Disquiet Junto Project 0374: Glitch Glitch


I took https://soundcloud.com/winterer/prison-of-rlyeh and glitched multiple instances of it in Gleetchlab 404: Glitch 1. I Took the result and saved it as MP3 with 16 kps stereo and 8 kbps joint, which sometimes destroyed the original very much: Glitch 2.

To have moments where the initial glitch remains evident and untarnished I layered and sliced these three tracks. So what you hear is a mix of WAV (good), 16kps (bad), 8kbps (very bad) in different variations, sometimes all three together, sometimes only one alone. Plus some VST fx to position the sounds in the inner space.


recorded playback of vlc glitching a recording i had made… chopped, processed and cut up the track in cubase… further altered levels and eq in soundforge… using a barely-functioning windows xp pc…


I’m quite behind on things these days, so my knowledge of the glitch genre is not current. It did make me reminisce about college radio in the 90s, which was nice, and inspired what I ended up doing (although it doesn’t end up sounding anything like that).

  1. Made a short loop out of a previous sketch on a beta version of Audio Damage’s Enso looper for ipad (it’s very good!).
  2. Put said loop in Ableton, made it a bit “glitchy” using Unfiltered Audio plug ins (Spec Ops, Zip), sample it.
  3. Clicked “random” on an Alexkid midi sequencer in ableton (instant haus) to play slices of the sample. Varied those slices by hand (I had a couple passes I liked better than this one, but oh well).

More The Field than glitch, but it was a fun prompt, thanks!


Here’s mine: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/doubly-glitched-disquiet0374

I started with a beat loop I created a few years ago – you can hear it twice through at the beginning, in its unglitched form. Then I made a pass with Sugar Bytes’ Turnado, using Bitwig’s Step modulator to move Turnado’s Dictator to different locations. Then that result was treated with Twisted Tools’ Rolodecks, with its own internal modulation. I made the modulation’s time scale different for Turnado and Rolodecks, hoping that might differentiate the two, but in the final result, I think there’s no audible difference. To finish up, I added compression from u-he’s Presswerk, and normalization and limiting in Audacity.


The drone starting at 0:28 is the product of two glitches combined: a hum on the Volca Keys and the infinite looping bug on the Volca Sample.

I started by making a recording of the notorious hum that is always running on my Volca Keys (a common issue with this synth). This hum is at about 20khz, so I used repeated instances of an octave lowering VST to get it down to an audible frequency. Then, I loaded that sample onto the Volca Sample and used the infinite looping glitch to run it as a constant drone, twice in parallel at two different speeds.


Applied stutter effect to recording, and then some granular synthesis on top of that. Mixed sections of each in with original recording of a live performance.


Very Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto-esque! Lovely!


I was going to do this Junto but then the track went in a different direction. Still, maybe you guys will find it interesting.


A tad late, upload problems…apologies folks!

… from the page

Field Recordings and found sound via Forester/AMBIENT V3/MicroGranny, the latter recorded live, additional effects KorgKP2s/Zoom MS70.


thank you very much…


Alongside the fabulous audio, there is some great cover art too!