Disquiet Junto Project 0430: Solitary Ensembles x 2

Cheers. I’ll be tempted to add a bass part next week too.


Here you go:


Looking over the non-selected pieces I chose ymeynard - Work Order for Disaster. I wanted to add percussion to the piece, but also wanted to make sure that it did not result in anything rhythmic.

Solitary Ensembles x 2b was written for Anvil, Cymbals, Gong, Snare Drum, Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Whistle, Whip and Bowed Vibraphone.


Building on @banabila’s track, Fase-1, I added two tracks of live played percussion on a Pulsar-23. Taken into Ableton for some EQ, mixing, and yet more reverb.

As per the instructions, the 1st track is panned hard left, my additions are hard right. If anyone wants original stereo stems, just ask.


How the Night Came´s drum track inspired me to first loop some of its segments to create a longer version and second to play bass to it.


Letting my hair fly with @bassling’s drums :slight_smile:


force damage’s track (https://soundcloud.com/forcedamage/disquiet-0429-solitary-ensembles) recorded on a (digital) dictaphone, played through the ext signal processor of an MS-20, triggering a saw wave, envelope followed VCA, frequency to voltage controlling the VCO. This was passed to an Omsonic ladder filter modulated by the MS-20’s mod generator, then passed through Abe’s own stomp-box adapter into a homemade sweet (candy) tin resonator/reverb then recorded in Ableton after a little external digital reverb and comb filter.


Love this process. What a great bunch of stuff to choose from. This is where I started:

Adding some flute to Bacon Paul’s lovely piano.
I wonder who will fill the wine glass with what?


And then this appeared and inspired something quite different. Voices.

Thanks Zedkah
I reckon this could do with some bottom end. Cello or bass or…?..
Who will fill it out?


Here’s a remix of the delightful and energetic @krehg piece “raal”. I selected that by use of a random number generator and the very helpful list maintained by @GLSmyth

It felt like my addition is more structural that duet, but that felt right for this piece for me.

My part was done in a DAW with help from a pitch shifter, a subharmonic synthesizer, noise reducer (slightly abused), and a teensy bit of chamber reverb.


This is my second piece. I used a random number generator with what was left this morning. I feel very lucky to have gotten to work with dascott’s algorithmic guitar piece. It is so beautiful and it was a real challenge for me to add anything. Several hours of trying later and all I did was play 8 notes. I hope you like it and I think there is promise for the third piece should it be attempted.


I randomly selected the @krehg track “Raal” (I see @zoundsabar beat me to it! :slight_smile: )

This track had a nice atonal(?) vibe to it and the delays hinted at a difficult piece, so I decided to add drums. I put together a drumkit of mostly found sounds from my library and then improvised along with the Ohm Research track. The next day I listened to it and copied and pasted a few spots add some consistency.

I used a little EQ to punch some holes in the spectrum of the Ohm Research track to make room for the kick and snare sounds. I put a saturator on the kick/bass sounds, which made a pretty gnarly drone at the end.

Be sure to name and link to the source track you’re collaborating with, and credit the musician who recorded it.

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Image associated with this track is by Abby, used thanks to a Creative Commons license and Flickr. The image has been cropped, colors shifted, and text added.




And who am I to deny the wisdom of chance, 1 out of 66. Well hear it is:

I added another segment of the original jam on Microfreak and modular to the right side and blended both sides by having delays on the opposite.
Original piece here: https://soundcloud.com/benn-demole/microsob-disquiet0429
Someone save me from playing with myself again…


Hello all,

Here is my submission, using John McMahon’s “Where I Was (drone only)” as the basis.

I added, in the right channel, two takes of guitar recordings (sent through the Mood looper and other pedals) of myself improvising along with John’s drone.


Thank you @fbusche for tackling this challenge!


Here’s my 2nd, randomly chosen, contribution for this week, using Onkeltuka’s “backing track”:


I chose to accompany the piece by Candle Nine https @candlesayshi - Ampified/Fractured Cello because I liked the gritty, mournful sound that Candle Nine achieved. My approach was to simply add a deep organ note progression that would contrast texturally with the cello. I added a little reverb to tie the left and right together. Thanks Candle Nine for generating the thoughtful and colourful first line.


i converted @karst 's piece to midi
plugged that into iris 2 with cello samples and added ambient reverb
adjusted the volume a bit.


I have added a second track to @stijn hüwels’s track magnolia. It is my first time sharing here and on soundcloud, so excuse me if I have made any mistakes or accidentally skipped any rules.

This is some fragments of sounds made from supercollider generated synths and patterns and playing them in sonic pi with very short timings. Then I put them together using different kinds of effects. I kind of liked the contrast between the initial track being very constant and some very short sounds.


\m/ :smile: \m/

Hell yeah!