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“What’s happening at the border doesn’t match the scale of these horrors, but if, as appears to be the case, these harsh conditions have been intentionally inflicted on children as part a broader plan to deter others from migrating, then it meets the definition of a mass atrocity: a deliberate, systematic attack on civilians.” -Kate Cronin-Furman

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Remembering the Stonewall Rising, 50 years on. Twitter headline read by Siri. First attempt was very clashy, evolved into a steady flow.


My own translation and voice… :roll_eyes:


SoundCloud’s search (at least on my brower) continues to be broken, so this post is a bookmark telling me which earlier tracks I’ve already added to the playlist.

A sentence from an article entitled “‘Slow’ roll-out of median barrier despite reducing deaths by half” on the RNZ website (https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/393311/slow-roll-out-of-median-barrier-despite-reducing-deaths-by-half)

The sentence is synthesized then mangled in various ways with a bassline and drumtrack added.


found a local news story (nottingham post)
used audition text2speech with a bit of echo
converted to midi, ran thru protoplasm with flute cello choir samples, lots of reverb
forgot about step 4


I grabbed about 30 seconds of random radio from the 88-ish, lower-end of the dial. I have a magical relationship with an old Sony Sport jambox I picked up recently.
All went into Ableton w/ the following instruments: Ableton Analog, Arturia Piano, Arturia Analog Lab 4, and stock 606 samples. Quick and simple.


Here’s my track for the week.

I was reading an article in the New York Times about Pride. This article specifically talked about trans* people and queer people of color, who are very often still marginalized in the queer movement. Trans* women of color are still regularly murdered in the U.S. But it was these marginalized communities that were instrumental in the Stonewall uprising. Let us not forget their struggles.


I needed the paper for this, I grabbed a section from my in-laws house yesterday. They had yet to read it so I was left with the sports section. I came home and cut out the headline on the front page of the bottom right corner of the sports section.Avs more likely than Nuggets to win title…keep reading to the first sentence, dropped few words…“Louder than thunder it sounded like hope it shook….Mark Kiszla Denver Post Sunday 6/30”

Roland DJ 808
with and vocoder SM 7B
I used multiple -Oct and+Oct on the vocoder with 50-75% Reverb to the SM 7B

The ROLI was ran thru channel 4 into the dj inputs as a thru on the iPad thru ROLI Noise app.
ROLI Noise
ROLI Block
ROLI Seaboard
Korg SV1
I started the Looper for 16 bars with the microphone channel. I then played a few stretches of the accordion and a maraca.

I then started the Roland 808 sequencer. starting a looper for 16 bars on the channel with the ROLI while looping thru the instruments selected in the ROLI Noise app. I also made the loops on noise fm that were captured while running the drum sequencer. I used an EQ I created to duck out some points in the low end.
I ran thru 2 loops of the instruments at various speeds and time signatures. I then compressed these at various rates.
The different channels were then fed to the delay and reverb then back thru a group that had a looper on it that was capturing all of the instruments and various loops.

I utilized a limiter and additional bass for some pounds of stretched out sound created with the SV1.

I uploaded the ROLI Noise session to Noise.fm https://noise.fm/VonnaWolf/wolfin-news-disquiet0391


First Disquiet in a long time, and the first under my own name…

A reading from the local Aldi (discount grocery store) sales flyer, and a bouncy ditty celebrating the consumer life and the joy of unbridled purchase power. All cynicism intended. Three tracks of my modular sequenced with Ableton Live, reverb by 112dB. They were the same patch, but with different timings and envelope settings.


extra extra hear all about it
• Key: F# major BPM: 120 Time signature: 4/4 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments:
• Plug-ins:
• Read the local online newspaper (The Patch) to find a news article. I chose the newest article for Friday, June 28th 2019.
• This is a partial section of the first sentence in the article. “Identity theft is a sad fact of life”.
• Added vst speak for the voice
• Added some drums with studio drummer
• Used the new massive x for the rest of the stuff on track 3

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Under the gun here, so to speak, right on deadline:


“Pollinators – such as honey bees, native bees and butterflies – are vital to the human production of food and the reproduction of native plants.”

That line comes from a news story about a local developer creating Pollinator Districts among human developments to attract butterflies and bees. www.dailycamera.com/2019/06/27/butt…ne-development/

I recorded and mangled my own voice reading that line, accompanied by a 303 drumbeat and a couple of funky/jazzy parts played by an E352 Cloud Terrarium module. Random melodies courtesy Ornament and Crime.


Disquiet in Hong Kong [disquiet0391]


The protests in Hong Kong seemed to be the news story that has gripped me in the last few weeks. Yesterday the demonstration became less peaceful. I watched some live video coverage on two news sites I regularly use and recorded the audio from that coverage. I am away from home and my studio, so I needed to find a way to do all the work on my laptop. The whole piece was put together in Pro Tools. I determined to create a montage of the voices and sounds from the event, with minimal additional sounds.


I wanted to start with the voice of the “Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China,” Carrie Lam. She’s pretty much towing the party line. Inside the piece I wanted to hear the voice of a protester, as well as other incidental voices I had grabbed. I heard a foghorn buried in the recordings, so I augmented that with one from my library. There was a need for some other accents and some low frequencies, so I added a piece of recently recorded sound from my synth. I think it’s mostly Telharmonic.


I listed to a bounce of my first draft and played it for my partner and got notes. Then I made a number of tweaks and bounced it again. Finally I edited that and made another bounce, which is what you will hear. I mixed this on headphones, which could lead to some surprises!

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