Disquiet Junto Project 0431: Solitary Ensembles x 3

And the project is now live. Let’s get those trios started.


The piece I selected to complete was Peter Eisenhauer’s Solitary Ensembles x 2. He didn’t note whose piece he had worked on so I am unaware of as to who the originator might have been. I wanted to leave the piece as ambiguous as it came to me through the addition of an alto, tenor and bass chorus.

Solitary Ensenbles 3 was written for Alto, Tenor and Bass voices.


Hello everyone,

I’ve been keeping myself sane this week by listening to the amazing duos and cheekily working in advance on my contribution.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank @disquiet and everyone else involved for playing your part - from such great distances - in helping me stay focused on something positive, creative and (in an odd way) liberating.

I really love the music @krakenkraft has been involved in, so I decided to create a fake 7" single.

For Side A, I used the lush “Virtually in a Berlin School” by @wil and added an octave harmonized version of @DeDe’s ebow guitar spiralling in and out across the stereo field. I then added a layer of programmed drums in Ableton.

For Side B, I split @Jet and @krakenkraft’s playful “Hotel Double Room” into two mono files, panned one slightly left, one slightly right, then duplicated and dropped one file 12 semitones, adding a booming drum buss in d# for some low end.
The drum track was complicated. First, I converted the “Hotel Double Room” track into MIDI drums, then slowly hand-picked where I wanted the kick and snare to fall. Then, I converted three phrases from the track name to Morse Code: “d sharp phrygian” plays the hihat, “77 bpm” plays the low tom, and “krakenkraft” plays across the mid and hi toms.

To make both Side A and Side B sound like they were from the same 7" single, I subjected both to similar processes: same kick and snare sound, a public domain sample from NASA, a little vinyl crackle, and a slowly increasing “Outer Space” reverb across the duration of the tracks.

I hope you enjoy the KrakenKraftwerk trip.

Space is the place!!

With love from Japan, htnc


Remix (0432)

For anyone who wants to remix this, my part is here.

I used these two tracks:

I didn’t change this (combined) track, but wanted to make the bass heavier. I didn’t really succeed but added a compressor and a limiter so I could bring up the drums and bass loud. Also, near the very end, I added a Dotted Eighth Note delay.



I like the drum rhythms on the B-side.


This week I’ve joined @krakenkraft and @DeDe for the ‘Virtual Berlin School Trio,’ adding a 707 drum part.

\My drum machine is augmented with a triggered Jomox bass drum, distortion on the snare and stereo chorus on the high hat.

I’d considered joining this track last week, but the flac file was an extra step in the recording process which discouraged me.

You can download the audio here.

Edit: you can download just the 707 here.


took the beautiful collaboration by @forcedamage and @wasabicube https://soundcloud.com/wasabicube/force-damage-own-medicine-disquiet0430
and added a bit of fretless guitar, with some compression and delay. I tried to make minimal additions–the original is so sublime.


I selected #65 with my random number patch in Max. Here is a lovely trio of @Paul guitar musings, @Douglas_Scott overdub and my recordings from the waves standing in the water at Santa Cruz, California.

I had to do a little stereoization of the guitar tracks, and mix all together. Please enjoy.


I like the nervous choir!

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@zoundsabar @paul @Douglas_Scott that came out beautifully. well done everyone!!


I’ve joined @modus_pony and @Ausgesuchtestenohren on ‘Chewed Tongue’

Audio is here for download

Edit: you can download just the bass here


@bassling lovely approach, you somehow ended up in a land of exotica, à la Martin Denny or Arthur Lyman :slight_smile:


added some bass to How the Night Came´s fantastic track from last week´s disquiet junto project


@wil thank you, that came out lovely, but don’t forget that @Calmnesia started that track!!

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Cheers! It was a bit like planning a holiday – tricky timing!


Hello, #metoo! I listened to the whole thing during the past 7 days, amazing , massive work.
Bravo everybody, these collab-juntos should be more the rule rather than the exception, I love it and that’s what “junto” is all about in my mother tongue…
I went a bit “drone” this week, trying to stick myself into two very mysterious drone-like tracks that really puzzled me:

The first one was https://soundcloud.com/marcolucchi/der-steppenwolf that’s Marco’s collaboration with michel banabila adding to his track Michel-banabila – Fase-1-disquiet-0429-solitary-ensembles

This one really liked and puzzled me, there’s a mysterious modulating sound and performance on the mellotron that reminds me of Gregorian chant, even if the sound is no “voices” but more like a string-harmonium sound. But it evokes a bunch of ancient Greek monks on acid , recorded on an old Geloso (what won’t I give to lay my hands again on my mum’s old Geloso that served as my first experimental recording device when I was 6 ?) Nevermind…
Thanks to Marco and Michel for their inspiring track.

For this one I worked over this track by @encym
Encym – Oozes-two-drones-looking-for-companydisquiet0430
That is a collaboration with this original solo by @joe-mcmahon
Joe-mcmahon – Where-i-was-drone-only-disquiet-0429

I performed synthesizers (MicroKorg, Emu Vintage Keys) to add some more "regular "musical content (melodies, harmonies) to a drone track that sounded very musical to me, it was difficult to catch in terms of my reactions to it, it sounded abstract and musical, cold-experimental and warm and sensitive, very inspiring one.
I know I made it more “cliché” standard and less mysterious to my ears, but that’s what I had to add anyway, it’s ok. It was nice to jam along with them on this one.

Third, a more standard track, with bass, guitar, drums and an overdub of accordina.
I performed over @howthenightcame 's track https://soundcloud.com/howthenightcame/c-disquiet0430-ryan-scott-mattingly
That was his duo over @ryanscottmattingly 's https://soundcloud.com/ryanscottmattingly/rabbit-food-disquiet0429
I played standard rhythm section (upright bass) over the basic guitar+drum track, then added an Accordina improvisation over it.
It’s nice, melancholic, it was a pleasure for me, cheers


Wow, another Berlin School Graduate, you added the right amount of salt this Sauerkraut needed. Using the 707 should be placed on the top 5 of this year’s @bassling 's best ideas. I’ll sugest number 4. Or 2.
Thanks for this.


thank you @supple_be_disquiet_junto & @matthewh538


This is wonderful. I needed to start my day with something like this.


The playlist is now rolling: