Disquiet Junto Project 0429: Solitary Ensembles

absolutely beautiful guitar work, as always…


Well, I’m cheering myself up by listening to some Mitch Hedburg, and he just said this:

I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

What a wonderful mind!!


Here is my contribution, on SoundCloud.


I was playing with my new midiglue box, and thinking about all the space in this. Then I read this week’s prompt, and my job was done :slight_smile:

You hear Awake sequencing Lekko through midiglue, with sends to Echolift and Raum.

D minor, 78bmp


cool prompt Marc! looking forward to hearing what y’all do for this week’s enterprise.

here’s another ChucK creation: randomized drum track–snare, kick, tom, and hat hits are governed by a set of probabilities that varies depending on where you are in the measure. For this track I messed with the tempo and also the parameters of the (uniform) random distribution governing the speed of the drum samples (e.g. their pitch).

here’s the code:


A simple chord progression recorded in two synths, panned left. https://soundcloud.com/rob-precht/disquiet0429-ditty-in-c


I started with the drum and bass parts of the Raka reggae riddim. I then used Google Magenta Continue to create variations on this rhythm. I then culled and arranged the generated rhythms.

I’m doing this as the initial stage of a larger open-source project I’m working on with Magenta and reggae riddims.

You can download the MIDI stems here.


Very nice. Thanks for posting the code. I’ll definitely expand on the code for the second half of this project.


Basically I just got into a mood playing guitar and then recorded it. It is at 80bpm if you want to do something synchronized, but then you have to deal with my bad timing. The chord progression is Dmaj7 | Em | Bm7 | Gmaj7 | Em.


This was a rare occasion where something I’d been messing with in the evening became the project. Usually I read the prompt and cook something up from that. It’s nice to work the other way round sometimes.

I won’t say too much about it - I repurposed some drums I’d used in a song with @Elisa-room237 singing on and slowed them down a little and just let a short 4 bar progression loop over and over. Feels a bit like “background” music to me somehow, lacking a bit of personality, but maybe that’s necessary for a piece thats going to be layered :man_shrugging:

I didn’t notice the bit about panning to the left in the prompt until just now - I think the drums would be a bit strange only on one channel, so I left it as it was


oops, I didn’t either. is it worth re-uploading?


Hi, I guess the guitar is the best companion-instruments (with the Ukulele as a serious contender) so I can imagine a lot of guitar tracks on this confinement times.
I bought a new guitar (my third ever) for an album I was producing and recording this march 2020 that needed this particular sound. Got the guitar just a week before the recording was cancelled so I have a bittersweet relationship with this guitar. I could use the money instead, but now it’s too late.
But I’ll try to get it to work for this useless beauty of a Fender Telecaster.

Took a photo, plugged it on my M9 pedalboard, a tremolo pedal and an amp, and voilà.

Take care, love



OK, I’m a huge early-mid period Mogwai fan. This is just fantastic. Already hearing things spiralling inside my head… THANK YOU.


How can a Telecaster be useless when it’s played so well?! That twang cuts gently, but deep. Beautiful.


Thanks for your kind comment, well, I don’t really need this guitar anymore, I needed the “twang” for that particular album and couldn’t get it with my Stratocaster or my Arch-top Epiphone, but now I have to deal with the fact that I bought yet another instrument I don’t really need (I am not the only one, I’m sure about it!) and I miss the cash that went away with this Fender.
For the next few weeks (moths?) I’ll need more cash than guitars…
Anyway, I’ll try to use it.

But my next, ultimate “instrument-I-don’t-need” will be that weird proto-fluto-phonic-thing we saw in a wedding in Tokyo, remember?, you have to track down that one, I’ll buy it!!
Stay safe, love DD


Yes!! I’ll trade it for the Telecaster!! (joke)


It’s not a big deal. If someone uses the track next week, they can pan it. But if you do get around to re-uploading, that’d be cool, too.

A march in 13/16 time as the basis for further collaboration.

This is was performed live on the Pulsar-23, then brought into Ableton Live for a little EQ and bass boost. I also sped it up slightly so that it would be at an integral BPM, easier for others to work with.

Metric structure is 3-3-3-2-2. ♩= 98 BPM. I tried to create a basic structure for the work. There are four rough sections, and a coda. Otherwise, the rhythmic is rather static to give space for dynamic parts on top. The high end might need taming with a bit with EQ depending on what gets added. If you need, feel free.


The piece (111BPM) is based on a couple of Max For Live plugins, FlexGroove and a euclidean sequencer mashed together with some 6-8 'th grooves and some sound mangling. I’ve tried to create a piece that would be an interesting platform to add something on top of. Let see how it goes…


Hi, as I’m in lockdown here this Junto is just right. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks.
I had a drum kit still miked up so it was simplest to sit down and play ( a bit rusty)
so it’s a more-or-less 130bpm 7/4 thang. sorry for not panning to the left!
x Gus