Disquiet Junto Project 0434: Beat Kit

Y’all made such amazing sounds last week that I had trouble deciding who’s sounds to use, so, (whoops!) I just used all of them.

@Ausgesuchtestenohren @fbusche @AuralAntithesis @Leonard_Bowman @brej @MikeJDayton @verosoma @square_wave @DetritusTabuIII and the kit @banabila made is TOTALLY SICK (though I didn’t get it in time to use it)

Also, I can’t figure out if it’s respectful, or totally obnoxious, that i tagged all of you in this.
Correction: I tried to tag all of you in this, though apparently the limit is ten. So here is everyone else, sadly, or thankfully, tagless:

Yasha, bassling, DeDe, Sannicandro, Paul_Reiners, tristan_louth_robins, howthenightcame, chalkwalk, mode.analogue, Calmnesia, krakenkraft, baconpaul, joose, spacelordmother, krehg, RABID, duckpow, mateo, PopGoblin, blunderspublik, the-participant, kspringer, jks, samarobryn, chaonaut, wasabicube, sevenism, BennDeMole, Jorg, synthetivv, morgulbee,

Sincerely, I had such a blast working on this, it’s been the most fun I have had in the (dear god) seven years that I’ve been occasionally submitting a project to this group.


I downloaded lots of these great kits, but in this short little track I used my own recycling sounds, @Ausgesuchtestenohren’s bells (like everyone else), @mateo’s bitwig drums, and @fbusche’s buchla sounds. Thanks to everyone!


@mateo is there a way to properly tag you in my description on Soundcloud?

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I have used the beats of The Atlas Room @theatlasroom, Jmmy Kpple @jks and Quiet’s Color @synthetivv for this week.


I have used audacity to isolate some sounds, sonic pi to create some loops and audition to put it all together.


“Your Uncle Mows Your Tuna” -Disquiet 0434

74 BPM

Minimal and Crunchy

Looping and chopping time-stretched samples

No additional instruments or samples

Used samples from four of the kits:

“Udu Kit” by DeDe - @DeDe

“Shakespere Drums” by HowTheNightCame - @howthenightcame

“433 Drum Kit” by Calmnesia - @calmnesia

“Electromagnetic Kit” by Krakenkraft - @krakenkraft


I’ve been putting all my junto related stuff here https://soundcloud.com/premiere-etape



@DeDe - I am impressed with how you gave it a clear and strong rhythm while also giving a feel like it could really be the sounds going on in a single room. The bass/guitar really accent it well and everything moves along nicely.

@renegog - I like the water sound here and in particular how I could imagine it being made by some sort of special water sculpture which creates the rhythmic drips and trickles. The melodic sound also sounds like a tubular bell in the bass but a water drop in the treble: nice work.

@Leonard_Bowman - I enjoyed the mix of rapid and glitchy percussion against a down tempo and slow ambiance. Listening it sounds almost like a backing for something, but at the same time complete in itself.

@tristan_louth_robins - The melody makes me think country, as do the “improvised percussion instruments”. The production feels interestingly electronic and open. The dissonance that the piano section brings also acts almost as a bridge which I thought was a great idea.

@brej - The vocal and bells really tied this together. Alongside the noisey percussive elements it felt very evocative.

@william_boldenweck - I enjoyed the idea of using all the samples and the way it felt random but insistent at the same time; as though it was going somewhere but didn’t quite know where. I was also pleased to hear my guinea pig in there :smiley:.


I’m amazed and so glad that you’ve found such n inventive use for my samples, great job. All the sounds blend perfectly, each providing it’s own spice to this maniac-robot chant. Love it.


Thanks Mateo, you’re tagged now. P.S. I lived in Montreal from 2003 to 2006 — love that town.

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hi @chalkwalk just wanted to say a quick thanks; it’s fantastic that you take the time to listen to the submissions, and offer feedback. sincerely, it’s appreciated.


Thanks for listening and the feedback, @chalkwalk! :slight_smile:

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