Disquiet Junto Project 0430: Solitary Ensembles x 2

This trilogy is such a great, cohesive entire work that the rules deserved to be broken this time. Thanks for using my track as part of this.


Hello all… I downloaded ‘Rabbit Food’ by Ryan Scott Mattingly as I liked it a lot, and then added electric piano


Remix (0432)

For anyone who wants to remix this, my part of the audio is here.


Since Charlie wrote his submission in ChucK, I thought it would be fun to build on it with my own ChucK code. I wanted to add a bass part. I decided to use a cellular automaton to generate a sequence of MIDI notes for this bass part, although I ended up not keeping it in the bass register. I used 1-D cellular automaton 30. For better or worse, the results are definitely atonal.


Here is the main ChucK code I wrote:


public class ElementaryCA {
    int ruleset[8];
    fun int rules(int a, int b, int c) {
        7 - (4 * a + 2 * b + c) => int index;
        return ruleset[index];
    fun int[] getNextGeneration(int currentGeneration[]) {
        currentGeneration.cap() => int width;
        int nextGeneration[currentGeneration.cap()];
        for (0 => int i; i < width; i++) {
            currentGeneration[((i - 1) + width) % width] => int a;
            currentGeneration[i] => int b;
            currentGeneration[(i + 1) % width] => int c;
            rules(a, b, c) => nextGeneration[i];
        return nextGeneration;


public class CAMoog {
    Moog bass => NRev nRev => dac.right;
    .05 => nRev.mix;

    fun void playNote(int ca[], int beatNumber, int numStepsPerBar) {
        beatNumber / (4.0 * numStepsPerBar) => float maxParamOffset;
        0.5 - maxParamOffset => float minParam;
        0.5 + maxParamOffset => float maxParam;
        // ding!
        Math.random2f(minParam, maxParam) => bass.filterQ;
        Math.random2f(minParam, maxParam) => bass.filterSweepRate;
        Math.random2f(minParam, maxParam) => bass.lfoDepth;
        // One drop
        if (beatNumber != 0 && beatNumber != 1) {
            if (beatNumber % 2 == 0 || beatNumber == 5 || beatNumber == 13) {
                0 => int midiNote;
                for (1 => int i; i < 8; i++) {
                    ca[i] + 2 * midiNote => midiNote;
                <<< "note:", midiNote >>>;
                Std.mtof(midiNote) => bass.freq;
                1 => bass.noteOn;
                1.0 => bass.gain;
        } else {
            0.0 => bass.gain; 
    fun void silence() {
        0.0 => bass.gain; 



hello again

the random number generator said 48
which was good news for me
@william_boldenweck had submitted a beautiful slow noise track which I loved
to me it felt slow and random
so I played quick and structured
I added a first take improvisation on synth

love to all


hello again again

next random generator said 44
thankyou @Stull for your rhythmic and lovely track
In this piece I doubled some of the melodies on sopranino sax
to create some contrast with the electronic sounds

love to all


Updated 8:45pm ET - 29 March

Below is a listing of the non-selected submissions. I have renumbered them so that if you want to use a random number generator then you can go from 1 to the number at the bottom.

1 Rob Precht : Ditty in C
2 Stray wool - Day 4
3 paul.reiners - Solitary Ensembles
4 PopGoblin - fluxx & us
5 stefan.strasser - Cum On Feel The Noize
6 Midouest
7 Sfeericle Records - Murmurer [part 1]
8 pineyb - Decline Of The West Dance Party
9 Nate Trier - Solitary Ensembles pt. 1
10 Jason Richardson
11 wasabicube - links
12 Damon Holzborn - Crunchy Drone Alone
13 Ruairi Leydon - Solitary Ensemble
14 uforika - @risk
15 Grosse - Cerchio di Luce


Thanks very much for having taken this on.


I just started working with number 47.


Hi, I dice rolled, first tempt was my own track (how could that happen? what are the odds?) so second gave me 20:
20 Jaguar (NZ) - Jet Jaguar - Solitary Ensemble Bass & Stabs
I’m with my ebow so I just jammed along, guess this needs a 3rd juntonian to make sense.

Then I went for one of the 3 tracks I had left from yesterday, as it is yet “available”
29 @krakenkraft - Virtual Berlin School Trio

Again I just added ebow nonsense impro
Hope this can serve on the the 3rd round of this challenge…


so 20 - 29 - 47 out.

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I am working on Ethan Hein’s harmonica trio, number 5


I really liked “Krakenkraft’s …”. It went somewhere like a plot in a film. Reminded me of a Hitchcock film.


Some of these duets make me want to silence the original and make something new out of the additions… there are so many directions to go with this group of people. Good work community. I’m enjoying everything I’ve heard so far.


Actually working on Number 3. (not 52 or 27 which are both lovely) Sorry, new to this :confused:

I chose the first layer from @Jet for instantly catching my interest – and because “D# Phrygian 77bpm” sounded wonderful odd to me.

I tried not to add to much, just a unagitated sequence, some pads and and somehow hidden deep bass. I started mostly by improvising and threw away what I disliked…


Daniel -


Cheers -


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Thanks, Daniel, I’m weeping with happiness and very sure that we just started a new chapter in the history of Berlin School!


Two versions, using melondruie’s 0429.

Mixed version:

Stems version (left/right):

The original is dark and full of low end, so I mostly added higher frequencies…


Heh, I think you’ll find the odds are about 1 in 66. :wink:

Smart alecing aside, I like the ebow additions to my foundation, cheers!


onkeltuka said he was working on 47 and I have a tendency to mind other people’s business. Blame it to boredom and quarantine…

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