Disquiet Junto Project 0472: Jam Time

Recorded some of my trusty Jazzmaster in G, with some atmosphere provided by Norns Compass in the background, running through a bit of Valhalla Supermassive. All currently hard-panned left, in keeping with the suggestion in the brief.

Have kept the SoundCloud link private for this round & should be downloadable for anyone who wishes. BPM is currently either 72 or 144, depending on how frenetic anyone using the source material wishes to go with it.


Jazz Chord washes that hover in the key of C minor-ish over an intermittent pulse with a distant Oud playing a melody. ~200 bpm though timing is not strict if you’re trying to add a beat. Forgot to pan left…

I’m new here - if there are better file sharing methods appreciate the advisement.


I set up an generative Ableton set just to have it noodling in the background to calm down after work. This seemed perfect for this week’s project, although there might be too much happening already. The track uses the Felt Instrument Blisko series, NI’s Noire Piano, Chromaphone, and of course, the Supermassive reverb by Valhalla.

There’s also a stereo version: 0121 Whatever Comes by analoc | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Live electronics created in Pure Data.
The tempo is 60 bpm (4000 ms & parts thereof).
In this version the right-hand stereo track has been panned toward the left. If required or preferred, this process can easily be reversed by re-panning it toward the right.



Nice one! I could imagine an TV show intro with it…


Really inviting!


This really leaves some room for others!


Another reason to try Pure Data …


I am obsessed with musique concrète and playing guitar these days.
So this time, I recorded a short guitar improvisation on my brand newTaylor Academy 10 with a Rode NT2000 microphone. Edited in Reaper. No fx.

Hope there’s enough room for others to join in !

Stay safe



After listening to that playlist, my right ear feels extremely empty.


I found this ambient and sparse piece hiding in my projects folder

A moody, gentle , textural, wander.

As others have done it’s panned hard left except for a broken radio snippet at the end, which of course you may wish to edit out or not. Daw BPM 120.


A chopped drum jam



Hello Junto! Happy New Year to everyone!

I’m bummed that I missed the “ice prompt” but this prompt seems like a lot of fun. Details on the track, but it’s 100bpm in Cmaj. My first recording using 16n to weak params live and it was a lot of fun. Please let me know if there are issues with downloading it. I went into Edit and selected this be allowed.

The name of my track is “Fig Jam” because it is syrupy, thick, and sweet (I also imagine it pairs well with cheese, for those who enjoy such things). I hope someone finds it useful for one of the upcoming prompts.


this link works for me follow this private link to SoundCloud: RPLKTR - Disquiet 0472


Yay. Glad to be back after many weeks away (from participation here - I was present at other things real and virtual). This prompt should be good for a re-boot, since it comes with 2 more follow-ups! Exercise that muscle!

This track is made using a new VST set-up that I’m still getting to know: I installed RedTron, a mellotron emulator that plays soundfonts, which means that it doesn’t only need to play the original mellotron samples. So I installed a soudfont editor and created a new “font” using a snippet of Judith playing a single pitch on her viola (through a TC Electronic Flashback set to tape delay, recorded on an old cassette recorder).

And from there, I played a little motif that will (hopefully) leave room for other instruments to join in! This track is in D major plus or minus a few cents. The tempo is loose. Hopefully someone here will feel inspired to have some fun with it!


I went simple and short, in hopes of leaving lots of space for others to work, and to make such contributions relatively painless. I improvised an 8 bar melody, and an 8 bar bassline then let them loop while modulating the filter (and doing cutting the bassline one loop early at the end). The result is fairly straightforward but hopefully easy to work with, in 4/4, E minor, 102BPM.

From a technical perspective, it’s nothing too unusual: the lead is made on my modular using a bit of FM and wave shaping; the bass is the Microfreak using the newly released bass algorithm and unison mode. In addition to the version above you can also get a mono version hard panned left here.

Thanks for another fun project: I look forward to the next iteration and hearing what everyone came up with!


@Glitcher - Wow, that was stellar… it was just a leftover in your projects folder!!! I wish I played stand up double bass to layer over it…

@jasonw22 - that made me smile!


This track was constructed from black metal and skate punk MIDI drum loops and sequenced in Numerology Pro. The instruments used are: AAS Strum GS-2, Klevgränd Pipa and the AnnaLynn Oh multisample from Camel Alchemy Dream Voices, with TAL Reverb-II used as a send effect.

It has been panned hard left to facilitate further collaboration. (I hope it’s not too dense for that.) 120 BPM, in the octatonic scale with notes: C, D, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, A, B.


Over the past weeks I have been hooking up all kinds of things to a Microfreak and then just hitting record whenever I like how it sounds. This is one of the recordings with a Moogerfrooger filter guitar pedal that is slightly offset against a modulating filter on the MF. 130bpm. Panned left.


This is inspired by a patch by Omri Cohen and follows his idea of unsynced loops that I found relieving. For a long time my hesitation with electronic music creation was the idea of proper syncronisation…

  • Arpeggiated synth plus FM voice recorded into Lilac Looper in VCV Rack
  • C minor scale
  • 115 BPM

This is a great learning experience and very different to my previous
contributions to the Junto. I needed to think a lot about the intermediate steps and what I share with you for further collaboration. How many tracks? Are the levels OK? Include
effects or not? 16 or 24bit? How to record stubs? Etc.

Therefore I decided to create something very simple that allowed me to redo it several times until I managed to record something that I can share.


This cinematic piece developed from just exploring the synth Generate, which uses chaotic math for its oscillators. Over the next few weeks, other people will layer their own music on top of it as part of a disquiet junto project.

For collaborators: This is at 100bpm, regular 4/4 time. It’s entirely atonal though, so I can’t give you a scale or chord progression.

If you want the panned version you can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1dhkyxfjrw7inw2/0472%20final%20panned.wav?dl=1


glad to be back for another disquiet contribution. and a happy new year to you all.

as per the requirements, a version of below track which is panned hard left can be found for download at the following link: https://we.tl/t-XLZNRGtIEj
i have otherwise chosen to upload the piece un-panned to soundcloud, just to allow a better listening experience when trying to decide whether to use this base track or not.

if you chose to utilise this track for any future disquiet assignment, please feel free to edit the track length according to your requirements. the piece has been arranged in a way which allows for it to be used in any kind of length or format desired by any future collaborators. THERE IS NO NEED TO STICK WITH THE ORIGINAL LENGTH. thank you:)……
i am looking forward as to how this droney base track will be incorporated into other peoples works.

this is ¶radio hummingbird’s contribution to this week’s disquiet junto with the serial number 0472. in short, the requirement for this contribution was to create a piece of music which can be used for a three-fold collaboration by other disquiet contributors in the future.

this is a simple droney base track layer, created entirely by a microphone, looping pedals, delay and echo pedals and some clever (feedback) routing with my mixer and other routing devices. all of this has then been recorded onto cassette tape by a multi tracker.

a daw or computers were only used for a little mastering in ableton live. easy.

this track has two distinctive parts: the first half features crackling and rattling sounds subtly in the background of the drone whereas the second half of the track is solely the drone without any distractions.

please feel free to shorten the track to your needs. it is created in a way which allows for it to be used in any length required.
there is, as requested in the assignment notes, a version of this song available which is panned hard left. a download link for this file can be found in the top section of this post.

please enjoy and listen loud.

edit: and here, as always, a short instagram clip showing a little glimpse of the process: