Disquiet Junto Project 0430: Solitary Ensembles x 2

My random number generator chose 26 (3rd roll because the prior 2 were already taken) so I’m starting on that one. If I have time I’ll take another pick tomorrow if I have time.


This is based on number 26 by @modus_pony Chewed Tongue. I managed to meet the guidelines better this time. In particular the version linked above is mixed but it includes a private link to a version with the two parts panned left and right.

I spent some time experimenting with some chord progressions, melodies and rhythmic elements but I didn’t really hit on anything I was very happy with. In the end I decided it would sit nicely alongside a drone. Drones aren’t something I’m very familiar with making but I put one together then recorded some slow automations of various parameters to keep things moving. Overall I think it was fairly successful.

In this case the only addition was the drone patch I made on Peak (minimal effects beyond the Peaks reverb). I did some light EQ on both parts and also a little compression on the original. The movement in the drone was more down to the 8 mod slot entires I added (plus normaled routings) using the LFOs and looping envelopes (peak has 3 EG per voice, 2 LFO per voice and 2 global LFO so I had 42 cyclic modulation sources in play). It was fun to put together.

All in all I’m quite happy with the result and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) making a 3rd entry tomorrow.


Ok, first one! I might do a second (following the random rule) later tonight.

Left channel: @vgmrmojo
Right channel: me

This one (“Alone In A Group” from fellow Lines user, @vgmrmojo caught my ear. I really liked the spartan percussion played at a slow tempo. It seemed to afford a lot of space to work with, whilst also following the tonal grounding of the percussion .

Since reading David Toop’s memoir, Flutter Echo, I’ve become interested in his approach to prepared guitar, especially with the pinching of strings using alligator clips. I used this approach for this duet, running my electric guitar through an Ooh Wah sequenced filter and EHX Memory Man. I first made a little loop on the Memory Man, emphasising the timbres of the pinched strings, and played over this for the duration of @vgmrmojo’s track.

In Logic, I sidechained the compressor on my guitar track with vgmrmojo’s percussion so that its attack (especially on the low drum) would duck out the amplitude of the guitar. I thought that this created a nice counterbalance and gave the impression that the percussion was influencing the presence of the guitar. I also like the crunchy artefacts from this processing.


I put the playlist on random, listened for a while - and downloaded the tracks SoundCloud chose for me. I got up early this morning - before the family (two of our kids moved back in our smaaaalll house a couple of weeks ago, to endure the #stayhome life together), put on my headphones and “attacked” the first track on my HD. This was @chalkwalk’s submission.

I’ve mangled the sound of the track a bit (sorry), removed the B-piece (again, sorry) - not because it wasn’t great, but I couldn’t supplement it well enough; so any changes etc. is because of my lack of abilities - not the original material!!). I’ve panned my additions to the right. Also, the piece is now sped up a lot. Not sure I’m completely satisfied by that, now that I re-listen to the thing.

Ah well. Here goes…
All faults mine!

(If I get the time, I’ll happily destroy a couple of other tracks)



Left channel: @ChalkWalk
Right channel: me

I set up a quick little random number generator in Max and arrived at 43 - hence, the @ChalkWalk-Junto track. What a lovely delicate melody, with an unexpected bridge! I wanted to work quickly, so I had to train my ears around the chord progression as I went. It was mostly successful, but where it was a bit off, I relied on some chord suspensions and alike.

I’m again playing electric guitar here, with it going through a POG2 harmonic generator and Memory Man. I introduce the POG2 effect in the bridge with slide guitar. This is joined by a second guitar harmonising. Both guitars continue into the recapitulation, but I decided to play a little more openly, with a degree more reverb added. I had this image of a plane approaching clouds (first part), within the clouds (bridge) and then reemerging (recap/outro) albeit unexpectedly descending.


I’ve tried adding a drum part to @morgulbee’s ‘Anti - Viral Blues’.

Dunno, my timing slips a bit.

You can download the audio or video to join the trio next week.


The chances of rolling the same number (from 1-68) twice in a row: 1 in 4624 or ~0.02% :slight_smile:

I think. I might need more tea.

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My chosen track from disquiet 0429 is ModuS PonY’s Chewed Tongue. I added some unpitched bells and sounds of a metal box bowed with a violin bow.


For my first contribution (let’s see if there will be more…) I picked *how the night came’*s track from last week. I added a piano live improviation (Pianoteq virtual instrument) on it. Otherwise I added a little bit of reverb for both to meld the instruments.


Got it, thanks a bunch.

Cheers -



I picked this one randomly:


Looking over the non-selected pieces I chose Bass rev-forward by Matthew Thomas Davis. I tried three times to compliment the bass of his piece and failed each time, so I decided to go in a different direction. Three solo instruments add to the bass, keeping things wide open so that the next person has plenty of room to complete the piece.

Solitary Ensembles x 2b was written for Bassoon, Trombone and Cello.


The second dice decided for “Winter Never Came” by @onkeltuka

The original is very slow, which really fits my favors. But it also was very silent … I tried to add more texture and some rhythmic and melodic elements without destroying the chary, demure spirit of the original.

To reduce my own sounds, which had way too much presence, I mostly used the ReaFir filter from Reaper, which produces nice artifacts.

As there were no instructions on used harmonies etc. I played all extra tracks (bass, sequence, bells, some ambient noises) by the ear, which may sometimes have resulted in disharmonics, which I hereby declare to be intented and highly complex art.

(Soundcloud spam reaction: “Straight fire bro! This actually goes hard!…”)


I’m jamming with @bassling - nice drumming dude! I’m just gonna C&P from soundcloud:

"I chose a drum track played by Bassling (linked) …as soon as I heard those drums I knew I wanted to use them - they just sounded fun to me, and I liked the live/human feel. I could feel drum-face.

So first off I tried doing a beastie boystylee rap, bit tongue in cheek, but still: NOPE. Then I tried making it more conversational, but I was talking to myself, so it still came out too weird. So then, somewhat despaired, I sat down and recorded 7 takes of spontaneous improvised speech, and I had quite a lot of fun chopping them up, taking bits from each of them, sometimes letting all 7 play at the same time. But the overall effect was displeasing - I could sort of taste my desperation and despair and a touch of crisis coming through - even though it was all done with a random sense of humour, too…

So I slept on it, and this morning I woke up and wrote a poem, and I tried giving it its first read through while listening to Bassling’s drum track, and to my surprise it kind of fitted. I had to do about 5 takes to really learn how to fit the poem to his track, and in the end used the best of 3…

It was harder than I thought it would be, putting my voice out there - trying to put something meaningful & interesting across & not letting too much of my defensiveness or social anxiety get in the way… This is my fourth time contributing to the junto, and I’ve got quite a lot of respect for the people involved, so this made it a challenging but ultimately fruitful endeavour - I learnt some stuff putting myself through a few loops & reflecting…

Thanks for listening!"

If you are interested in the words I’ll put them below - looking forward to listening to what we’re up to thus far! Cheers all, xx

yet again rose the sun in headland
behind a wall of cloud
the faces of morning smiled
to see themselves 
going about each others business
in the front yard

hot drinks in the gloaming
upon the sofa
cloud light from the window
the computer screen
at 40% brightness

an intruder autoplays
as she thumbscrolls her device
taking silence twice
and causing fluster

together they had watched
the sun sails of the little cutting
whose home is the portal east
turned his face
to watch the cloud light gather
in the aura of tiny hairs
and shine through the vein paths

and he had joked about its dumb filling of space
thinking about the commerce in repeated elements
among artforms descended from advertising practises

though his sigh was no joke
as his eyes drank the details
of form, idea, and watched how it
differentiated itself in every aspect
and made a beauty greater than most
supposedly sensitive beings
manage to produce
--other than themselves--
this little fan of the sun
this little fan of the sun
this little fan of the sun
somehow reaching inside me
and telling the truth
how a kind word would

I added to @AIsynthesis 's track. I went with programming a d’n’b-ish drumtrack with the Nithonat which is a TR-606 emulator. The tempo is 177 bpm. Also added some doomsday-themed vocals with https://ttsmp3.com/ generator. There’s plenty of space left for other instrumentation, although I left the drums to the center,they didn’t really work panned.


Really love what you’ve done there! The timbre seems to fit really nicely with the bird sounds or something & produces a surprising (to me) amount of meld/cohesion. It’s so satisfying to hear something familiar suddenly new! I loved the melody too, the atmosphere of it, and the little percs. It’s really made my day to hear this, thank you beaucoup.


Thanks for working with my track! The first thing that struck me is how much I like the way it works faster. I think your additions fit nicely; I was especially please/surprised by the little bird sound near the end. As for the bridge: I knew it would be an added complication and I wasn’t very attached to it so I don’t find myself missing it.


Thanks for working with my track :grinning:. I like the plane drone you added: it really reinforces the imagery you were connecting it with (to be honest I didn’t have a clear image when making it). The gentle guitar lines in the main sections work really well, but I absolutely love the slide guitar you did in the bridge! I thought my bridge (especially the transition to it) was the weakest element but you managed to transform it. Great work!


This is the second asynchronous collaboration within the Disquiet Junto project Solitary Ensembles x 2. The left channel of this track is Jorg @ Denzo’s track for disquiet0429, chosen by chance (I’m very happy with my chance number generator :smile:) . On the right channel I tried to create a dialogue with this track using electromagnetic noise processed in the INA GRM Evolution device.


For anyone who really feels the need to totally automate their total Disquiet Junto production process (people like me, I guess), below is a MAX patch that will automate your selection of a random track from last week’s playlist. (The output is 0-based.)

Community members should feel free to feverishly port this to ChucK, Processing, Scheme, Common Lisp, Scala, C, C++, FORTRAN 77, COBOL, RPL, BASIC, or your language of choice.

	"boxes" : [ 		{
			"box" : 			{
				"maxclass" : "number",
				"id" : "obj-5",
				"parameter_enable" : 0,
				"numinlets" : 1,
				"numoutlets" : 2,
				"outlettype" : [ "", "bang" ],
				"patching_rect" : [ 314.0, 284.0, 50.0, 22.0 ]

, 		{
			"box" : 			{
				"maxclass" : "newobj",
				"text" : "random 66",
				"id" : "obj-3",
				"numinlets" : 2,
				"numoutlets" : 1,
				"outlettype" : [ "int" ],
				"patching_rect" : [ 314.0, 211.5, 66.0, 22.0 ]

, 		{
			"box" : 			{
				"maxclass" : "button",
				"id" : "obj-2",
				"parameter_enable" : 0,
				"numinlets" : 1,
				"numoutlets" : 1,
				"outlettype" : [ "bang" ],
				"patching_rect" : [ 314.0, 137.0, 24.0, 24.0 ]

	"lines" : [ 		{
			"patchline" : 			{
				"source" : [ "obj-3", 0 ],
				"destination" : [ "obj-5", 0 ]

, 		{
			"patchline" : 			{
				"source" : [ "obj-2", 0 ],
				"destination" : [ "obj-3", 0 ]

	"appversion" : 	{
		"major" : 8,
		"minor" : 1,
		"revision" : 1,
		"architecture" : "x64",
		"modernui" : 1
	"classnamespace" : "box"