Disquiet Junto Project 0402: Music for Tasks



I’d recently revisited the recording of my washing line for Junto 356 and had just finished hanging a load, so I set about recording drums to accompany that chore.

I decided to include the sound of the washing line for context and, the way it builds, reminds me of how electronic music employs white noise.


Here’s mine. Music to accompany a task I do at least once if not twice a week: Fold up washing… I often listen to music while I do this.

Thinking about music that would fit it I decided on something repetative and rhythmic - I’ve also been listening to Datachi’s Bones a lot recently, so decided to head in that direction. The 6 mins duration is probably a little conservative timewise, but hey…

Made with Native Instruments Maschine, Rounds, Prism, Korg MonoPoly, Spitfire Audio British Drama Library and Iztope Stutter Edit.


an ios production, koala app on the iphone
sounds of washing dishes


The playlist is now rolling:

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I always found the early morning pre-work routine something akin to a chore. And a really monotonous one at that. Perhaps I’m a bit childish in my feelings towards it, but sometimes I would be so bored by the sheer Groundhog Day-esque repetitiveness of it that it was close to being unbearable.

The feeling each day kind of stacks and becomes more and more nightmarish. I wanted to capture that feeling in this project.
I recorded some sounds of the routine and consolidated them into one clip. Which is then repeated over and over again and an increasingly fast tempo. At the same time I recorded a drone sound with a BPF from a Minibrute 2 which gradually becomes more and more prominent and jarring - along with some really long delay of the routine sounds gradually becoming apparent to compound the horror.

Bent the rules a little bit here, but this really is the soundtrack in my mind to this chore

Quite happy with how this one came out. I do feel that perhaps I should’ve increased the overdrive, maybe even to the point of clipping to really drive the point home and now that I’ve made the groundhog day comparison I realise the routine is missing the sound of an alarm clock!


I recorded a kettle being filled and boiled as well as the clink of a cup on the counter and opening a tea caddy onto my iPad.
I loaded these samples into ape matrix and spacecraft(a granular effect).
I then fed them into chains of reverbs and Burns Audio’s Resonator, Spectrum and Modal free effects.These were then faded in and out of the mix.


This is music for quiet focus - late night programming, pre-meditation walk, reading absorbing material:

The basis is 2 tones 4.36 hz apart at frequencies for D2 and D#2. I set Bram Bos’ Collider for a D Phrygian scale and added a 60bpm drum. The 4.36 beat is at the lower end of theta waves, so it should help one find a relaxed openness.
[forgot to mention - headphones required for the binaural effect]


i love exotica, quiet jazz, easy listening… but why do so many coffee shops insist on playing those kinds of soporific music? i thought coffee was supposed to wake you up. so here is the music inside my head, as i make my morning coffee…


This is a dub version of a reggae version I posted earlier. It was done in Ableton Live. All the loops were hand-made.

Recited by John Richetti at the Kelly Writers House Wexler Studio, October 25, 2016. He sent me a nice email today complimenting my earlier version.


As pretty much always happens, I started in one direction and the act of working on that direction sent me in a completely different direction (sounds like quantum mechanics). The genesis of the piece had me recording myself emptying the dishwasher and resulted in a piece for solo viola and electronics.

Go figure.

Unloading The Dishwasher was written for Viola.

The Viola score is available at http://bit.ly/2kzQbNM


i was listening to some music and had some gentle feedback in the background then a nice tone became prominent so started recording. this turned into something more rhythmic which happened to fit with this project, so i just played around with the feedback to make it fit more (swishing and clacking and plopping and clanking.

podfarm 2 fx - bronze master distortion > sine chorus > tape eater > echo platter > stereo delay
also ddly

i was gonna do an experimental vocal shanty (a la wounded knee; i’m sure he must’ve done one about a chore but i can’t find any) sorry to deprive you of that


Hi all,

this is my first contribution and actually even my first published work ever.

All made with an iPad in AUM. I recorded samples from my dishwasher with the built-in iPad microphone in AUM with Brusfri for noise reduction. Selected samples with AudioShare.

5 x E-L-S-A sampler instances
1 x Tardigrain

FAC Maxima
FAC Bandit
FAC Chorus
Replicant 2
FuzzPlus 3 Distortion
Kosmonaut Delay
EOS2 Reverb

Controlled by Rozeta Cells, Particles and LFO
Patterns controlled by custom Mozaic script that allows me to switch the patterns in each Cells instance.


I take a real pleasure in sweeping around the house: the kitchen, living room, the front porch. Maybe it’s the repetitive process that leads to the satisfying outcome/objective of accumulated things (dust, grit, leaves, etc.) Incidentally, I utterly LOATHE leafblowers - they’re lazy and a sonic horror. Typically, I’ll only sweep in short bursts, so this is why the track is about a minute and a half in duration.

If I’m listening to music in the background, it could be anything, but my preference would be something quite discrete (with little repetitions or motifs) that sits in the background, like Eno’s ambient work or the small music of Miki Yui or Rolf Julius.

My composition is derived from the single 1/8 note pulse of Ableton ‘African Bars’, with the note subsequently processed through filters, a glitch plugin, and a couple of busses with delay and grainy modulation applied.


Music for brushing my teeth


Great stuff! Welcome to the Junto!

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Welcome! 20 Characters!

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So great you could join in. Welcome.

This music shall support you doing your workout.

  1. Compress your muscles and exhale for 4 seconds while listening to the ascending melody.
  2. Hold for your position and inhale for 2 seconds while listening to the 2 steady tones.
  3. Release your muscles and exhale for 4 seconds while listening to the descending melody.
  4. Hold for your position and inhale for 2 seconds while listening to the 2 steady tones.
  5. Repeat from step 1.

If you don’t reach the part with the choir, decrease your weights at your next workout.
If you reach the part with the choir, stay at your weights at your next workout.
If youreach the end, increase your weights at your next workout.


Every morning I have some of my wife’s coffee to wake up. Then about 45 minutes later I sit on my office floor and make my own, very strong, pour-over coffee.

The objects involved – cone, filters, ground coffee, water jug, electric kettle, mug, waste basket – are placid and dependable, and respond to my body’s actions. This music is for them.