Disquiet Junto Project 0473: Placebo Effect

track used:new unit (disquiet0472)moduS ponY


I’ve ended up at @Noimspartacus’ Orphaned Loop and recorded a bass part.

This link goes to the audio as a wav file for your collaboration.


Noob question, Sorry, How does one get the player to embed in a post here?

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Hi. Generally, if you just paste the URL of something, like a SoundCloud track or playlist, or a Bandcamp album or track, it’ll appear on llllllll.com (aka Lines) as an embed. Every once in a while this doesn’t work. Usually it turns out you need a hard return before and after the link.

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I’ve chosen to work on the piece Polylingual Chaos from week 1 by Stefan Strasser.

It’s a cool sound and took a while to figure out sections. I went with adding percussion and to find a regular structure in it. I’m pretty sure after this everyone’s going to be putting all their kick drums panned all the way right, new industry standard.

I’ve used the SR88 drum pattern sequencer in lots of my music, actually its in nearly all of it but its so handy using it to create hi-hats in time but also at random. Then added kick drums and snare depending on how they suited the sections and to give it some flow through each part and to build to the end.

All done in Ableton. For whoever comes next, I have this as 4/4 66bpm


I added on to @ryanscottmattingly’s The Sand Gets Everywhere (Disquiet Junto Project 0472: Jam Time - #18 by ryanscottmattingly)
Drumming triplets at 150bpm is not my strength… but I plowed through!

listening version (mixed):

hard panned version: [Sandstorm Surfstorm - Disquiet0473 - Hard Pan by MtnViewMark-Bits | Mtn View Mark Bits | Free Listening on SoundCloud]

Video of me recording my part:


welcome!, nice sounds :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy New Year all!

I selected a track at random and landed on @ryanruppe 's track consisting of splattering rhythms and coarse tones. I thought I might compliment it with a similarly choppy structured feel, albeit with harmonious blurs swooshing around. I used my usual modular set-up to accomplish this, with the new addition of the (frankly) astounding Make Noise Morphagene, which just arrived yesterday. It cost a small fortune and its purchase was an opulent early-40th-birthday-present-to-me, because blowing nearly a grand (AU) on a module needs some kind of exceptional justification.


Love where you took this. Pitching down- really brought out a warm fuzzy bassline that pairs nicely with your guitar work


glad you like it, it was my pleasure.

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I decided to use Chris Ledwidge “No. 34 In Am - disquiet0472”.
The title is now (thanks to Marc) “Things are fluid (disquiet0473)”.
Still Am. Tempo (in my world) 89,586 BPM. I hope 3 decimals are enough :grin:
I have made edits in the piano piece. Great piano sound, by the way.
First I thought it was a real piano, a cheap one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
My additions are small and includes birds.


I chose Orphaned Loop by Noimspartacus and added synth & bass.


Good idea ! Thank you !

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Placebo Effect
• Key: Eb minor BPM: 120 Time signature: 4/4 DAW: Reaper
• Instruments: Reaktor 6
• Plug-ins:
• Used a random number generator to pick track #3
• downloaded track # 3 by: noimspartacus - Orphaned Loop
• Added my track panned hard right created with Reaktor 6


My wife has been intrigued by the Junto (I’ve been encouraging her to participate although she’s never recorded anything) and she chose Gregory Bowler’s track for me to add to. I added some rhythm and noise in Ableton using the Aalto synth and panned things more to the center. Hoping to maybe get to another track before Monday night!


Very nice work. I love using those kind of real life sounds, like the birds in lots of my pieces too. I was hoping someone would add something like this to the piece. The atmospheric synth is really nice too.


My first plan was to add cello. But I had no nice cello in my daw. So a cello like synth sound and one more athmospheric. I wanted it to remain a piano piece.


Hi. I made a small error in the instructions. In the material to be included when a track is posted online, the correct sentence now reads:

More on this 473rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Placebo Effect (2 of 3) / The Assignment: Record the second third of a trio that others will complete — at:

I had it initially incorrect as “Placebo Effect (1 of 3)” — sorry about that.

And, yes, the Jam Time and Placebo Effect projects were both named after bands that were trios. If you have suggestions for the third week’s trio name, lemme know. Right now it’s gonna be either the Police, Rush, or the Roches (single word names work best in this context).


“…and Morphine to Nirvana!”

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Sounds sweet man! That snare, is it a pipe or a katanna sword? :smiley: