Disquiet Junto Project 0407: Dark Pitch

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Issue is fixed now
Encountering the same problem here even after uploading it a second time… I’ve contacted the Soundcloud support. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Toto, we’re not in Mallorca any more.


electric piano, zither, music box, upright bass, short wave radio, AM and FM radio, treated orchestral soundscape by DD
Friday 18th October 2019

photo by daniel von appen


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Late at night driving near Roswell N.M., or across Kazakhstan, you get those rhythmic sideband beatings, or sunspot emanations, or DX artifacts, foreign-nation jamming signals, and secret U.S. Navy low-frequency submarine communication systems producing AM-band ring modulation and tormenting innocent earthworms and whales. You get the material in the briefcase from “Kiss Me Deadly” singing its song just south of The Savage Nation. Etc.

From a Max/MSP sequencer I made, and stuff.


On a late night drive through North and South Dakota, we chanced on a radio station with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ stuck on repeat. After listening for about an hour, the station faded to static. For all I know, the song is still playing a decade later…

This reminds me of that. Made with radio static and Stairway to Heaven samples recorded into the mobile version of GarageBand.


This small piece inspired by late night road trips, radio waves, foreign and mythical languages and nighttime wonder and meditation.

Everything is based on a small radio-snippet, sampled through OP-1, in Denmark 18/10 2019 - and then with added different “phenomena” and samples. Off course, to add to the bladerunneresque vibe, I had to add a bit of CS-80 (soft-version by Arturia).


I recently picked up in an antique store an old Midland radio that has something called the “PB” band. So I used a recording off that, overlaid with some randomized software flutes and a drum machine I coded from scratch using sine oscillators and envelopes (just to get that tick tock 80s sound).


I’m not sure I’ll be able to participate (uncontrollable and unexpected but common- to -all -at -some -point circumstances have placed me in triage mode for the last several weeks, and away from all things art, alas) but I must at least respond:

This week’s prompt describes a very special kind of paradise. Personally speaking.


This one I used several samples from my radio relationships:

  1. Head’s Cannabis Sativa which supposedly was the background music for Clyde Clifford’s Beaker Street Theater (the bubbly part)
  2. Son Volt’s Windfall, which is the best radio song
  3. Jack Kornfield’s Mind Like Sky guided meditation. Be the space of awareness itself.
  4. A brief self-announcement by Clyde from KAAY.

On a technical note, this time I have been able to get vcvrack audio from the mac into AUM on the ipad using the ica4+ !!

And on a personal note, if you have been following me as notrance on soundcloud, I have rejuvenated my previous KarmicResonance account, and future things will be posted there.

On a historical note, I did not include Postively 4th Street, even though Clyde poured me out of a giant carton of milk through it one night of strawberry psylocybin and hashish. Not the same night that he directed us to the Lake Claiborne dam control under a vast array of stars to take control of the bridge of the star ship Enterprise.

Radio in the wee hours keeps us in tune with the universe.

[Edit to ink to Head on Youtube:] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i7EDary8yc


I’ve just arrived back from a week-long hike along Kangaroo Island’s remote western fringes. I got the e-mail for this week’s prompt as we made our way back to the eastern side of the island (by car), where mobile coverage is much better.

With the prompt in mind, I asked my partner to record the car in motion for a minute on her phone. For the other sources, I used some archived radio static and grainy conversation and blended this as textures and stray fragments. Hauntologies ensued! All mixed together in Logic.


Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this week’s pieces.


It’s 3am. You’re driving across a very dark, very flat territory. There are no other cars in sight. The radio signal begins to fade. You hear an unusual tune you’ve never heard before, accompanied by a garbled voice. The voice sounds frantic. Urgent. It seems to be a message, but you can’t quite make it out. Who is this message for? Where is it coming from? Or perhaps, when is it coming from?


I’m taking a course in American Poetry from Professor Elisa New and every week try to combine the week’s poetry readings with this week’s Disquiet Junto assignment. That’s how this happened.


thank you to everyone who made suggestions for audio sources. I eventually went with @VassilisP 's Dutch website - such a great link!!

recorded some live dialling, then blended in three noisy tracks I recorded this week. I increased the level of bitcrush at certain stages, in an attempt to get the feel of a short wave signal of someone dialling in a short wave signal of someone dialling in a short wave signal…


hi everyone. this my take on this assignment. i did enjoy the ride and hope that so do you;)

this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0407. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to record the period of strange radio signals during a nighttime ride through the middle of nowhere where the regular broadcast signal just dropped dead.

for this track i utilised my little travel modular synthesizer plus a sequencer. nothing fancy and nothing else.

no daw or computers were used, except for a simple final master run cleaning up the recording subtly. easy.

please enjoy and keep on riding, there’s no need to ever stop :slight_smile:

Edit: And here the obligatory video clip:



Gear: OP-1, GE Silhouette4 Cassette Recorder (three-way power), Canyon Delay & Looper pedal (looper function only), Ableton Live 9 (light verb and mastering).

An introspective drive through the desert, a sound between stations on the dial.


Hi All,

Just tuned in as instructed … no idea where it came from …

Have a great week!

h u :slight_smile:


I used the Universitie of Twente Wide-band WebSDR website that was linked by @VassilisP further up. I found a random station mentioned in the chatbox and routed into VCV rack with a few different plugins to mangle the sound. Recorded back into Ableton and did a bit of filter messing around. I found I could get quite a nice effect if I rapidly turned on / off the EQ plugin - so I drew that into the automation lane.