Disquiet Junto Project 0434: Beat Kit

My contribution for this week´s disquiet. I took some of the samples from @krakenkraftt´s electromagnetic buzzes and crackles and built a little electro track with it. Almost no effects, only a bit of compressor and eqing, and there is some pitched down loop to add more low frequencies to it.


Track created with a drum kit provided by @krakenkraft from Disquiet Junto Project 0433: Kit Bits. All sounds are from krakenkraft’s kit apart from a subby drone using Izotope’s Iris 2. A convolution reverb provides the ambience and a delay sequencer adds some drama.

krakenkraft’s drum kit is here: Winterer – Electromagnetic-kit-bits-disquiet0433


so many pleasing sample sets from last week to play with - i was/we are a little spoilt for choice. I ended up taking a lot of sounds from @brej’s comprehensive shards of domesticity, a few of @samarobryn 's kitchen sounds - i’m especially feeling the gas ignition - and one of @sam_knot’s frogs (when offered frog sounds how can anybody resist?). & i included a few of mine, cause, y’know they were kind of lying around & i wanted to play with them; self-indulgent? Yeah, most likely.

There’s minimal effects - a little distortion, some EQing, a little delay on the Astralgus tincture & a little reverb on a few things. It’s probably not music but approximates a groove - if something so cluttered and distracted can be said to constitute a groove; i tried to carve away bits that felt a bit too much, build spaces and gaps to let the thing approximate breathing…


Too many cool drum kits from the list. Couldn’t choose just one, so I took three: @krakenkraft @spacelordmother and @thenewobjective :slight_smile: Meshed them together, played with reverb a bit and added a simple FM synth bass plus a piano ad-lib (not great, just ok enough I hope). I wanted to include some little bytebeat thing I had been twiddling with all day but in the end decided against it, as it became messy. Will save it for another time.


I don’t know if there’s a genre called Gloomy Ambient, but if there is this is it. I used percussion samples from two kits: Old Bells Kit by @Ausgesuchtestenohren and TAL Percussion by @joose. The samples were minimally processed, just a little levels adjustment and reverb. I made two percussion lines, in 5/4 and 4/4, accompanied by some gloomy droning.



A piece using thenewobjective ‘a casa’ kit.

More on this 434th weekly Disquiet Junto project, Disquiet Junto Project 0434: Beat Kit — The Assignment: Create music with beats crafted by fellow Junto participants — at:



For this project I used samples from:
“Old Bells” from @Ausgesuchtestenohren
“Kitty Kit” from @DetritusTabuIII
“Busking Toys” from @jks

I used Ableton’s Simpler, a Digitakt and some custom software I’ve been making recently*
Its very loose in terms of structure (I didn’t really have a clear idea of what to make at the beginning).
As I’m sure is the same for everyone at the moment, any time I’m near a TV these days its mostly just a news reporter going through a list of countries and their daily death / infection rate. It’s horrible, but I’ve found it very fatiguing and I’m at the point where I’m quite numb to these endless bleak statistics - I kind of drown it out. So I wanted to try and create that effect aurally - I’ve taken audio from some of todays reports and tried to remove the actual words and reduce it just to a muffled sound. I was trying to get this kind of “shadow” or ghost of the voice.

* More on this: I really like the Tombola sketch sequencer on the OP-1 - which gives you a hexagonal shape which, at the press of a key, you can drop small balls into. When these balls collide with eachother or the edges of the polygon the MIDI note associated with the key you originally pressed to insert the ball is triggered. It’s a really nice sequencer for adding some random notes or percussion to a track. There’s some extra stuff you can do like control the gravity of the world, rotate the hexagon, open up the shape to let the balls escape.
I looked for a similar VST or standalone application online but didn’t find much so decided to try making it myself. It’s still very much a work in progress, but I was quite eager to try it out on a project, if anyone is interested in taking a look its hosted on my github so far nobody except myself has used it, so I don’t even know if it will compile on other machines (and so far only tested in macOS). I hope to keep chipping away at it from time to time and improving it, but working as a software developer by day, its hard to find the motivation to do so sometimes :sweat_smile:
In this project I used it on the bell sounds via simpler and to trigger some of the Busking Toys samples on the Digitakt.


wow, so much creativity here, i love hearing all the different styles of beats and then also hearing the tracks that transcended the percussive nature of the sounds, all equally thought-provoking… also really inspiring to hear folks who chose the same sounds but translated everything into such a wide variety of interpretations: no one here used frogs or bells exactly the same way, quite the contrary, y’all went in amazingly varied directions that transported me into completely different spaces every time. thanks for all the musical brilliance here!
(i’m relatively new to disquietjunto, so i hope it’s ok to comment on what i’ve heard so far, perhaps i’ll have more to write after everyone is done posting tracks too…)

so here’s mine, after hearing everyone else’s i feel like i might’ve gotten too obsessed with exploring the sound of paper alone :joy:… couldn’t help it though @spacelordmother made a kit i couldn’t resist :raised_hands:
sounds processed through Max patches of mine, see the soundcloud description if you’re curious about those(there’s also a deep bass sound which is actually a sine-tone phase-modulated by the sounds of the kit, hard to explain… but that might be the only sound which doesn’t come directly from the kit… then again one could say every sound is comprised of sine-tones anyways, so it’s kinda like i used the chicken to kick the egg :egg: :chicken: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and then edited, mixed, mastered in Logic.

for some odd reason the title “Rabid Pandemic Disquiet Alembic” kept screaming back at me as I made it :sweat_smile: :laughing:

Hope ya enjoy :massage_woman: :massage_man: :dancer: :man_dancing: Cheers :beers:


I made this track in FL Studio, (which I have not used much in a very long time).

But I had a great time manipulating the samples that @rajaTheResidentAlien provided.

I used the tools built in to FL studio to “chop” the samples.
Some of them were a bit long and I used the “piano roll” to pitch them down. I used the limiter for some side chaining PUMP action and I used reverb for one of the tracks. ( the public pool reverb, because who knows when we can safely go back there.)

THANKS @rajaTheResidentAlien !


my pleasure! (wasn’t sure if my kit would get used, was worried it was all over the place, i’m honored)
and i love the creeping darkness of your track: my favorite stylez/feelz of all the music i gravitate towards… gotz that nice edge to it. Thank YOU! :pray:

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Downloaded a few of the many lovely kits from last week, loaded them into the Octatrack, and ended up using sounds from @samarobryn, @chaonaut, @jks, @william_boldenweck, @blunderspublik, and @spacelordmother.


I ran the ISOLATION SAMPLE KIT from @brej live through some dynamic pattern generators to create the beats, and played a lot with density and space in the mix and performance.

Listening to the new tracks, it’s interesting to see how many folks, myself included, felt the need to add reverb to mostly dry samples. Apparently we’re all listening in comfortably padded cells.

I also hear a need for tonal content; this is sometimes, and impressively, coaxed from the original samples, but often it’s been added by some other instrument.

@ymeynard it’s serendipitous you chose my sounds and the sounds I chose (from @brej) . Thanks for all your SoundCloud notes on process.


I used @square_wave Digital Destruction kit. I was going for a hip-hop sort of feel with a slower tempo and a little swing but it ends up feeling quite industrial anyway. Wrote a little melody which is being played out by a plaits in speech synthesis mode. There is also a two vco drone going in the background. The pitch of the drone is being modulated by a slowish sawtooth lfo. The drone and plaits are fed into a sallen key type filter and then into chronoblob, the kit samples are totally dry. Then all is mixed together.


My own beat kit consisted of found sounds in my kitchen - it was a fun exercise to see what I could make! For the second part of the assignment, I used a number generator and picked beats from the following to accompany my own kit:


I also upgraded [finally] to Ableton 10 and tried out the new Echo effects on this track!


Glad my froggies found their ways into some of your worlds, even if it seems to have been via the kitchen in at least one case! :slight_smile: I’ll look forward to checking all the tunes here out later when I’ve got more time.

I did a vid this time: https://youtu.be/qTrXZ9Df2K0 - 'tis on soundcloud too tho & all tagged up. Pretty shabby but it’s quite liberating to let it be, so I’m happy enough. I did a poem again, over a beat made from @howthenightcame ‘s hitting on Shakespeare (you bashin’ the classics made me feel it was okay to throw some words in again, it’s what I wanted to do/fitted with what i was already up to - but I learnt that it wasn’t always the case that words/singing/etc were welcome on the junto, so if ever any problems with this someone please let me know… just going with my flow) & also @sevenism 's lovely windy birdy in the gorse bush, 'cos i love me wildlife… the beat’s a bit aggressive i guess but i like a bit of that too, loved my jungle/d&b etc growing up & still do…

anyways hope all are well
ape leisure
as always


Strike Apparatus
• Key: F# minor BPM: 200 Time signature: 3/2 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments:
• Plug-ins:
• Used Random’s dice roller to get the number for the project to use: 34


I created 3 separate drum racks in ableton by dragging in the individual one-shots from the disquiet0433 Kit Bit participants below. I experimented with them using my Push to create the beats. These beat kits were layered with some reversed vocals to create a little meditative glitchy jam. It was awesome hearing so many wicked samples, and that made it super hard to chose which ones to work with. Thanks for the great samples everyone!

Samples used from the following kits:
William Boldenweck’s [boldenweck] “Hail Mary Cereal Edition”

Karl Katschthaler [ausgesuchtestenohren] “Old Bell Kit”
Andreas Winterer- Krakenkraft [winterer] “Electromagnetic”
Banders Duckpow [duckpow] “Erhu Percussion”

*since I’m a new user I can’t use more than 2 links in a post


Very interesting stuff from the tracks this week, i was just scanned as i was posting this. Some great use of samples I’m sure i could learn from. My piece was kinda rushed as my deadline loomed before I had even realised.

for this i used beats by Krakenkraft and Popgoblin, from last weeks disquiet assignment plus a drum sample from my archives for a pulse. Two variations on a melody where applied to pull the sections together. delays fx etc…

I didnt start this until late so if there is an element of random about it, well thats because i kind of just rolled the dice and hope I turned up something interesting


Hi! I chose the Shakespeare kit by @howthenightcame because it sounded nice and the concept made me smile. While on an isolation walk with my partner around the neighbourhood talking about Shakespeare and the current pandemic, she remembered the frenetic hand-washing in Macbeth, and I took that as a theme for the title, art and video.

In terms of process, I am moving towards mini sound programmes using probability and automation rather than playing parts. I got a little carried away so unfortunately the original samples may not be all that recognisable by now. This is the first time I’m taking part in the Junto and listening to all the kits and the productions I just think that the whole project and level of skill and creativity is inspiring and you lot are great!

The tools I used for this are:

[software] Ableton Live with Max MSP followed by Steinberg Wavelab.
[hardware] Ableton Push 2, Korg Nanokontrol, Yamaha CS-5, Kenton Pro Solo mk3, Edirol UA-25


Short film (1 minute)


For this week’s project, I used the Household Samples drum kit created by @brej.

Continuing to explore the use of speech rhythms in music, I used both Ableton Live’s audio-to-MIDI function as well as the Widisoft Audio to MIDI plugin to create a drum track, guitar track (AAS Strum GS-2) and saxophone track (Karoryfer Samples Weresax) from the LIbrivox recording of chapter 5 (“Hunting Bees From Buckwheat”) of John Ready Lockard’s “Bee Hunting.”

I included samples of the words “bees” and “buckwheat” spoken by the reader Mike Pelton. Additional buzz was provided by my Bugbrand Board Chirper.