Disquiet Junto Project 0476: IAH Forecast


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Are you completly off Soundcloud now Jamie?


The picture reminded me of doing commute during a rainy day, so I tried to evoke that feeling through a downtempo, sort of “lazy” sound. I struggled a bit figuring a B section as I’m not used to doing more ambient stuff, so I tried to make variations here and there in the main loop instead of making multiple sections.

I started with the bass, as I managed to make this sound that really evoked a sort of melancholic feeling I wanted, and then made a line which later I noticed was at least partially inspired by FKA Twigs’ “mirrored heart” piano. Then I figured out the keys and proceeded to add more accompaniment. I really liked this patch I made of noise being panned slowly, it gave me the feeling of rain and also of cars passing, so I let it through most of the song.

First time participating in Disquiet Junto and I’m having a really good time, thank you everyone for spending the time with it! Still quite a beginner and I struggle with finishing stuff so a project like this really helped getting the gears grinding. Hope you enjoy it!


Yeah, sc stopped letting me use mail.com aliases when setting up new accounts.

I started just using bandcamp which I much prefer. Just a shame there isn’t the social aspect


hello people!

great timing on this one for me :slight_smile:

the same day of the disquiet, I got delivered a shiny Artinoise re.corder, from a Kickstarter I backed some 2 years ago… it’s a very inexpensive and very basic wind controller, in the unassuming (and unsurprising, given the name) form factor of a recorder. I always wanted a wind controller, and it’s tons of fun! I love it! I’m SO happy I got it.

anyway. the cover immediately inspired me something sad, almost oppressive. probably because I don’t cope well with fog, it makes me think of air too thick to breathe. the title was indirectly, and serendipitously, suggested by a question in this very thread :slight_smile:

all in all, the perfect excuse to put my new toy to good use!

the base for the song has been composed in my most trusted tool, Caustic. just a bunch of synths, a few arpeggiators, and a disheartening downtempo beat.

on top of it, I recorded the main flute part in Animoog (a super forgiving preset, with tons of delay), which duets with another more classical, maybe oboe-like sound, from Photophore. both are iPad apps.

as usual, I record all my audio on a Korg SR1 “Sound On Sound”, and then mix it in Ardour.


For this project I wanted to incorporate two practices I’ve been devoting time to recently: SDR radio and sample manipulation in Maschine. I made a recording of roughly two and a half minutes of our local NOAA weather station using a cheap SDR dongle I picked up last year, then imported that audio into Maschine to chop up. I then constructed a backing track around a couple patterns I made with the resulting sample pack.

The second iteration of the theme features the audio processed by Cecilia 5 which I recently learned about, then re-processed in Reaktor using Tim Exile’s Finger ensemble.



welcome to me latest genre-agnostic chart-pooper!
:point_down:“Can’t. See. Shit.” :eyes:

"When ya wake up with the early-mornin’ smog, smellin’ like a wet dog,
Lean in to it, like you was ridin’ high on a hog,
Got this eerie feelin’ you belong in a strange place,
Landin’ like a boss: “touchdown IAH!”
Can’t see nothin’ through the foggiest trace
But ya act like ya know you’ll find it anyways
Feel the humidity pressurize to smack you in tha face
You keep on the move to keep grace when ya can’t see shit!
But ya still got somewhere to go…

The earliest don’t get the furthest
When a sense of direction is worthless
I’m feelin’ i’m loopin’ in circles
Can my draaaank get any more prrrrple??
Watch me drop some serious shit!
Watch me break it down.
Gonna lose our shit >:D
Watch us have a breakdown because we can’t see shit!
And yet we still…”

:point_right: Was in a bad place all year last year, didn’t go outside one room for most of the time(lost a fraction of my vision staying in a dim room trying to avoid the people at the place… very gloomy)… so most of my music was just from staring at Max patches all day… now i finally moved out to a new place and can setup acoustic instruments and a soundproof closet for vox, etc…
in short: bit out of practice on every single thing, but excited to write songs and play instruments again :pray:

Hope y’all like, Cheers :beers:


hum and fog – ambient performance for monome norns, novation peak, and oto machines bam. high above the distant bustle; the world far below now quiet and still. the drifting silver mists at day’s end give way to moonlight as the tide returns.

my last completed junto project was back in january 2018, 0314: cold start. i’ve been wanting to finish a junto project for awhile now, and reading @disquiet’s description of this prompt as being related to the insta/gr/ambient project, the precursor to the junto (and 0061: textinstagrambient), inspired me to get into the studio and try some new things. in this case, combining novation peak with monome norns, running @infinitedigits’s oooooo script, a “digital tape” looper.

technical notes

six melodies from novation peak were recorded into monome norns, running the oooooo script, which is a six-track “digital tape” looper. the loops play at different speeds and directions, ever-so-slightly panned and continually shifted around the soundfield by slow LFOs. each loop has a warble control to momentarily bend its pitch, as if nudging an analog tape reel during playback. an ambient reverb from the oto machines bam fx unit periodically freezes the melodies, transforming them into faint pads.

novation peak is in the background with a self-playing patch: slow noise waves, run through a 24db bandpass filter, with varying overdrive and distortion levels, and a touch of chorus, delay, and reverb; all gently modulated by peak’s LFOs and envelopes. the waves build, crescendo, and hiss across the distant shore.


This turned out more sci-fi, and a little spookier than I imagined it would. I was thinking about the fog in this image, and the building, Maybe I was imagining the building as a spaceship. And the mystique of a foggy morning high above the ground. Perhaps a somewhat dystopian vision of a city in the future. I can go with that.
Created all in Ableton Live. Pulled in some instruments I wanted to experiment with that could suit the ambient goals. Mostly some sample-based instruments put together by Brian Funk: his Rhythmic Pads and Haze packs, and others. He’s put together some good samples, chains, and good racks to manipulate with. Also used an instance of Wavetable. There’s a theremin samples in there too. Like a banshee howling. I have to remember that for future spookiness. Tweaked parameters and recorded the automation as I played notes in. Minor editing afterward. Not my usual style, but a lot of fun. Will try more like this.


This was a fun prompt. I ended up recording two tracks for this, which I wrote about in more detail on my blog. Per instructions, I’m only submitting one.

This track was built from a wind chimes sample from Freesound that was manipulated in VCV Rack (using the Sussudio multihead sample player). It was recorded in two takes with seven tracks each (six mono tracks, one per sampler playhead; and one stereo track for an emulated magnetic disk echo unit). Each sampler playhead, plus the echo unit’s six playheads, erase head, and finger gate, are controlled by a Grayscale Permutation sequencer. The second take was recorded using a clock divider at 2/3 the speed of the first take. Each take’s combined track is further processed separately using two layers of reverb, and the two tracks for the echo unit are routed to their own reverb and EQ chain.


late…but in…


Last minute but being from htx I felt compelled–


Nice track. Glad I infected you with that (musical) virus… :wink:

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this week’s junto produced an excellent batch, bravo guys, I particularly enjoyed this last project.


At the stroke of midnight! After two days of editing, here’s a representative sketch of what I’ve been working on, unmastered. The whole piece was clocking in over 10 minutes. I woke up yesterday to the rumble of a truck warming in the parking lot. Together with the thrum of the ceiling fan and the whine and occasional sigh of the refer, I thought: this would sound cool with a church bell – maybe I’ll do this week’s Junto! Two days later, I’ve decided yet again this workflow of slaving away obsessively in the DAW is not at all sustainable, but it’s what I’ve got for now. Lacking the means for proper recording, I visited Freesound, where I bookmarked some doppler fx. Also played some simple sampler on my phone through some delay pedals, trying to mimic the doppler effects with tape delay and a slow ping pong. When I sat down with the uke to record over this loosely assembled palette, I was thinking a pastiche of Willie Nelson doing Bladerunner might be nice. What came out was a bit sweeter and I started consciously editing like The Books, unable, I think, to ignore the beautiful scene outside my own window:


Thank you very much! I loved your track, the drone is beautiful


Tremendous showing. Playlist is up to date (based on my searching for “disquiet0476” on SoundCloud). If your track is missing, lemme know.


@disquiet uploaded my track the other day, but didn’t see that it was left on “processing”, so I reuploaded!

was going for a Loscil vibe…


Got it. Been added. Thanks! Vibe approved.

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