Disquiet Junto Project 0474: Police Action

Judith and I improvised a bit on piano and guitar (respectively) and then snipped, looped, and granulated them gently up the middle between the excellent duet, “Whatever1”, created by @Joule with @Anatol.

If you want to follow the journey, here are the two previous iterations –

Solo: Disquiet Junto Project 0472: Jam Time - #34 by Anatol
Duet: Disquiet Junto Project 0473: Placebo Effect - #120 by Joule

This has been a really fun three weeks of collaboration!!


The unusual combination of drums and kemane (turkish violin) attracted me, so I chose this as a basic track and record heavily distorted guitar above it. Most of the distortion comes from external effects running into rock amp / cabinet in Ableton Live, some mixing and mastering added. Hope you enjoy it and I hope that my virtual bandmates will like it, too.

Basic tracks was Drums+Kemane - disquiet0473 by joyneski | Free Listening on SoundCloud by vgmrmojo and joyneski.


In a log cabin in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, two friends semi-improvise a beautiful and tender duet on piano and guitar.

In the rain-slashed darkness outside, a broken church organ has been eaten by a giant transistor radio from outer space. The church organ hears the duet and, desperate to escape being digested by the giant alien transistor radio, it starts to play along as best it can in hope of being heard and rescued from its plight.

But its efforts are in vain and with a final despairing howl, it accepts its fate and becomes one with the giant transistor radio.

tl;dr: Took @mattmadd’s and @Chris_Ledwidge’s quite beautiful duet and with no provocation attacked it with a hishy sludgy distorted organy drone.

Heigh ho. Some day I’ll try not to be so almost aggressively contrarian with what I add to people’s tracks but today is not that day. (Thing is - for me, it does kinda sorta work.)

Also - thanks to @melondruie, @UntilledSound, @Creatures_Once, @stefans, @vgmrmojo and moduS ponY for your collaborations and encouraging comments - really appreciate them!

Nearly 2am here so going to crash…


Hey all. This week I used a random number generator and drew 34, Dronedrumdrub by joyneski which built on Madness by melondruie. I added guitar with a lot of (delay and reverb) alternating between Em and Am chords. Jammed along and performed a large number of cut and paste operations. I was playing my first guitar, a late 90s MIM strat. It’s kind of purple… it’s pretty cool… plugged into a small pedal board with a lot of TC pedals on there. :grin: Definately good fun! My times up!


Using an envelope follower following the earlier two tracks, I separately recorded, on my modular, a sine wave and a distorted square wave. These were then further manipulated in Ableton. In addition, an instance of Audio Damage’s, Phosphor 3 was added playing a MIDI extraction of the square wave’s output.

Thanks to @halF_unusuaL and @Glitcher for the more than two-thirds they contributed!


Jamming on the bass with @Peter and @mdh – lovely work fellas!

I’ve added reverb, as well as a little tape delay, which should spread everyone across the stereo field.

I’ve uploaded the audio here


A sequence of metallic sounds. The third part added to; Analoc – 0121-disquiet-juno-473-embedded

Electronic sequence. The third part added to: Untilledsound – Disquiet-0473-noise-94


I rolled the dice and came up with two numbers, the second of which was 4, so off we go do @DeDe and @AIsynthesis collaboration and this is the result.

If you guys are up for this, I really like this one and there are more words which I could build into a more complete track…only if you are down with the sentiment though.

Fifths Damage (Daniel-diaz – Fifths-damage-21012021-disquiet0473) had a very strong western feel, and also a feeling of being balanced between sentiment and action. We are each trapped in a dynamic equilibrium that gets us through the day, but the ground is shifting and the system is out of balance. The Ostrich is one of the last remaining flightless birds; surely that is not our fate? Make a plan.

I added a rhythm track to what I received, starting with the output form the Logic Drummer in hip-hop mode and then editing the results until they locked to the groove that was there, choosing a nice acoustic kit emulation, and running the track through a Fatso EL7X. Other tools used included a coles 4038, an iphone, Phil Moore’s excellent Retro PowerStrip, an A&H board, Valhalla plugins, and Ozone for a quick and dirty mastering pass.

The lyrics came from the feeling above, and from fighting off stockholm syndrome from all the decades since Reagan and Thatcher.

The samples are from the ‘crying indian’ public service announcement of the last century, and the extinction rebellion of this century.

  • Torpid Scorpion

How do I start? Singing is always dangerous, if you are not a singer… No… okay, this way: Some children can only be loved by their parents… one must stand by one’s misdeeds … my microphone was broken … the true beauty of music is that it connects us, yes, this is it!

I startet with the playlist Disquiet Junto Project 0473: Placebo Effect (2 of 3) by disquiet | Free Listening on SoundCloud and went to “around the middle of it” and started listening until I found something I liked: Disquiet Junto Project 0473: Placebo Effect (2 of 3) by disquiet | Free Listening on SoundCloud by @DeDe Daniel Diaz | Free Listening on SoundCloud (guitar) and @ray_cobley ray_cobley | Ray Cobley | Free Listening on SoundCloud (synth). The strange mixture felt right and asked for some voice.

So I improvised with the text given by the titles (and some extra text). I did this in two takes. I added as much plugins as possible to hide the fact that I can’t sing.

As you can hear: Neither can I sing, nor am I able to hide it with production gimmicks.

Anyway, after slicing my vocals I somehow liked it. Yes, you will have to listen to it 20 times, drinking some high octane booze, but then you will discover the hidden beauty of this track. Thanks, guys, I really had a lot of fun with this!


This was built from #21, Michel Banabila’s collaboration with noimspartacus. I added some subtle percussion work and a vocal sample to this already super-cool track.


@joyneski your contribution to this track reminded me of this great song by Oliver Coates, have you heard it?


The playlist should be up to date as of this post. If a track of yours is missing, please let me know. Thanks.


Very good - love the video! And if we can figure out how to perfomm together @kn00t I’m all for it…


RoBob Eko told me: ‘cogito, ergo robotum’. :thinking:
I answered: ‘ok, good… I will tell halF unusuaL and Lake Forest Sound Machine’.


Ha! Because I grabbed the link from my “private” Music playlist on YouTube maybe it wouldn’t load for others…I edited it so now it should work for everyone. Dumb internet.

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Hi Marc, so RoBob wants to let you know he’s here… :grimacing:

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Searching for a second duo to join, I found Padded room (Disquiet0473) by melondruie | Free Listening on SoundCloud by @melondruie melondruie | Free Listening on SoundCloud, based on Paddisquiet0472 by joyneski | Free Listening on SoundCloud by @joyneski joyneski | Free Listening on SoundCloud. The dreamy character catched me instantly.

I added strings & flutes, padified thru reverbs, plus some field recordings, and a subtle bass. I think I handled it with care, you could even ask where my contribution is. Thanks, fellows, for your music!


Excellent trio, a piece with so much depth. No abstract feeling here. Brilliant.


I took Du(o J)et No. 34 in A minor [Disquiet0473] by Matt Madden | Free Listening on SoundCloud which was a duet between @mattmadd’s and @Chris_Ledwidge and added some field recordings that were treated with some grain delay and pitched down, stretched, etc.
I really wanted to be subtle with it and just add some ambiance.


So, next stop Nirvana? :wink: