Disquiet Junto Project 0433: Kit Bits

A somewhat uncanny coincidence, since I’ve been spending the past week working on my own sound library! Even better, I’ve been keen to record a bunch of metallic sounds, mostly derived from domestic objects, as well as some of my percussion instruments on hand. So, I thought I’d compile a selection of metallic sounds which vary in timbre, sustains and tone complexity. All are presented as they were recorded, aside from an egg timer bell which I pitched down two octaves.

The file is in .wav format so any pitch modification should render things cleanly.

Order of sequence:

  • agogo high
  • agogo low
  • “cap cluster” (homemade percussion instruments made from bottle caps)
  • egg timer (-24 pitch shifted)
  • metal bottle
  • detuned kalimba
  • oven tray - middle struck
  • oven tray - corner struck
  • tin lid
  • tin tray

The land is burning, Percy stands on high,
And either we or they must lower lie.

Rare words! Brave world! Hostess, my breakfast, come!
O, I could wish this tavern were my drum. (Henry IV Part I, III.iii.200-3)

I made a bank of drum samples by using and abusing my beloved hardback “Complete Works” of Shakespeare (ed. Bate and Rasmussen.)

KICK: drop book on pillow
HAT (closed): quickly drag finger across page
HAT (open): slowly drag finger across page
SNARE: flicked my finger against cover
TOM: drop book on pillow then pitch-shift
CYMBAL: flick through pages, reversed and paulstretched

I think the kick and closed hat came out quite nicely, but the rest will definitely need some E.Q. or whatever magic it is that I’m not really able to do!!



I provided a set of 16 samples in 4 groups of 4. The first set were made on the Bass Station 2, the second on the Peak, the third on the Microfreak and the 4th recorded by microphone. The microphone ones were recorded today except for “wheek” which is a slightly older recording of my guinea pig who died a couple of days ago (which I hope someone will find a use for!). I’m looking forward to seeing how these all get used next week.

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hi. long time no see. i am now having a little more time again as well (as probably most other fellow disquieters) and thought this might be a good start back into contributing to the disquiet junto.
so here we go:

this is my take on the whole assignment. i hope it all works with playback and all as this playlist is only 7 seconds long and i’m not sure if that would give anyone wanting to listen to it via soundcloud hiccups. alternatively, please just donwload the whole lot and you’ll be good to go…….;)………

this is what i have to say about the sounds:
"this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0433. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to create a sample pack containing percussive sounds.

to achieve this, i used all my acoustic items which i normally use for creating looped soundscapes. these include bubble wrap, paper, card board, metallic objects, seed pods, you name it. all sound samples have been created solely for this purpose and have been recorded without the use of any effect pedals or else.

a daw or computers were only used, for cutting the files into the appropriate length and normalising the sounds. easy.

please enjoy and make good use of the samples for your own projects."

edit: here’s a quick compilation of all individual saples in one single file just for a better overview of the collection -


Dropbox link for individual samples.

This is really not my forte so there wasn’t much of a creative process to talk about. Most of them are randomly generated by a program called Drum Computer by Sugarbytes, and I just curated and processed them. One kick I made with the Europa synth, but that was frustrating enough to remind me of why I do not make my own drums.


I used 1. recordings with a telephone coil microphone recording sounds from an external blu ray drive and a smartphone and 2. random recordings from a Soma Ether device. In these recordings I picked up those areas which I though to be useful for a drum kit, just as I would do it for myself.

The track contains all samples in no special order in one FLAC, downloadable.

There is a ZIP which contains every sample as a single WAV:
… should work for 14 days.


I’ve been coding quite a lot of features in Surge, thinking we could do a pretty big “1.7” release this summer. Last couple of weeks, for instance, I started adding a flanger, finished off a reverb circuit which had been in the codebase, and more. When I added the flanger I had a feedback setting which would let me drive feedback off a cliff. My collaborators suggested it was a bit much and I said MAYBE ITS NOT ENOUGH. But they were right, so I scaled the feature a bit. But feedback in flangers is fun

So I took my nightly build of surge out for a ride and tried to make some flange-feedback reverb-based digital splats.

hoping that someone can use them

If you want to use them as a VST, you can just download the nightly of surge from surge-synthesizer.github.io (it’s free! It will always be free! And even better it is open source!) and grab the patches fro https://www.dropbox.com/sh/krfug4l0u9be8t7/AACRCk5rQmOUi_zq2cxwwj35a?dl=0

but like I said: those patches won’t make the right sound in Surge 1.6.6. So you sort of have to want to live on the edge you know…

have fun!


Hello. First post on lines and on the junto. I had a synchronicity where I spent the morning making percussion samples before I had read this weeks prompt, and so I felt compelled to finally contribute. As a personal constraint I synthesized all of these samples using the TAL noisemaker plugin. They are pretty standard. Bass drum, snare drum, wood block, closed and open hi hat, tom, shakers, and something like a sleigh bell. If there are any issues accessing the files please let me know.


I had been meaning to do this for a loooong time. All samples made with bits of different paper I had around the house. I was surprised that it was so easy to get great kicks and that it was so hard to get usable cymbal sounds. All pretty trashy/glitchy, but I think they turned out pretty well. Hope people enjoy!



A drum kit based on DR-110 samples.



“disquiet0433_zShortRide1” and “disquiet0433_zOpenHat3” - snippets from a project in a professional-studio-recording class i took with many nice mics on my friend’s kit while he played(unfortunately, i don’t remember details on all the mics i used, this was from around 2000 or 2001, included here just to fill out the kit more)
“disquiet0433_imitation_jynweythek” - recently recorded prepared-piano sample(this one reminds me of that same-named Aphex song;my fav of all his prepared piano pieces)
“disquiet0433_AlienHeartBeat” - made using Aalto plugin

the rest are from various Max experiments of mine i had lying around

Watch yer volume when you first listen(i’ve really milked it)
Cheers :beers:


I recorded five small old bells I have found on flea markets with a vibraphone mallet, a clapper and a violin bow. At the end of the track I let the three hanging bells collide.
Individual files are downloadable from Google Drive:



This was the perfect excuse to finally sample my cheap Erhu:

I experimented with different placements of the mic and then pressed record while tapping away at the snake skin. After a minute of fiddling I started chopping the file into individual hits and saving the ones I liked the best. Applied some post processing (EQ & light saturation).
The file can be downloaded directly from SC and is prepped for Octatrack: One file containing samples at regular intervals. Individual samples is obtained by setting bpm to 120 and splitting every quarter note.

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Some 808-ish electronic drums generated with bitwig:

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Hi all

I’m playing around with my Linnaeus Eurorack modular filter, and I ran a lot of percussive field recordings through it for some time, and “harvested” some interesting results and did a little editing to create 31 samples. They are available here (but is not a Linn Drum even so… :wink: ):

A small demo, with the samples used in a 12 bar loop is here:

I hope someone might find them usefull…


I’m currently away from my hard drive where most of my samples call home, so I took the opportunity to record a selection of containers that were about to be recycled. All 31 samples can be downloaded as a zip file here:

…and you can preview the samples here:


This is exciting, thanks!

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Hi! I finally found some time to make an assignment. Made 7 really basic drum sounds in Drambo: kick, snare, closed hat, woosh, trrr, boing and some distorted voice sample :slightly_smiling_face:Main focus was to keep things simple and make them play together well.

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A few sounds that I edited out of a recent theater project to create a kind of percussion kit. Just a few cast offs: https://soundcloud.com/ktspringer/sets/cast-offs-disquiet0433

My original kit was comprised of:
Solonoid controlled by Koma Electronic Field Kit

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My aesthetic predilections are something akin to a dog glomming on to a specific stick or old tennis ball on the one hand, and a small child collecting cheap toys and tchotchkes in a box or jar on the other; which is to say i took some delight in assembling these eighteen tiny fragmentary sounds.

They’re undoubtedly a chaotic, inconsistent bunch and not really a proper kit but they are all short, mono & percussive enough to be of some use, i hope. Ideally, you 'd be ale to synthesise the sort of tinny rattles that characterise those guys who busk with kits assembled from various pieces of trash & clutter… The sounds are nearly all tiny slips of field recording that caught my ear over the weekend as i skipped through the past ~8 months of recordings on my SD cards, the exception being dumm which is made out of a sine wave; i really wanted a ’ b o o m ', y’know?

Each of the samples on Soundcloud are downloadable; a zip of all of 'em is available here.