Disquiet Junto Project 0434: Beat Kit

The project is now live. Sorry the playlist scenario is a little complicated. Last week was unique (so many tracks from so many people). This week we’re back to one track per participant.

I was going through collecting the download links where possible and SoundCloud playlists where not. I thought someone might find them useful (especially if you want to randomly select), so here they are:

  1. bassling - Spinks Park
  2. DeDe - UDU Drum
  3. Sannicandro - Napoli Samples
  4. Paul_Reiners - Speak & Spell
  5. tristan_louth_robins - Metal Percussion
  6. howthenightcame - Shakespeare
  7. chalkwalk - Synths & Pig
  8. mode.analogue - Found Percussion
  9. Calmnesia - Drum Computer Kit
  10. krakenkraft - Electromagnetic Kit
  11. baconpaul - Surge Synthesizers Kit
  12. joose - TAL Percussion
  13. spacelordmother - Paper Percussion
  14. krehg - DR-110 Kit
  15. RABID - Recording Class Samples
  16. Ausgesuchtestenohren - Old Bells
  17. duckpow - Cheap Erhu
  18. mateo - Bitwig Drums
  19. PopGoblin - Not Linn Drums
  20. blunderspublik - Recycled Containers
  21. the-participant - Drambo Kit
  22. kspringer - Cast Offs Kit
  23. jks - Busking Toys
  24. samarobryn - Kitchen Kit
  25. chaonaut - Hose Fittings
  26. wasabicube - Volca Biscuit Tin
  27. sevenism - Bird Hill
  28. BennDeMole - Cardboard Box
  29. Jorg - Little Bits Kit
  30. synthetivv - Glass Dripping
  31. morgulbee - Water Sounds
  32. Sam_Knot - Frogs
  33. fbusche - Buchla Kit
  34. william_boldenweck - Cereal Box
  35. AuralAntithesis - Kalimba Springboard
  36. Leonard_Bowman - Synth Playground
  37. brej - Household Samples
  38. MikeJDayton - Garage Recordings
  39. verosoma - Kitchen Sounds
  40. square_wave - Digital Destruction
  41. DetritusTabuIII - Looping Cat

I think I got them all but let me know if I missed any.


Hi, I used samples kindly provided by @tristan_louth_robins, @verosoma and @Sam_Knot

Tristan comiendo las ranas de Sam en la cocina de Veronica

This is the sound Tristan Louth-Robins makes when he eats Sam Knot’s frogs in Veronica Soria’s kitchen.
I just played the electric bass.


I’ve taken samples by @Ausgesuchtestenohren and @mode.analogue to remix my track ‘Alright’ with their sounds.

You can hear I’ve kept my rap and gulping kick, then added the household percussion and dissonant layers of bells.


Thank you very very much.

I’ve been catching up on Ringo’s solo albums lately. He made some bad albums in the 80s, but his albums in the 2000s and 2010s are good to very good. So I used a rough approximation of his “Come Together” groove. I also added (or subtracted, rather) a one drop reggae rhythm to parts of it.

It’s interesting to hear those signature tom rolls played on krakenkraft’s kit.



I haven’t done my submission yet, but wanted to share something of my experience. I was having trouble picking the kit I wanted to use (I was going for one). My “potentials” list (based on what I could see myself using as much as preference) contained about half the submissions. I therefore wanted a way to help me narrow that down, so I came up with a plan.

I randomly selected one that wasn’t in my candidate set (by random number) and went through rounds of elimination among my candidates removing the ones that worked least well against my randomly chosen one. After round 5 I had 3 remaining and couldn’t pick based on match to the random one. I chose to removed the one that was most like what I’d normally use, and the one that sounded least like me. The result is a duo that will hopefully work without being too familiar/comfortable.

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As soon as I heard Breanna Johnston’s Isolation Sample Kit, I knew I had to use it:

I set myself the challenge of using every sound in the kit. I used the 3 Sisters sample as a shaker loop with some filtering on it. I put the rest of the sounds into a Drum Rack and programmed some grooves. I also used Sew Low to make a Sampler instrument and improvised a melody with it.


Hey, awesome. That sounds very very cool. Very happy hearing the samples being used in such an unexpected way!:slight_smile:

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The playlist is now rolling:


The two pieces I used were by @Sam_Knot (Frogs) & @kspringer (Cast Offs). I described my process for selection earlier in the thread so I’ll focus on the musical aspect. Note that all sounds were taken from those two kits.

The frog samples were panned around and looped and used as a background texture throughout. The other samples were modified to help them in their percussive role as rhythmic elements or to fit a melodic role. The percussion is in a fixed pattern and both melodic parts also loop. I try to keep things moving with some dynamics and a build up.

All sample manipulation and arrangement was done on the MPC. There was nothing else much of note to report but I think it worked reasonably. Thanks for another run Junto!


How can one not use the frog samples when there is frog samples :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks @Sam_Knot

I started by downloading several of the kits and transfering the samples to my Octratrack. Played a bit around with them all, but settled on using only the frog samples.
The track consist mostly of selected timestrecthed frogs that have been pitched an processed. The BD is a short snippet that has been pitched down, resampled, pitched down again and a pitch envelope and envelope filter has been applied. The ‘hat’ is a short snippet pitched up and with a amp envelope and a random volume lfo.
Arranged and performed on the Octatrack, recorded and ‘mastered’ in Ableton.


just used @synthetivv
Quie-tscol-or – Disquiet0433-drips

midi generated with magenta groove
protoplasm > hornet chorus > ambient reverb

trying to make formless ambient from rhythmic stuff. the idea is after a certain level of complexity the grains become a beach

oh yeah messes up at around 8:30 but it’s a beat so thats ok


@sevenism and I on the same wavelength, I used @synthetivv 's too :stuck_out_tongue:

put the chopped samples into reaper and made a midi drumkit with them and used orca to sequence, then took my favorite drip and made it track pitch for the sorta lead line and sequenced that in orca too. used a bit of soundhack “bubbler” and “compand” on the more rhythmic track.


When I listened to @verosoma’s percussive sounds for Disquiet Junto Porject 0433: Kit Bits, I instantly knew that they will perfectly merge with some of my own field recordings and homemade percussive samples. I didn’t alter verosoma’s sounds at all and tried not to cover them with my own, so they should be perfectly recognisable in the piece I composed. I gave it the title “Some bits and noises filling time in an organised way”.
Verosoma’s sounds are here:
Verosoma – Disquiet0433-verosoma


Wow, lots of impressive sounds from last week.
Once I heard the bowed bells from @Ausgesuchtestenohren I knew I wanted to use those (even though they didn’t really become drums proper)
I complemented those bells with @jks’s drums. Sounds were squashed through various distortions, pitch shifts, and reverb to create this sort of DnB tune. All editing done in Reaper.

my track:


I used two really cool kits, from Chaonaut and Breana Johnston, to create a percussion track.


This week’s disquiet project was to make a song with percussion samples created by other members. I used the electromagnetic kit by krakenkraft and water sounds by morgulbee. I picked them because they had interesting names and combining electricity with water seemed like a fun idea. Essentially I added the kick, snare, bass, and rhodes parts, while everything else is a glitched out mash up of the samples. I can’t really describe everything I did, there was a lot of detail work.


I decided to use @jks ’ excellently squelchy and weird samples. I set up a bit of dialogue in Ableton, where I would lay out a very simple rhythm, play some guitar against it, and that would inform the next drum variation. Well, that’s kind of how it worked until I got a bit carried away. Thankfully, it’s only a minute-a-half long.


My contribution for this week´s disquiet. I took some of the samples from @krakenkraftt´s electromagnetic buzzes and crackles and built a little electro track with it. Almost no effects, only a bit of compressor and eqing, and there is some pitched down loop to add more low frequencies to it.