Disquiet Junto Project 0433: Kit Bits


A drum kit based on DR-110 samples.



“disquiet0433_zShortRide1” and “disquiet0433_zOpenHat3” - snippets from a project in a professional-studio-recording class i took with many nice mics on my friend’s kit while he played(unfortunately, i don’t remember details on all the mics i used, this was from around 2000 or 2001, included here just to fill out the kit more)
“disquiet0433_imitation_jynweythek” - recently recorded prepared-piano sample(this one reminds me of that same-named Aphex song;my fav of all his prepared piano pieces)
“disquiet0433_AlienHeartBeat” - made using Aalto plugin

the rest are from various Max experiments of mine i had lying around

Watch yer volume when you first listen(i’ve really milked it)
Cheers :beers:


I recorded five small old bells I have found on flea markets with a vibraphone mallet, a clapper and a violin bow. At the end of the track I let the three hanging bells collide.
Individual files are downloadable from Google Drive:



This was the perfect excuse to finally sample my cheap Erhu:

I experimented with different placements of the mic and then pressed record while tapping away at the snake skin. After a minute of fiddling I started chopping the file into individual hits and saving the ones I liked the best. Applied some post processing (EQ & light saturation).
The file can be downloaded directly from SC and is prepped for Octatrack: One file containing samples at regular intervals. Individual samples is obtained by setting bpm to 120 and splitting every quarter note.

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Some 808-ish electronic drums generated with bitwig:

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Hi all

I’m playing around with my Linnaeus Eurorack modular filter, and I ran a lot of percussive field recordings through it for some time, and “harvested” some interesting results and did a little editing to create 31 samples. They are available here (but is not a Linn Drum even so… :wink: ):

A small demo, with the samples used in a 12 bar loop is here:

I hope someone might find them usefull…


I’m currently away from my hard drive where most of my samples call home, so I took the opportunity to record a selection of containers that were about to be recycled. All 31 samples can be downloaded as a zip file here:

…and you can preview the samples here:


This is exciting, thanks!

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Hi! I finally found some time to make an assignment. Made 7 really basic drum sounds in Drambo: kick, snare, closed hat, woosh, trrr, boing and some distorted voice sample :slightly_smiling_face:Main focus was to keep things simple and make them play together well.

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A few sounds that I edited out of a recent theater project to create a kind of percussion kit. Just a few cast offs: https://soundcloud.com/ktspringer/sets/cast-offs-disquiet0433

My original kit was comprised of:
Solonoid controlled by Koma Electronic Field Kit

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My aesthetic predilections are something akin to a dog glomming on to a specific stick or old tennis ball on the one hand, and a small child collecting cheap toys and tchotchkes in a box or jar on the other; which is to say i took some delight in assembling these eighteen tiny fragmentary sounds.

They’re undoubtedly a chaotic, inconsistent bunch and not really a proper kit but they are all short, mono & percussive enough to be of some use, i hope. Ideally, you 'd be ale to synthesise the sort of tinny rattles that characterise those guys who busk with kits assembled from various pieces of trash & clutter… The sounds are nearly all tiny slips of field recording that caught my ear over the weekend as i skipped through the past ~8 months of recordings on my SD cards, the exception being dumm which is made out of a sine wave; i really wanted a ’ b o o m ', y’know?

Each of the samples on Soundcloud are downloadable; a zip of all of 'em is available here.


Here’s mine! A few sounds from the kitchen :wink:

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These old hose fittings have been sitting in my music box for years. This Junto project was a great opportunity to do make percussion samples with them.

The separate files can be downloaded here: http://auralmachine.com/junto/brass_threads_disquiet0433.zip


Drum samples, from the Volca Sample factory sounds, played through a tin biscuit box, in the shape of France, converted into a reverb/resonator. Recorded with the biscuit tin lid on and off through a ladder filter with a touch of resonance.

Edit: I’m so kicking myself (pun intended) that I didn’t call this “bits kit tin”.


recorded a noisy bird on top of a hill
these are the isolated clicks and noises that were picked up
i’ve kept in the bird tweeting too.

very little processing. noise reduction, fades, a little eq’ing


A particularly music cardboard box provided the percussion instrument that was struck by my hand in a number of ways:
Glad to finally get something up on Freesound.
Have a good week!

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A kit of sounds made only with the Korg littleBits Synth Kit. No external processing, just some volume tweaks.

Ableton Live 10 pack:

LittleBitKit.alp (4.3 MB)

Individual samples as .aif (24/96):

LittleBitKit.zip (5.0 MB)

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A few days ago when I went to wash the dishes, I found I had a couple glasses stacked so that when the faucet dripped into them there was a pretty long, wobbly resonance. This seems like a good time to offer up those samples for some Hugh Le Caine action. They do seem to sound pretty nice pitched up & down and/or timestretched.

I’m including a bit of room tone since the noise floor is maybe not so awesome.

all together:

individual slices:


I’ll get a playlist rolling shortly. There’s a lot of music that’s download-only (not streaming), which is perfectly fine, so folks will need to kinda go back and forth between this thread and the SoundCloud playlist when we do a follow-up project employing the beats. Thanks, everyone!


A kit of 15 water sounds from around my house. Multiple drips, pours, flowing water, ice cubes, washing machine sounds.

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