Disquiet Junto Project 0473: Placebo Effect

This is my 1st of 2 contributions to the Disquiet Junto 0473…a duet with moduS ponY’s contribution ‘New Unit’ to disquiet0472. It is called ‘Leaf Blower’

I recorded the sound of leaf blowers working in Kennington Park, South London, on a grey, covid-19 lockdown day, during my one rationed daily excursion. These leaf blowers appear twice, obviously, in the track but also inscrutably as the sampled waveform which provides the melodic/harmonic base. There is subtle modulation of the pitch, and filter throughout. Tools used include:

iPhone voice memos
Ableton live
Valhalla Delay and ValhallaVintageVerb
iZotope Mobius filter
Arturia Mini Filter
Roland keyboard controller

-Torpid Scorpion


Live electronic sequence, part 2 of 3, added to Somebody Do Something - Disquiet0472 by Daniel Diaz.

Electronic sequence panned to the right, part 2 of 3, added to: Subdermal Solo [disquiet0472] by Krakenkraft.


I was making a list from last week’s thread to randomly select from so I thought I’d share. The upper list are unused tracks, the middle are ones that are work in progress, the third list have been used. If you are working on one in the upper list (or make a track) let me know and I’ll move it to the appropriate other list. I’ll also come back and update based on posts later today.

Tracks have not been made, or aren’t in progress from the following tracks:

  1. bassling
  2. Glitcher
  3. fakeg3nius
  4. Calmnesia
  5. mode.analogue
  6. krehg
  7. Pineyb
  8. sevenism
  9. hardworking
  10. Mikash69
  11. VonnaWolf
  12. wasabicube

The following tracks are work in progress:

The following tracks have already been used in new tracks:


Spectacular. Thanks for having initiated this.

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Thanks so much for doing this! I believe @Bick_Brannigan used my track already


Hi all, I recorded a little jam last night with Daniel Diaz’s Somebody Do Something . I added some additional guitar using my Martin acoustic. Added some delay and a little compression. Hope you like it… it’s rough, but it was fun. :grin:


Managed to sneak another one in! This time I added a drum part to Yasha’s “Greenwood Frog Chant.” I used the Patterning iPad app, put it into Ableton Live and played with the transposition and did a little Buffer Shuffling.


My first submission for this week, hoping to get a second one in as well. My random number generator landed me on @joyneski distorted pad which is right up my alley. I created my own less distorted pad for the right side of things and added a rhythmic element of repeated chords to create a base for someone else to take up next week.

Original track was composed of D major and E minor chords so I stuck with E minor for all my additions. Tempo for my stuff is 108bpm. Everything from me made in vcvrack, just playing around and embracing some randomness. I confess to cheating a bit and adding a little from each channel to the other side just to make the end result less binary.

Really enjoying the collaborative environment and seeing what everyone else is creating as well.


Second contribution of two for this round.

A duet featuring Guitar from High Towers & Deep Wells and Bass from Torpid Scorpion; Space left on the couch for a third.

Em, 72bpm

Bass has mild compression and a tiny amount of saturation via Trash2. Guitar EQ to make room for the bass.

Tools used:

  • Ibanez Bass through Radial Powerstrip
  • Ableton Live and EQ8
  • Izotope Trash2

note: this track contains 0% brexit content. Give it a rest.


@ray_cobley excellent, completely unexpected timbres, very original approach. Thanks for this.

@gibbsdavidl This is mental, two players using the same guitar but they are in different, parallel universes, very funny. The dreamy reverses at end are great.


i picked up hightowersdeepwells


Judith and I thought that the soft and fuzzy/chimey/drifting music that @mdh made would go well with Judith’s viola, so she improvised for a while through her Flashback delay and then I “collaged” her raw materials in Reaper with cut-paste, more delay, reversenesses, loops, granulars, &c. The two timbres match pretty closely!


Second Contribution with @ gis_sweden

I added some guitar to this.

Mixed track here:

L R panned track


Thanks for this list! I just did random number generator, and got 17 … which is yours based on the numbers above at this time … so I’ll pick up chalkwalk for this week! Sounds great too, looking forward to working on it!

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(apologies, I accidentally posted this to last week’s thread. :weary:)

There were so many great seeds for inspiration in last week’s challenge it was difficult to select just two to work on. I found myself jamming along to a good dozen tracks before focussing on these two. I knew when I first heard Vgmrmojo’s pounding drum track I was going to use it. Like many others I also found myself drawn to Ryan Scott Mattingly’s pulsing noise drone. I used an envelope follower patch on Vgmrmojo’s track and Gauss Looper on Ryan’s.
The great thing about this project is how it’s going to leave a repository of great material to stimulate and occupy the old neurones through Lockdown, all the potential permutations and accretions just begging to be made.
Thanks all who’ve added to my submission, it’s always a buzz when someone draws out something unexpected from them.


Ok, this is a bit scarey as it looks like Melondruie and I have been in some kind of unwitting mind-meld by covering each other’s tracks…:astonished:

I started by feeding Melondruie’s original track through two different instances of modulated wave-shaping/filtering/frequency-shifting/ring modulation in Absynth, then gated them and sent them through arcdev’s ET-301 delay unit set to different delay times with modulation of the tone and resonance. Got some cool dubby glitchy sounds but they were a bit chaotic on their own. After some exploration, I found a two-bar loop in Xpand’s ‘Loops for Pads’ section that I played around with running through Gatekeeper and got lucky and found a groove I was happy with. I then ran this through a modulated instance of Cableguy’s Halftime with some compression and another instance of Gatekeeper to slightly mess it around a bit more. I think it keeps the rhythm going OK and makes a decent backbone for the dubbyish glitchy sounds.

Really glad I’m able to join in this project this year. If there was any MO to my approach, it was probably vaguely contrarian, i.e. what does a gently sonorous looping ambient track need? Why, a spiky glitchy rhythm track of course! I’m actually pretty pleased with the result.


For my first entry this week I picked the track by @ymeynard . My thinking was that it could do with percussion so that’s what I did. I designed a set of percussion sounds and finger drummed the kit I’d made along to the music. This worked reasonably, though I struggled for transition on and out of the bridge section and wasn’t sure what to add in the bridge in any case so I left it quite sparse. I quite like the rhythm I came up with for the verse section anyway.

Almost all the sounds are from the (fairly recently released) drum synth added to the new gen MPCs. I’ve been pleased with how it works and the range of sounds you can get with it. The only other sound source was some extra snare/hat sounds from my modular, mostly as I already had a tempo synced percussion patch in place so I just turned down the other elements and it did its thing. Other than that it was just a bit of EQ and my usually mastering chain plus my sends.

You can download a version with the part hard panned here. Overall I think it went okay; now on to my second duet!


ChalkWalk! Thank you so much for doing this!

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The side chaining technique makes for a very successful bridge of the stereo divide!


I’ve chosen #3 by @Bick_Brannigan. What a sad story about a lonely 80’s boy. I added some clicks and pops and a little bit of chorded melody to the right side. Details are in the track description. This was a lot of fun and I may grab a second track to contribute another one this week since we’re allowed two. For the first time in a Junto prompt, I did a second take and I’m glad I did. I think I played along to Bick’s part decently.

I also took track 18 by @morgulbee for my second contribution. I tried to keep a spacey vibe and provided right side tracking that should make for a fun track to play over in Week 3.