hands close to the banana cables changes the sound that it produces which allow to interact with instrument not only by patching and moving knobs (for example the change in timbre at 0:15 was done by moving my hand close to the cables).