Disquiet Junto Project 0475: Low End

I decided to use this piece: Unsafe approach (Disquiet 0474) by melondruie | Free Listening on SoundCloud by @melondruie which built on previous tracks by @[rheinmusic] Safe - Center by rhein | Free Listening on SoundCloud & @winterer

I wanted to work in a way I’ve never tried before. Which is to extract small loops from a very specific part of the track and feed them into a electro-harmonix 4500 and just live record mixing in and out the different tracks. I made the mistake early on of not using any stems and just trying to EQ out the bits I don’t want for each layer. That meant I had a massive build up mid frequency mud which I tried to remove but at the expense of losing a lot of the warmth and body of the track. I didn’t quite overcome that balance, so its a bit muted feeling (very much so on headphones for some reason, I couldn’t get away from this sense that its very far off and distant), but I enjoyed trying out working in a new way.


I went for the piece Policing the Docks from Zoundsabar, Chaonaut, and Dave I. Gibbs.

First I extracted four-bar loops from the original source. Second, I treated them in the Kontakt Ensemble „Cycles“ from Slater & Ash, which is perfect if you want pulses that can go on a grid. Third part was arranging way too many bits, and finding some parts that could form a melody, which took at the longest. Lastly I added two shakers and some simple drums.

Normally, the piece would sit there for a week, but as it’s the Disquiet Junto, it has to go tonight. Oh, and the intro reminded me of the chase sequence in detective story, hence the name.


I random generated the number “2” and remixed the great trio track halF policE [disquiet0474] - with Yasha and jasonw22 by halF unusuaL | Free Listening on SoundCloud @halF_unusuaL that was based on Chopped Duck Ham [disquiet0473] by Yasha | Free Listening on SoundCloud @Yasha and Chopped Jam - disquiet0472 by jasonw22 | Jason Wehmhoener | Free Listening on SoundCloud @jasonw22

I actually liked the track as it was so I wanted to see if I could rearrange, just a tad, and make it more mellow AND frantic :smiley:

I separated the Duet tracks and morphed them together so Yasha’s mellow keys are warped and shaped by Jason’s chopped up beats, creating a nice movement.
I then used Ozone to solo the mid signal in the Trio track, separating Halfu’s fx and instrumentation.
The three tracks were then stacked and routed to act as modulation control signals in there individual signal chains and crossed to modulate each other through additional fx chains. I used a lot of PanMan and ReaGate to create dynamic processing at different thresholds.

I made everything in REAPER and rerecorded the voiceover from a random youtube video on pipe bending.


This is a remix of Daddy Butter [disquiet0474] by UntilledSound | Untilled Sound | Free Listening on SoundCloud from @UntilledSound, @joyneski and @melondruie—thank you!

I isolated the parts (using zplane’s Peel) then rearranged them adding in various effects including Sinevibes’ Albedo granular reverb, some Glitchmachines Hysteresis and Wavesfactory Echo cat.


“Whenever [disquiet0474]”

is a remix of randomly selected (#53)

which was a trio built on

which itself was a duo built on

The original track by analoc was in 7/4 time. The other parts built on that, but treating the rhythm in different ways. I decided to recast the whole piece in triplet 4/4 time at quite a bit faster tempo. Each of the three parts was re-fit to the new meter in different ways.

There has been some effects added to each track, mostly to make parts stand apart more, and bring out the bass register which is very muted in the original. Notably, there are parts of Peter’s violin that I dropped an octave and slowed to add a bass part.

I removed some material to give it a more sectional structure.

Lastly, and I’m not sure I should have, I added a very light standard session drum set. I felt this helped add to the dinner club or Penguin Cafe Orchestra kind of feel I was after.

Update: Peter was kind enough to send me a stem of just his part. The improved audio quality over my extracted stem, allowed me to do another mix which allows his part to come through better. I was also able to improve the repitched-as-bass bit, and make use of more of Peter’s playing, so the whole remix is slightly longer.


When I heard some results from disquiet0472, I had instantly some favourites, but choose to go on with a RNG track.

This time I ignored some rules by going back to the tracks from disquiet0472, where I had considered to build on Orphaned Loop by @Noimspartacus (very minimalistic) and Recording.93 by k-blamo / @abalone (just awesome), and by accident I this time stumbled upon (Paper) Jam by Benjamin_D / @Leonard_Bowman (great theme).

All sound sources come from these three tracks. I started with cutting out loops, went on to looping in Ableton, exported to stems and mixed in reaper. I was not pleased with the harmonica loop from Ableton (all loops were triggered by probabilities) and remixed the cutouts in GleetchlabX and added the results. Then I added the usual reverbs and fx suspects. I hope, the trio likes it.


Remix of: Chalkwalk-junto – Police-action-33-disquiet0474


Well done, I like this a lot! Sorry I didn’t see your message about the stem earlier, so you probably had to work harder than necessary to do this. Thanks!


Wow cool! I really liked the transition into the alternate melody around the halfway point.


I got 50 on my next spin of the random number generator which came up as Noodle Twister’s
Fuzzy Chime , Viola And Flute With MDH & The Land.
I set up four loops of varying lengths looping 4 different sections of the track. I messed with the playback speeds and accompanied with a multisampled choir and piano patch.
The loops were live mixed by fading the different parts in and out.


[multicomment, as the SW doesn’t like you to post multiple times in a row]

@fakeg3nius - That was a really inspired re-imagining/re-mix of the track.
@Anatol - So much fun.
@undermulden - Turnin’ it up to 11!
@ray_cobley - Beautiful ambient transformation


Music by colmkil, RPLKTR, and Paul Reiners. Video by prilfish (Silke Baron).

My original idea was to make a dub mix. But it didn’t really end up that way. I used my track from last week because I didn’t have time to hunt down the individual parts for a different track.

On the left track, I put an “Afraid of Bees” flanger effect. I left the right track as it was because it was already kind of dub-sounding—at that point I was still planning on making a dub mix.

I ended up not making a dub mix because I would have had to cut out half of the other guys’ contributions and that didn’t seem fair, and, the way the left track built up, it wouldn’t work anyway.

I took my piano fugue and made it a bit more sparse. I left the piano as a repeating pedal. I turned the bass voice into a sort of Moog synthesizer sound. Then I took the Alto and Soprano voices and turned those into drums (which was easy because they were MIDI tracks—and it made it less busy melodically, anyway).


This remix sounds so good!

This week I randomly ended up with #25, The Third Man by @stefans (stefan_strasser), @vgmrmojo, and @joyneski.

The process: about 10 drum loops were cut, and put into two samplers, then drum loops in the pair of samplers were alternatively triggered and envelopes were independently triggered in an attempt to create new patterns. Not sure if it was that successful. The recorded drums (in reaper) were then further cut into loops and arranged with some fast delay. Then the violin was put through the some volume automation with the crystallizer plugin and the (phase) isolated fuzz guitar has a tremolo on it in the second third.


My remix of Ymeynard – An-obvious-lesson-disquiet0474 by ymeynard with Michel Banabila and noimspartacus. I very much liked the interplay between noimspartacus original loop and Michel’s bass line and I looped a small segment where I gated the one track with the other – that starts and ends the mix and I use it as a drop after one of the spoken word episodes. I also used some EQ and panning to highlight some of the great percussion that Yves had added to the track.


Remix of: Blunderspublik – 0474-jasonw22-yasha-blunderspublik


Absolutely love it. And I didn’t know I could do something in 7/4, either :wink:


I rolled a 25 - The Third Man by @stefans @vgmrmojo and @joyneski, (I did the remix not realizing it had already been done by @gibbsdavidl!) So here’s an alt remix I guess lol. I put the original solo violin and drum tracks into Koala Sampler on my iPad and sped up and looped the trio to get the bass part. Chopped everything up and put it through lots of the crazy Koala FX. Finally reassembled everything in Ableton.


I chose @rhein piece from last week, built on work by @Chris_Ledwidge and @mattmadd. I see now I wasn’t alone in choosing it, so hopefully I’ve been able to create a different take.

I downloaded stems from the duo, cut things up in parts and created some background drones with timestretching. I selected a short segment of piano that I liked from Chris’s piece and looped and treated with effects from Supercell in vcvrack. Pulled a bit from the end of the trio and did the same. I was trying to go with rhein’s walk in the forest idea and make it more introspective and obtuse and perhaps a bit meloncholy, as that’s what most my walks end up being anymore.


This takes the week-three track from @chaonaut, made using tracks from @BennDeMole and @Noimspartacus, doubles the tempo to 144, extracts the three parts and applies various granular effects and reverb to the tracks along with gates, filters and distortion.