Disquiet Junto Project 0470: Calendar View

i once said that my favourite traditions were invented by Mark Weidenbaum; i remain of that opinion.



E:\Sounds\Jmmy Kppl\2020
35.8 GB (38,484,046,753 bytes)

that’s everything i fiddled with, though not anything like everything i recorded.


as ever my choices were pretty much arbitrary, mainly instigated by trawling through my folders and discs, my attention piqued by names, duration and time, (in that order, for the most part). [mind i notice my names were particularly unimaginative this year; a lot of '+'s, not much word/keystroke salad]


JAN /// “good pouring action” 04/01/20 17:35
FEB /// “290220-05” 29/02/20 15:55
MAR /// “STE-016++++f” 20/03/20 08:20
APR /// “Northumberland Park 120420” 12/04/20 16:00
MAY /// “200529-111024-damptap” 29/05/20 11:24
JUN /// “STE-016” 13/06/20 12:37
JUL /// “STE-022” 17/07/20 17:13
AUG /// “vml” 10/08/20 11:02
SEP /// “260920_2” 26/09/20 21:34
OCT /// “241020” 24/10/20 21:24
NOV /// “ZOOM0057+” 14/11/20 20:27
DEC /// “STE-002” 29/12/20 13:28


Take care in the two one everybody.


Year 2020 in 12 originally composed segments, 7 bars each at 92 BPM.

January: solo piano, C-major

I visited Malta with my wife Magdalena to escape the cold. It was unexpectedly our last trip pre-pandemic.

February: Moog Mother-32 x2, C-minor

That’s the first time we realized the pandemic might reach us home. Events started getting cancelled, news from neighboring countries started being serious.

March: Yamaha Revstar 620, G#-minor

I got myself a guitar for my birthday, deciding it’s better late than never to start learning to play. It suddenly became something to hold onto during the first hard lockdown.

April: Circuit Mono Station, G#-major

As a member of the Python programming language community, PyCon US is the biggest yearly event for us. This time it got cancelled, I could only watch pre-recorded talks from afar. One of those talks was mine, it was about MIDI sequencing with Python.

May: Subharmonicon, F#-minor

An unexpected gift from Moog, a much-improved general release of the Subharmonicon. Fantastic instrument, definitely made staying at home less boring.

June: Mother-32 and Revstar, F#-major

This is about the time when doomscrolling caught up to me most. I kept spending unhealthy amounts of time daily checking up on news, pandemic, Polish politics, US politics, you name it. Not a great time.

July: Mother-32 and Revstar, F#-minor

A long-planned and paid-for renovation of my house’s exterior finally got off the ground. Unfortunately due to it being Summer, me working from home, and the pandemic, it created a rather hectic, noisy and stressful environment that was impossible to escape.

August: solo piano, C-major

My wife managed to find and book a secluded house in the Tatra mountains in Poland. We went there to take a breath from the renovation and the pandemic-induced cabin fever. The trip was gorgeous.

September: Circuit Mono Station and Amen break, F-minor

I received my Polyend Tracker right before leaving for the mountain trip. By the time I was back I struck a deal with Polyend to help them develop the device. September was when I made my first stabs at it.

October: Tracker, continued

Not all’s great in Poland. Using the pandemic, the ultra-consernative government tried to effectively ban abortions. Street protests began despite the COVID-19 scare.

November: Solo piano, F-minor

By November I’ve had enough. Work-wise, home-wise, health-wise, this was the lowest I’ve been in years. Looming darkness.

December: Solo aiotone FM, F-major

I’ve been vaguely interested in Yamaha-style FM synthesis for a while now but with the release of the KORG opsix I decided to implement FM on my own. Amazingly it turned out to be within my reach. You can hear three patches from it (e-piano, pad, bass) in this segment. It’s one of the less significant software projects of mine but I’m pretty proud of it.



12 random sections from 12 random pieces I recorded over the 12 months of 2020, in order by month.


If there’s one junto project I cannot avoid doing, it’s this one. Here’s a look back at my year in music. Spoiler alert: writing stories is still a better use of my time. https://soundcloud.com/ymeynard/goodbye-mmx-disquiet0470


i went through and found wav files from each month. (these would be demo versions or tracks that didnt make it onto albums - i save finished stuff as flac)
3 tracks were plugged into protoplasm and crossfaded over 15 minutes
then the next 3 and so on. (so each section is effectively a season)

im afraid this is a long one - i was working on an album of long pieces
but then this felt like a long year


My sonic year:


2020 noise making summary. Happy New Year all!


This was my first year participating in the Junto and it has truly been a weekly highlight for me. @disquiet thank you from the bottom of my heart and here is to many Juntos to come !


Hi, all – I haven’t participated in the Junto for many months, but Marc’s Calendar View project did inspire me to put together a playlist of short beats and loops I made during 2020. If you’re interested in listening, it’s at https://soundcloud.com/plusch/sets/beats-and-loops-from-2020.


Well. I spent the first few months of the year in a whirlwind of theater work. After the pandemic began and the theaters shut down, I parented my two kids and worked on two radio theater productions. Here is to all the seen and unseen work.

January - Bathing sound effect, Bernarda Alba with Theater Latté Da
February - Nightmare underscore, Peerless with Theater Mu
March - Underscore demo, Hamlet with Shakespearean Youth Theatre
April - Kids chasing around the room
May - Baby boy lands flat on his face
June - Tiny bit of Demo for “What is this Dream?”, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Shakespearean Youth Theatre
July - Wet picnic table
August - “Now The Hungry Lion Roars” underscore, A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Shakespearean Youth Theatre
September - Splashing in puddles
October - “Come, come sit you down”, Hamlet Shakespearean Youth Theatre
November - Rewinding Act III Scene iv, Hamlet with Shakespearean Youth Theatre
December - Puzzles and “Santa Claus is coming to town”

I love these yearly wrap ups. I’ve missed taking part. Happy new year everybody!


Question for you all. How do you embed the soundcloud player in a post…? I thought I did that by copying the embed link from the website…

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Twelve short piano improvisations each based on different melodic intervals.

  1. Winter, Beginnings
  2. Fragile, Tentative
  3. Lightly with Possibility
  4. Randomly Lurching
  5. Somewhat Confused
  6. Extremely Fast and Wild
  7. With a Sense of Respite
  8. Very Quick
  9. Evermore, same tempo and very light.
  10. Searching
  11. Apprehensive
  12. Winter (Reprise), Conclusion

Created with RTC library and Straylight.


Wow! The flow between these pieces is so seamless :open_mouth:

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Happy New Year!

12 x 10-second segments crossfaded:
January: Solid-Liquid1
February: Field recording: Wind
March: Field recording: Wind
April: Field recording: Rain
May: Field recording: Wind, Voice
June: 3Stones-disquiet0441
July: 3AareMaps-disquiet0445
August: StoneFactory-Disquiet0450
September: Field recording: Rain
October: Destruction-Construction-Disquiet0460
November: Monody1
December: Field recording: Bell, Footstep


This is a compilation of 65 selected sounds I recorded or composed from recordings and synthesized sounds. They are arranged in temporal order of creation, from January to December 2020. A difficult year for most of us. Putting this piece together has had a great emotional impact on me. Sorry it’s over 35 minutes long, but it didn’t feel like it would make sense much faster.

Several of the sounds in this journal are responses to previous Disquiet Junto challenges:

Tele Sunday - Morning Light Wave - disquiet0431 (thanks @Paul and @Douglas_Scott!)
Drombeg Gate - disquiet0435
Echo Relocation - disquiet0437
Sines & Beats zoundsabar - disquiet0440
Textural Analysis - disquiet0450
Intergalactic XMSN03 - disquiet0453
A Clean Sweep Is Needed - disquiet0462
Noise Gradient - disquiet 0463

Thanks for a great year of curation, @disquiet !


Thanks, Marc and everyone! I can’t wait to hear others’ creations. This was super fun and even cathartic. Happy new year! Onward and upward in 2021.

I’m amazed at how my recordings from January and February seem to reflect a different epoch of civilization. Also, at how vividly the clips of early morning birdsong and summer storms recalled my early months of the pandemic — my claustrophobia, isolation, and pronounced desire to open up the apartment and let the outside in.

Equipment and sources:

• Zoom H4N recorder (field recordings)
• iPhone 8+ (videos, Voice Memos)
• Adobe Audition (editing/post production)


0:00 - Night-club performance, downtown Seattle (Jan)
0:11 - Describing the end game in my task to arrange my library (Jan)
0:18 - FRST Inversion Quartet rehearsal (Feb)
0:23 - FRST Inversion Quartet performance (Feb)
0:36 - Espresso pour, of which there were many! (Mar)
0:43 - A daughter documenting our dicey trip home with deck chairs dangling from the car trunk (Mar)
0:49 - Reading the Robinson Jeffers poem “Carmel Point” for my partner (Apr)
0:54 - A daughter shuffling sheet music (Apr)
0:59 - Late-night rain on my deck (May)
1:04 - Morning birdsong from my deck (note the pair of heavy, resonant drips) (May)
1:15 - Different morning, same birds (presumably) (May)
1:26 - On Seattle’s Lake Union, marveling at fellow boaters out socializing and playing tunes (Jun)
1:35 - Black Lives Matter rally on Aurora Ave. in Shoreline. Listen for the little girl leading the chant! (Jun)
1:43 - The sound my fridge makes once in a while — a constant refrain during this (I mean that) year at home (Jul)
1:50 - Late-night crow caw (Aug)
1:58 - Filling the espresso basket (Aug)
2:03 - That marvelous first sip of morning brew (Aug)
2:09 - Book and screenplay characters always give low whistles. How low can I whistle? (Aug)
2:16 - Indoor drummer on N. 61st Street, Seattle (“Bullet the Blue Sky”?) (Aug)
2:32 - A daughter practicing flute on a windy late-summer afternoon (Sep)
2:41 - A sea plane flying from or to Lake Washington, a mainstay of NW summers (Sep)
2:47 - Birds and wind as backdrop for a less localized summer song: the sports car, which in 2020 seemed more vociferous than ever (Sep)
3:03 - Thunderclap following an early autumn hail storm (Oct)
3:19 - Parking lot downpour glimpsed from a bedroom window (Nov)
3:26 - A tribute. One among millions, but by and for someone dear to me. (Dec)