Disquiet Junto Project 0452: Let's Scream

You took a far more organic approach, I see! What’s the tape for on your Strat?

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The tape helps to keep the wire from the MIDI pick-up out of the way.


It just so happens I have several screams I have been saving up!!!

(this track will sound better on headphones or non-laptop speakers)

I found a quiet, isolated time to record my scream. No one called the cops. Then, I began experimenting in Ableton.

I got good results by chopping it the recording running it through an arpeggiator. Pitch-shifting also yielded the “upswoop” bass and also the hi-hats. I isolated one section of the scream based on its “pitch” and was able to turn it into something like an organ.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that the perfect pop song is 2:40 long. Therefore, this is pretty much the perfect pop song.