Disquiet Junto Project 0472: Jam Time

I went pretty safe with some minimal synths hanging out in cmaj.
Used a Juno 6 and Prophet-5


Hi there, hope you are all doing well in these difficult times. Concerning difficulty: My piece is some abstract, kind of polyrhythmic thing based on a heavily treated loop from old Casio SK1 processed though my new Hikaru Monos synth and further modified by Ableton Live’s Beat Repeat. This same instruments was used for the chords which happen some time and the first additional track. The more abstract noisy piece is done my running Bast Kastl though Monos again and processing this time with Buffer Shuffler effect. Hope that anyone will get crazy ideas playing to this.



A low-fi sample playback with some slow lfo modulation.


An undercurrent of sci-fi industrial sound. The “heartbeat” is a D pitch that repeats 16 times, then 16 beats on F, then back to D, repeat until done. Should be plenty of space for someone to add melody, chords, drums, or just more sci-fi effects.

Made on a modular synth using three oscillators processed through Arbhar (granulator) and Desmodus Versio (reverb), along with some sci-fi samples on Bitbox Micro.


I guess I should have learned my lesson last year when no one took me up on my synth arpeggio…but check out this year’s synth arpeggio! It’s in A minor at 96bpm, and should line up nicely to a click track once that weird 128 bpm envelope fades out:

…and @mdh, I don’t know what an ORCA is, but that’s a sexy looking screenshot! And the track is great too!


I thought that I’d try something different with this one.
This is a link to a Drive folder with a rhythm track from the modular. There are 5 mono files, plus a sixth audio click track. The rhythm parts have 5 clicks at the top to line things up in your DAW. Mix and match.
The sequence is in 5/4… depending on your outlook. 98 BPM

The Patch:

The Files

[Disquiet 0472 - Google Drive]


An idea I started for a Haiku response that didn’t get developed, some adjustments and it feels ready for some layers to be added by others.

The notes A, C#, D, F#, G#, A, C#.
BPM 62

Created in Logic Pro using the Sculpture modeling synth. One instance for each note.


a cello sample played around with in vital

all over the place in terms of frequency
but quite slow and lots of quiet bits

needs to be panned left


hey folks,

here is something noisy/ambient, with plenty of quiet for others. panned left.

  • soma lyra-8
  • lom elektrosluch mini city listening to phone running openmw

These are always so fun! I made this part of my twice-a-week livestream, during which I fired up VCVRack and made a whole bunch of weird noises and recorded most of them (well, some of them). What really grabbed my attention were the drones, so I used those.

This track is basically just three samples - I took a drone and split it up into four frequency bands using Klevgrand’s Gaffel plug-in - each gets its own placement in the stereo field and slightly unique processing. They enter one by one at the beginning of the piece.

Once they enter, a new competing drone makes an appearance, and also a rhythm.
That’s pretty much it!

There’s some weird audio artifacts showing up in weird places - maybe I should run it through a vinyl emulator plug-in and pretend it was intentional…


Hi all,

A long time since I’ve contributed to a Junto project so this is a good one to come back to it. Here’s my piece. A short piano piece, it’s not too abstract to make it easier for others to get into. There’s a couple of timings to look out for. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what people do with this.

ChrisLedwidge · No. 34 In Am - disquiet0472

I recorded it using ableton. My usual piano sound when recording midi only is a stock ableton piano layered with a spitfire audio soft piano and Felt Instruments Wolno piano too. The Wolno sounds great. That’s all that’s on this one.

I used this kind of method to make the arrangement…

This just outlines for me what’s happening in each bar in each half of the piece.


This is a slow, 8 seconds-per-chord, left-channel-only (minus a little reverb that spilled over) ambient chord progression that unfolded. I resisted adding in the rest of the kitchen sink in case anyone else is moved to fill in more.

David Gibbs · Reverse Java [disquiet0472]

Hey all, first time participating, very excited.

This is guitar and bass recorded with amp sims and a lot of lexicon reverb.
The progression is I, vi, II, V in E major. So it’s E6, C#m7, F#7, B…
however, the bassline and melody go forwards while the chords are reversed.
It’s at 70bpm. thanks :smile: -)

hmmmmm not sure how to post the embedded player…


Hi. A few things for participants:

  1. The SoundCloud playlist is up to date. If I’m missing your track, please let me know.

  2. Make sure your tracks are set as downloadable in advance of the second stage of this project (0473), which begins Thursday.

  3. On Thursday, when the second phase of this project goes live (project 0473), the rules will be that you can submit up to two duets for inclusion. Usually the limit is one track per project, but for project 0473 it will be two. The primary purpose of this expansion is to increase the likelihood that as many as possible tracks from 0472 are turned into duets. (In the past, folks have created a list to note which first-stage solos have been yet to be turned into duets. It’d be great if someone can manage that again this time around. Thanks.)

  4. If you submit an 0472 solos track that isn’t on SoundCloud (or is private on SoundCloud), that’s totally fine. I’ll include a link in the project description for 0473.

  5. And you don’t need to have participated in this past week’s solos project (0472) to participate in this week’s duets project (0473).


Hello, here is a short piece of solo percussion from a Pure Data patch of mine that I’ve called ‘kick and snare trigger popcorn’. It’s a kick, a snare, and a tangle of various clock sources, multipliers, dividers and randomisers, assembled with the aim of outputting somewhat chaotic rhythms. Definitely inspired by Mark Fell and his Multistability system(s), though much much less developed.

Its quite dense and quick, but on the other hand it only contains two sound elements and is functional as a rhythm track, as long as you don’t mind your rhythms a bit frantic.

More than happy for this to be edited, treated, slowed down etc. btw if anyone wants to use it. I haven’t hard-panned it (as I figured people generally prefer their kicks centred), but it is mono. I use bandcamp, not soundcloud, but I’ve set it so the audio should be as easy as possible to download (let me know if any issues).

Excited to collaborate!


Hi, this is my first contribution to this Junto, and my first post to lines, though I am a long time lurker. I need to somehow overcome the torpor of the COVID-19 plague so i hope that together we can do that!

An Ableton pianowobble with some gentle filter movement via a max LFO.

I played this for about five minutes to a drum loop to provide the groove, and then edited it down to fit the criteria: not too long, left channel only.

Its 90bpm and in Am

I was thinking about how tomorrow, the 19th of January 2021, the world takes a deep breath and then exhales; many people worked to get here but some of them didn’t make it. This is OK because none of us ever make it to our destination, even though both the destination and the journey are themselves forever, immutable.

Almost midnight in London.

-Torpid Scorpion


Today, having had the studio [MY studio] available to Me, I diverted My attention away from a dobro piece I was working on with a Friend, Gil Borguez, and decided to set out to create something brand new.

I always know the Marc Weidenbaum’s [and Everyone’s] disquiet junto project will furnish some ideas, should I wish to participate; thus, I checked My email, and discovered this week’s assignment, “Jam Time [part 1],” and just, simply, ‘got to work.’

The notes and three-chord-structure of “Monk’s Placid Pillow,” I realized earlier – but after the fact – somewhat loosely parallel, and carry the rudimentary chord structure, of My Friend, Gil’s dobro song, “Cry.” I can’t be blamed, really, because Gil’s song is all I’ve been working on for days – it’s fixed in My darned psyche!

Cautiously, and desiring to not ‘finish’ the piece, I ceased My work upon it, and submit it here for the consideration of Others. I uploaded a 16-bit, 44.1kHz WAV file to SoundCloud for Others to download, but can provide a higher-quality, 32-bit floating point version, if anyone desires one.

“Monk’s Placid Pillow” [part 1 of 3]


ICY RHYTHM - pt 1 of 3 disquiet0471

This is a reworked and sparser ice percussion piece based on my submission for last week’s disquiet0471. I left it (a bit) sparse intentionally, hoping for some foreground elements that could lead this beat somewhere. 120 bpm 4/4

Mono on left, as specified in the challenge, but a stereo download is available at:

(Right click on play arrow to download audio, I think)


Morn Lighting (solo voice track)

January 13, 2021 Naviar Haiku #367, a poem by Morikawa Kyoroku:

morning light
the first blossoms of spring
bloom over-night

The Haiku was divided into 12 syllables and randomly reordered. This was done 12 times creating 12 lines of random text from the original Haiku. I recorded myself reading the text.

The track can be chopped into phrases to make it longer or add space for other sounds.


A lot of cool stuff on this thread already!
Here’s my contribution. It’s a pretty simple improvisation on electric guitar (Gretsch Duo Jet), recorded straight into Ableton Live and processed with a little bit of reverb and delay.
The inspiration/point of departure is the opening notes of the theme to of a certain TV show that I’m guessing most people in this group are the type to have watched unironically in their youth.
I’m playing in A using a G pentatonic that keeps it pretty open, I think. At the very end it transitions to mainly harmonics and I hit a high C# a few times for a bit of resolution.
There’s not really a rhythm or set pattern to it but I recorded it with a metronome playing at 90bpm in case someone wants to add rhythm to it.

If you use this track feel free to chop it up, add effects or other modulations to it (as long as it falls within Marc’s rules of course!)

I look forward to hearing the next stage.

PS I’m going to post another instrumental piece on my Soundcloud today or tomorrow, not a Disquiet project but a short, atmospheric piece made partly from a sample swiped from an Eno documentary from 1974 that improbably showed up on Youtube recently. I’ll post the link in a comment when it’s ready.
Here’s my other little song. Not intended for this project necessarily but if anyone wants to use it, let me know: