Disquiet Junto Project 0429: Solitary Ensembles

The project is now live. Thanks, everyone.


I started writing a piece yesterday that will take a good while to complete. When I saw this I thought that it would be fun to knock some instruments out and offer about 2/3 of where I am so far. I would like to see what someone else will do with the fragment - I am sure that it will somewhere I had not considered.

Solitary Ensemble - Part 1 was written for Horn, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass.


Looking forward to this.
I used soft synths with an amp plug and a granular effect.
Hope you are all well


I love this kind of project. Great work, Marc. Great work, disquiet community.

I kept mine center instead of panning so that future collaborator(s) have free reign to pan as they please if they want to do fancy flutters or whatever. . . The goal here was just to get a simple set of dyads and triads that were open-ended enough to allow someone to go bananas with their pan flute or timbales. Cheers- RSM


I really dig the granular thing. You mention an effect, but what specifically are you using to create that feeling? It’s unnerving.

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Here are my drums.

They’re recorded at 84bpm and you can download:

Look forward to collaborating with you next week!


just the ‘amp plugs’ in logic and tyrell6 synth and some cello sample. nice guitar track !!!


The playlist is rolling:

Some organic sounds to set the mood. My thought when making this was to create something that could pass as the sound of cells in the body interacting, doing their thing. Interested to see how others interpret it.

Technical stuff.
A short synth sample manipulated and run through effects chains several times. Created a stretched version and melded them together. Filtered the higher frequencies off and panned to left.


hahaha I am playing my track with your drum and ryanscottmattingly’s guitar all together and it sounds nice :wink:


I’ve never even noticed the amp plugs and logic is my daw. Nice to know!


An improvisation on Islands


That’s the spirit!

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Solo harmonica improvisation, breathing in and out as slowly and uninterruptedly as possible. Seems appropriate to the present moment. Read the prose score for this piece of music: http://www.ethanhein.com/wp/2020/harmonica-meditation/


Hi all. I’m new here and this is my first post :slight_smile:

I’m still pretty new to DAW’s and all that, although I’ve played the guitar for 25 years.

My track has two instances of u-he Bazille played “live” into long tracks, and an electric guitar through an analog distortion pedal.


hello everyone, i hope you are all safe and well

to thank @disquiet for his tireless efforts in bringing us all together, i decided to incorporate his name and the title of his project into my first trio contribution.

i converted “marc weidenbaum disquiet junto 0429” into morse code and then spread the patterns across a jazz drum kit in ableton.

“marc” plays the kick drum. it starts in bar one and loops every one and a quarter bars.
“weidenbaum” plays randomly across the open hi hat / closed hi hat / snare. it starts in bar thirteen and loops every three bars.
“disquiet” plays the floor tom. it starts in bar five and loops every two and one sixteenth bars.
“junto” plays randomly across the mid and hi mounted toms. it starts in bar nine and loops every two and a quarter bars.
“0429” plays the 18 inch crash cymbal (with less than 50% probablilty). it starts in bar seventeen and loops every two and five eighths of a bar.

because of the random elements i built into ableton, i exported several takes because i wanted marc’s drum solo to finish brightly, with a little snare work. this is take #6. 90bpm. it peaks around -3.5dB. I never hard pan drums, and the individual pieces of the kit are spread across the stereo field, but if anyone wants to use this next week, feel free to pan, mangle, destroy in whatever way you see fit.

marc I don’t know if you’ve ever played the drums - but you kinda did today!!

with love from japan, htnc


Wow, this is something. We’ve done Morse Junto before, and based on this beat (which feels like Can to me, in a very good way) we may have to again.


absolutely beautiful guitar work, as always…


Well, I’m cheering myself up by listening to some Mitch Hedburg, and he just said this:

I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

What a wonderful mind!!


Here is my contribution, on SoundCloud.