Disquiet Junto Project 0372: Honeymoon Phase


Hello all, this is my first Disquiet Junto I am excited for the opportunity to participate. My most recent acquisition is the Hertz Donut MKIII. I also reconfigured the small 7u modular case in which it is housed. So everything is quite new. All sounds in this track start with the HDIII and are made with the modular. I recorded each sound in real time on separate tracks and did a small amount of EQ and level setting in Ableton.


I made a list of my eurorack purchases; somehow this ended up patched in the order I bought them (barring one or two utility modules which I tried to use).
This was made using a (very) short sample from Gymnopedie (cf a previous disquiet),

  1. recorded into my most recent purchase (Phonogene) which was slowed down and then re-sampled back into the Phonogene. This then went into a
  2. Antumbra Smog [mini clouds clone] (purchased before Phonogene) in looping 8-bit mode, with this loop frozen, and
  3. modulated by a Ladik r-120 random in the v/oct (purchased before the smog),
  4. into a 4MS DLD (purchased before the ladik) and then into a
  5. w/ which had a negative offset into THAT and a random-i-think gate into THIS to punch in and out.


I used only the Make Noise Teleharmonic and Tip Top Audio Mix-Z in this recording.

Edit: oh yeah and first disquiet/first post.


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/new-spice-disquiet0372

I couldn’t resist Native Instruments’ special price for the u-he bundle. This track is five instances of Diva, using slightly modified presets, with no processing except normalization in Audacity.


a quick pattern with a SuperCollider extension I hadn’t run across before, a physical modeling unit generator called MembraneCircle, which can generate some interesting percussive sounds.


It’s been 9 weeks since my last Junto! Life’s been tumultuous, but I’m happy to be making a return with this week :slight_smile:

I picked up EastWest’s Hollywood Percussion Diamond library for a work project a couple weeks ago, and hadn’t really dug into it, so this was the perfect excuse to toy around with it. I ended up with 37 different instruments from the library - multiple snares and field drums, multiple cymbals, vibes, marimba, xylophone, tam-tam, castanets, ratchet, temple blocks…the list goes on.

This track is dry, no added verb, just the main mics from the library (which are clearly out in the room a bit.) I had a great time with this project and while a couple moments feel a little cartoonish, there are some really special moments, too. Hope y’all enjoy!


A lucky escape – I just got this non-functioning drumulator :slight_smile: A few days earlier and my contribution might well have been a recording of me tapping the case :smiley:


I used a harmonic ossillator from Max (M4L.fm.03.HarmMod) then put it through some delays. This is the last of my sudden endings (se20). I am considering this a short fling, just a short term relationship that I got what I wanted out of and now is time to discard. (Which is actually very different from my extremely stable real life)

My next vow is going to be to submit whatever I have no matter how crappy I feel it is …


Gotta admit that I also lost track of time listening to this.


Nice middle eastern sound (or that’s how it sounds to me)


I have this long term fantasy of having a modular setup … this reminded me of it.


Thanks! But also sorry! :grin:


This is excellent :slight_smile: Welcome here!

Welcome here! :slight_smile:


Thanks. (It evokes the Middle East to my ears, too.)


Loved it, straight away listened to it twice, so soothing today for some reason…


Fun! What’s the two other buttons? (you said there were 6)
It’s weird to listen to your recording and play along in the game, feels like a collaboration :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply. Just realized there were no instructions! the other buttons are Z and X. thanks for playing :slight_smile: