Disquiet Junto Project 0403: Filter Box

i played a short midi phrase and had that repeating
used iris 2 - kept loading a random preset throughout (sometimes a bit abrasive)
had it filtered through loop slippery in live8 and some reverb


Today I thought I would play with some household sounds, because there’s no place like home :slight_smile:

Sounds used:

  • Opening mailbox
  • Turning lamp on and off
  • Rustling paper
  • Moving rug across carpet
  • Bouncing wire
  • Fridge humming

Process chain:

Chamber Trio delay > Five Grain delay > Warm Reverb > Replika ping-pong delay

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The following sounds are played in order:

  • Degaussing a monitor
  • Underwater breathing
  • BART train leaving Powell St Station
  • Telephone ringing
  • Siren passing
  • Cow mooing
  • Bus engine rattling
  • Synth being manipulated by ultrasonic ‘theramin’
  • Filing cabinet being struck
  • Helicopter in flight
  • Prayer bells ringing
  • Comical boing sound

Some were field recordings the remainder are Apple Loops from Logic X.

My filter consists of five chains, all but one containing a filter or series of filters.

The first chain aims to be the kick and separates out the tonal and low frequency sounds and applies a modulated low-pass filter on the quarter notes, using Cable Guys’ Shaper Box.

Similarly the second chain uses the same approach but with the tonal and transient signal to attempt to create a snare on the off beat.

The third aims to be the hats and modulates on the 16th by separating out the transeints and applying a hi-pass filter.

The fourth chain applies a modulated comb filter cycling once per bar.

The fifth chain is the dry signal but attenuated quite a bit.


I never work this way, so this was a new adventure for me with routing and dummy clips in Ableton Live.

I started with a 10-second sample, a recording of evening insect-life in Delaware

Then, because I knew I would be repeating fx “processes,” I made a new audio channel and routed the audio from the track for samples to this second audio track. On this second audio track, I came up with an effects chain I liked and changed some of the parameters (including an EQ sweep and a tweaking of Ableton’s Beat Repeat glitchifying plug-in). I drew all of these onto a dummy clip that was the same length as the audio samples, which I thought might be useful if I want to re-order things or change the length of anything (both of which happened!)

Here’s a sample of the routing, dummy clip, and envelopes:

I made the fx chain to launch a burst of delay when the starting volume of a sample was above a certain threshold, and used the Resonator plug-in to add some tonal content when the sample crossed a certain threshold.

The instructions said to make the samples unrelated, so I dove into my folder of unlabeled, unsorted samples. I ended up with:

  • Evening bugs in DE
  • A piano
  • A squeaky ceiling fan
  • A dripping sink
  • A low battery warning from a fire alarm
  • A soundcard malfunction that I recorded
  • Firestation sirens from Delaware
  • A VCV Rack software modular synth patch
  • Morning bugs from Delaware

Initially, every sample was 10 seconds like, but as I worked with it, some sounds wanted to linger a bit longer, so I used more of them (repeating the processing/filter, though). This gave me something a little over 3 minutes, which worked well.

This piece is a loose palindrome (a categorical palindrome?). The first and last samples are insects, the second and second to last samples are pitches, and in the middle (roughly at the point of symmetry) are percussive found-sounds.

The quick sequencing of sounds reminded of a more relaxed version of John Cage’s Williams Mix, so I named this one after the capital city of Delaware.


• Key: ? BPM: 120 Time signature: 4/4 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments:
• Plug-ins:Reaktor effects - Analogic Filter Box
• Used 6 field recordings of various types
• Placed them end to end on a single track in Reaper
• Processed the track with Analogic Filter Box using automation of various settings


The main thrust of this one is acoustic guitar that I did with a strange distant microphone placement. I built everything around that.

Double Bass, Mellotron, Bass Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Ebow

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In this project, I have used a band pass filter and varied playback speeds to compose Rebound. The sound sources for this track begin with a grinder motor which then moves into a simple lead guitar solo played at 10% playback speed followed by the sound of a bell bracelet also at slow speed. The next sections combine basketball dribbling and ping pong balls. The band pass filter frequency is modified for different sections.


NON SUBMISSIONS Hey all, I thought I would post some mashups I did of some of the tracks from this week if anyone wanted to check them out. Every week there are so many varied and wonderful sounds submitted.I really appreciate those that are cool with sharing them with the group which is the disquiet junto.

Peace, Hugh


It’s so great you do these extra pieces.


Just to second what @disquiet said, your remixes always hit the mark - you have a great way of twisting together something interesting and surprising. Keep up the cool work!!