Disquiet Junto Project 0396: Hum a Few Bars

• Key: ? BPM: 120 Time signature: 4/4 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments:
• Plug-ins: Kontakt 6
• Recorded myself humming several different note duration’s and pitches
• Processed these in Kontakt 6 and Reaper


I’d been travelling over the past few days, so came to this quite late. It was very nicely timed as I’d recently recorded @Elisa-room237 and myself humming (turns out it wasn’t quite humming… vocalising?) for another song. So I decided to repurpose those sounds here.

All done inside Ableton. I had two tracks of the basic humming clips with some EQ applied to each. The audio of myself is also send to another echo audio track which does some frequency shifting and gradually adds distortion.
The low sustained notes are using Simpler with midi notes mostly in C0-E2 range (and then occasionally as high as C5).


I sat in the garden last Friday evening and recorded me humming a simple original tune on my iPhone. It includes a little ambient birdsong. I used Sugar Bytes Factory app and put the recording into each oscillator using the ‘transformer’ - a granular oscillator. I altered the formant and the playback position and modulated it with the lfo’s, added some spring reverb and came up with the backing. I was going to add the original humming to the end but tried it over the track and liked it.


I asked them to just hum, for a drone of about 40 seconds. When I Paulstretched it in Audacity, all the overtones welled up.

No other processing; tried layering in a few other things but took them all out again, this felt quite lush by itself(ves).

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I love using (and destroying) found sounds and field recordings, so when I saw this project, I knew I had to participate.

Using only a 1-minute recording of me humming into my phone, I started chopping, mangling, shaping, glitching, and creating instruments I could then play. Aside from my usual filter delays, LFO-controlled filters (big love for Vengeance Philta XL!!), and Live’s Erosion, I also used a lot of Glitch Machines’ Hysterisis, Inear Display’s Eurydice, and Eventide’s Black Hole reverb.

The result was a grinding Industrial Techno track. Enjoy!!


Who doesn’t love a Sherman Filterbank??! :star_struck:


Humed on the Vocoder of the Roland DJ 808 with some drum patterns and loops. I used 3 loopers and a MAX for live device I built that has the L and R with independent loops. I looped in each loop a section of the captured hum loops with 808. Enjoy! I will post a video of the screen capture shortly. Barley made this one. Back to regular programing…


Heh, sadly mine had been neglected.

I should plug it in more often though.