Disquiet Junto Project 0375: Despite Yourself

I must admit I struggled a bit with this one because I produce a wide range of electronic styles from ambient, glitch, downtempo, neo-classical and more using a variety of techniques.

So I thought the way forward is do something very uncomfortable - take a style I have utmost respect for and apply a vaporwave aesthetic. This means I took a very old jazz song that’s in the public domain and used it whole. I’ve only slowed it down and applied a range of lo-fi, reverb and delay effects.

It feels very wrong, but I’ve made something unlike me.


This is a track from @pfig (Pedro Figueiredo), who is having some issues accessing Lines at the moment:


a different me

• Key:  C Major     BPM: 120     Time signature: 4/4    DAW: Reaper
• Instruments: Native Instruments Maschine software
• Plug-ins: Izotope
• Only Maschine was used to create the track. Izotope was used for mastering.

I like to have complete control over every aspect of my music, and I like things to be predictable and groove-oriented. So, in an effort to sound unlike myself, I produced this 100% generative piece of experimental music using Benjamin Van Esser’s Ultomaton software:


It uses Conway’s Game of Life to semi-randomly automate various effects parameters. I loaded in a recording of toads trilling, let the Game of Life do its thing, and didn’t interfere at all except to stop recording when it organically ran its course. I also resisted the impulse to bring the resulting recording into Ableton for post-production. I guess to really sound unlike myself, I would have chosen harsher source audio, but, well, I have to listen to this too.


I sang, vocoded, played drums, played simple pentatonic blooze and generally did all the things that I’d avoid. It’s how I imagine my brain would process a mid-life crisis. This was a wonderful exercise, and I can see an interesting parallel between this anomaly and the bulk of my work. This kind of project is what I love about disquiet. This community gives us an opportunity to explore facets of ourselves and one another that may otherwise go unrecognized and underappreciated. Great work all around.


I love the frogs… reminds me of early summer in the Deep South.

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My take on this week’s challenge inspired by the Djunto Slack channel :slight_smile:

Instructions: Imagine the entirety of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “The Flight of the Bumblebee” while listening to this track of 1 minute 45 seconds of bees buzzing.

As I sound nothing like Rimsky Korsakov, or like a bee; on the one hand, this meets the requirements.

otoh, this does sound just like me, though… :wink:

(One of the inset images is of a teacher of mine from grad school, Mark Thompson, and his piece called “Immersion”: where he allowed himself to be covered in bees. openspace.sfmoma.org/2012/12/receip…of-delivery23/)


After some rumination (“Is music I don’t like necessarily unlike me?”) I decided to make the kind of electronic music I generally turn off as fast as I can - the kind that has one good-sounding loop that is played OVER and OVER again accompanied by a generic boombap beat.

I play piano, but I wanted to play piano like someone who didn’t know how to play piano. So, I used the Random MIDI VST in Ableton to “play” some piano whose pitches were not related to the keys I was pressing. Then, I found some bits that sounded good and pieced them together in a melody.

Then I added a boomBAP. Ok, that was easy. Then I added some bass, but, still pretending to not know how to play an instrument, I drew it into the piano roll and tried to keep it simple.

At this point I felt like I was making a Ninja Tune track (or, specifically, a spiritual heir to Four Tet’s “No More Mosquitos”), so I engaged in some contemporary crate-digging, aka freesound.org. I found a nice processed sample of some Central European(?) violin playing, some kids chattering that I turned into a chant, and some wackadoodle scratching vinyl that you’ll hear on the bridge. I’ve never used freesound this much before, so it was really fun to find cool sounds and layer them into my track!

Other techie stuff - all the bass sounds and the first electronic freak-out sound are u-he’s Tyrell N6, which I’m beginning to think is pretty nifty.

Violin sample from wjoojoo - freesound.org/people/wjoojoo/sounds/417667/
People talking - freesound.org/people/ZyryTSounds/sounds/222993/
Vinyl scratching - freesound.org/people/Ryding/sounds/412536/


sorry i’m 3 minutes late on this! hehe, this was tough. I do a lot of versions of different genres and stuff, i should have made a country pop song… but nah…

a tricky assignment that had me running right up to the deadline. Many attempts where started by playing with samples but before long my tinkering rendered the sounds into something approaching my swirly soundscapey aesthetic.

The main issue i wanted to address was structure, many conventional musical forms i simply am ignorant of, being self taught. So i wanted to create something like a “song” which is something i rarely attempt being normally more focused on aesthetics. So i had an attempt at doing some chart friendly dance. Its probably not polar oposites to my sound but as close as i managed to muster, a lot cleaner then my work in general. This is the results


Just trying something really loud and distorted, not something I normally make.


Created this track while exploring some new processes.


Great week, folks. The playlist is, I believe, now up to date, but if I accidentally left yours off, let me know.

It’s funny — on the one hand, this is by design music you wouldn’t actually usually make, and yet hearing it in the context of the music you do usually make somehow tells us, this disparate group, more about you musically.


Thanks for all the effort you put into this. This was a fun week, and I have really enjoyed hearing everyone’s musical alter-egos!


I just found out about this site tonight. I found the idea of it very exciting and decided to create something for this project even though it’s late. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/paul-reiners-1/disquiet0375


Welcome. No problem.