Disquiet Junto Project 0472: Jam Time

I’ve been looking forward to another collab project for awhile. Excited to dive in and see what everyone creates together.

I’ve been doing a lot of learning with vcvrack lately and this is a part of a patch exploring composing with LFOs driving the sequence. I left it pretty raw since it’s the first step in the process, feel free to mangle and manipulate it however you wish. Composed in E minor, 148bpm clock driving some of the delay effects. Here is the video from Omri Cohen that was my starting point. Composing with LFO's in VCV Rack - YouTube


Always excited by telephone game collaboration…

Mono version available if necessary.


Hi all, I’m a bit confused… If I’m up for listening to the above tracks then selecting one to add something to for next week, do I need to submit something for this week also ?

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Hi. You don’t need to post a track this week in order to do so next week. Each week is its own thing. It’s great if you can, but no problem if you don’t.


Thanks Marc for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Drums Drums Drums
• Key: n/a BPM: 100 Time signature: 4/4 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments: Drums
• Plug-ins: Abbey Road 60’s Drummer, Isotope Ozone 9
• Used the Psychedelic Rock Kit for all 5 parts
• Song contains 5 parts and a short drum solo near the end :slight_smile:


The piano section from the opening track of my next album. Curious to see what anyone does with it.


:slightly_smiling_face: cool sounds

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I reused a chord progression I’d tried for something else and whipped up something using three synths, that provides chord outlines and no more. More details at soundcloud.


Yay, new year, and I want to be back into regular disquietjuntoing! Hope everyone is well around here.

This one is half a field recording of Meanjin wet season doing its thing on my garage door, then going into Orca controlling two amSynth patches, sort of trying to recreate raindrops.

Simple, but hopefully not too busy for layering collaborations onto?

Trying to keep things short because I’m always lingering a bit too much.

Great to be back! :green_heart:

Oh it’s 100 bpm and the note progression in the Orca midi signals is “STORMRAIN” and that’s pretty much all I can tell you about it because I know close to nothing about music.


Recorded some of my trusty Jazzmaster in G, with some atmosphere provided by Norns Compass in the background, running through a bit of Valhalla Supermassive. All currently hard-panned left, in keeping with the suggestion in the brief.

Have kept the SoundCloud link private for this round & should be downloadable for anyone who wishes. BPM is currently either 72 or 144, depending on how frenetic anyone using the source material wishes to go with it.


Jazz Chord washes that hover in the key of C minor-ish over an intermittent pulse with a distant Oud playing a melody. ~200 bpm though timing is not strict if you’re trying to add a beat. Forgot to pan left…

I’m new here - if there are better file sharing methods appreciate the advisement.


I set up an generative Ableton set just to have it noodling in the background to calm down after work. This seemed perfect for this week’s project, although there might be too much happening already. The track uses the Felt Instrument Blisko series, NI’s Noire Piano, Chromaphone, and of course, the Supermassive reverb by Valhalla.

There’s also a stereo version: 0121 Whatever Comes by analoc | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Live electronics created in Pure Data.
The tempo is 60 bpm (4000 ms & parts thereof).
In this version the right-hand stereo track has been panned toward the left. If required or preferred, this process can easily be reversed by re-panning it toward the right.



Nice one! I could imagine an TV show intro with it…


Really inviting!


This really leaves some room for others!


Another reason to try Pure Data …


I am obsessed with musique concrète and playing guitar these days.
So this time, I recorded a short guitar improvisation on my brand newTaylor Academy 10 with a Rode NT2000 microphone. Edited in Reaper. No fx.

Hope there’s enough room for others to join in !

Stay safe



After listening to that playlist, my right ear feels extremely empty.


I found this ambient and sparse piece hiding in my projects folder

A moody, gentle , textural, wander.

As others have done it’s panned hard left except for a broken radio snippet at the end, which of course you may wish to edit out or not. Daw BPM 120.


A chopped drum jam