Disquiet Junto Project 0400: Sub Divided


Some fancy filtering, reverb, and spectral interpolations.


here’s mine:

this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0400. congratulations for reaching this milestone with such ease. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to create a piece of music from, and including, a recorded read-out segment by Malka Older of her recent short story The Divided.

for this track, i referred to an online random number generator to assign one random section out of a total of nine to choose from. number three has, therefore, been the number of choice for this assignment.

at first i recorded read-out segment number three on an audio cassette. i feed this take through a cassette tape delay numerous times, one after another, until the source recording turned into a gnarling wall of crackling noise. separately, i prepared a 61 second endless tape loop from a separate recording of the original source audio. this loop, however, has been inserted into a 4-track recorder upside-down leading to the recording to be played back backwards. i then recorded a slowed down version of the tape delay onto another track of the running endless loop. both tracks have then additionally been recorded, slowed down once more, onto a third track of the endless loop.
the endless loop has then been feed through my modular synthesizer for processing with a number of filters as well as the glorious “Clouds” module by Mutable Instruments. all, of course, cv-controlled for further animation.

the final recording consists of four different tracks layered onto one another. 1) the source recording by Malka Older, 2) the processed endless tape loop out of the modular synthesizer, 3) the slowest possible take of the endless loop unprocessed and 4) the first noise recording from the repeatedly processed source audio from the tape delay.

mostly analogue. no daw, except for the final layering with no further digital processing added. easy.

please enjoy and to the next 400 disquiet junto assignments. hurray!:slight_smile:

edit: and here is the obligatory instagram vid:


Great to be back. Happy 400 everyone.

For this piece I just wanted to keep it simple. The words are far more important that the music. I hope Malka likes what I’ve done.


So this is my eighty-second Disquiet project… wow

Many thanks to Malka Older for providing both dialog and the words

Firstly I chose randomly audio section 9, doubling it and applying a stutter effect to the left channel. I then used Ableton to render the audio to MIDI via the melody function and assigned two synth voices. I did the same process to convert the audio to drum patterns and again assigned a voice. The last major component was adding a randomized drum pattern to accompany the more sporadic beat that resulted from the audio to MIDI conversion. Then it was just a case of arrangement, I gave the piece a drum based intro, then bringing in the synth parts before the dialog joins, and then after the dialog ends a bit of an instrumental roll-out before it fades.


Malka Older – The Divided – Part 9/9 Disquiet0400

A distressed score for part 9 of Malka Older’s short story, “The Divided.”

The primary source for this piece is Older’s voice. Slight tweaks to EQ and added a touch of reverb to give the voice slightly more depth. No edits were made to the original source file.

Additional sounds include:

  1. distorted electric guitar.
  2. fragments of a reversed melody played on acoustic guitar.
  3. 2 tracks of midi keyboard
  4. delay and pitch shifting on 3 of Older’s phrases.

For some reason this site would not let me embed the SoundCloud file. It’s tagged #0400 on SoundCloud.

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beautiful track, and what a great process!!


Hi! I choose the first section of the text cause it was the one which have the more noise on the recording! Then I added personal field recordings with various effects… It’s my first participation to disquiet… and the second member of Zuunzug is named Malka!
For some reason this site would not let me embed the SoundCloud file, me too…



Sorry about that. This site’s software can sometimes overcorrect to avoid what it misperceives as spam.

A great short story is a composite of small vignettes, like small sponges that expand when dipped in water. A skillful writer can generate a compelling, emotive result from mere fragments, allowing readers to fill in the blanks with their imaginations.

Such is the case with stem 7 of Malka Older’s “The Divided,” which retains a terse meaning even when taken out of context. It reads like a confessional recounted by someone who has seen and done too much, read by someone who is still coming to grips with what’s happened.

For this short piece, Suss Müsik allowed the narrative to play center stage. Piano, electronics and a distant slide guitar serve as background. The image is a painting by artist C. Koustourlis.

This is Suss Müsik’s first Junto project in a while. Other work streams and life events have been distractions for most of the year. That said, the 400th consecutive event of anything is worth noting.

Cheers to Marc for initializing and sustaining this strong community of like-minded collaborators. Thank you for letting Suss Müsik be a part of your collective.


She listens for the voices. So I made them, out of her own voice.

A little bit more about my process. I took the very end of the final stem, added some reverb and then reversed it, then both paulstretched it and slowed it way down, adding light echoes. This I layered with right-way-forward slightly less paulstretched versions, and then added filters to the unadulterated vocals in Garageband including “telephone”, “fuzz” and “sitar” (possibly that was “electric sitar”). This created a choral effect with the resonances in Malka’s voice coming to the fore. Then I chopped up another unprocessed version of the final phrase into 3 passages and layered that in too, although at such a low volume that the words blend in, only breaking through slightly here and there. To me this is what the character listened for, and that it’s all made out of the echo chamber of her own voice seemed very apt.

This was the phrase I used, out of stem 9:

“I listen for music. Any kind of twang, or resonance, and espeically, the voices that climb in sobbing crescendos. I trail my fingertips along the stone and concrete of cuildings, knowing I could be caught at any breath, trapped, for the rest of my life, between one imagined country, and another.”


I love it! This is how this story needs to sound :slight_smile:


Used random.org to generate my part. Landed on 6.


  • I had the main spoken word track in the center.
  • A Paul stretched portion of the sound
  • A transposed + reversed track with some delay panned to one side. And a transposed track with delay panned to the other.
  • A rhythm track that I for some reason had in my head while I was creating the rest

Thanks, you’re very generous.

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This is lovely… Really enjoyed it, however it doesn’t actually follow the steps the project asked for - to keep the voice narrative complete so we can here the words. Just saying. But liked what you did and the way you made it turn out. I will try to follow the process myself -although don’t have Garageband or paulstretch but can get the same effects in Ableton.

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congrats on 400!
i ran part 7 through iris2, i liked the sound it made and it kinda fit
found it really hard not to add any fx to the narration!


Congratulations on 400!

My approach was to deploy field recordings to enhance the mood of the storytelling. I deviated from the assignment in that the voice pauses throughout the track, albeit without obscuring the meaning.


Happy 400th! It has been a while since, I posted a Junto of myself… but, I do them regularly and use them in my own little projects. I want to thank Hugh, for giving me a kick in the butt and finish this one!
Further, I am sorry that I can´t(won´t) post this song on Souncloud… hope that´s not a big problem.

Anyway, this is what I made from it… the song is called: The Divided

Looking forward to hear what all of you did with this project.

Have a great weekend,


edit: I just found out that it won´t link to archive.org… too bad. I did have fun making it and that´s what counts.


My first time here.

I used the original track (7/9) and I chopped samples in other track the audio in Live’s Drum Rack.
I used a synth for the background (light and shadow 3).
My idea was to thinking in “keywords”, and to do reorder with these keywords in the end.


I did this as an exercise in learning to create a reggae beat. I loved Malka Older’s writing (I had not heard of her before) and am planning on reading more by her.

I did this in Ableton Live and did not use any loops. I used the article “Dub Mixing” by Andrea Terrano for guidance.