Disquiet Junto Project 0487: Carillon Quotidian

Stereo mics pointed out the window all weekend, capturing the ebb and flow of autos, jets, and birdsong, their tidal wooshes lapping against the diaphragms of my Samson mics – and mostly fed through the delay pedals for additional oscillations. I then went about my business, working on other projects, running errands, maintaining various hobbies and relationships with other operatives of one sort or another, always returning to the microphones pointed out the window to capture the peculiar activities just outside, a la Gene Hackman in The Conversation. I’ve added a number of disparate elements while trying to mix with the sounds outside the window at the fore and reintroduced at intervals. There are takes from a cigar-box kalimba and trash kit, rainstick and ocarina, ukulele from another project that was garbled in transit and repurposed here, giving way to an electronic rhythm with a convoluted history – a newly arrived toy piano was added here when it became too electronic for my taste. These are the things that happened. It would hardly be possible to scrutinize the clandestine agents involved, or to tease out their various motivations. This is not my job, and, suffice it to say, a more comprehensive solution to the problem of helicopter rides is needed.


For Carillon Quotidian, I used a MHK 8040 mic and MixPre-6 to record an electric razor. I then generated a track in which playback speed and pan was manipulated for multiple loops the recording as generated in Supercollider. The higher speed of playback (between 1.7 and 4.8x) of the recording of the razor gave a surprising flute like timbre and I added some delay to achieve the final sound on the razor track. I added a piano and bass track using software instruments from Spitfire, but everything else is from the recorded sound of the razor. Thanks to everyone for participating in this prompt.

I have also added the razor track alone for reference.


When I listened to the other submissions for Disquiet Junto 0487, it got me a little worried, because someone else had already used the sound of a spoon and a cup of coffee. And it was a really nice track. On the other hand: no-one seemed to have produced something that remotely sounded like a carillon. So here’s my track, made in VCV Rack. The sound of a spoon hitting a cup of coffee was recorded and loaded into the Nysthi Quadsimpler. I made a simple chord sequence and a melody and then I added some reverb. And that’s it!


Missed a bunch of these over the last month as I was moving, but excited to get back in the flow!

Going into 2020 I was the chef at a restaurant and really wanted to make a recording of the sounds behind the line. Well, the restaurant closed in the pandemic and I never got around to making that recording, and now I’m on a different path but this track was an effort to capture that vibe. I can safely say that I did not really succeed, but I enjoy the track nonetheless.

The recording is the sound of a pot being hit. Sequenced live with the Deluge. Originally planning on leaving the sound dry and more recognizable, but I enjoyed this filtered and effected take more.


predominantly sounds of a microwave (with a clock and kitchen clattering)
more and more fx coming in
reverse, reverb, echo, supermassive, pitch shift, delay, paulstretch
all done in audacity


Ouch, electric razor! I think I’d better not say which movie this reminds me of… but you may want to consider a switch to a manual blade and a bit of lather, perhaps a foaming gel scrub. I only have to shave my neck every so often, but it’s a nice ritual – the soundtrack would be quite different from this!

@VassilisP I’d thought to do the same as my refer makes some truly pitiful groans randomly throughout the day, even though it’s relatively new. Nice journey into the appliance on this one!

Thank you Joule for this interesting project ! It made me much more aware of the sounds around.

I started with recording our Italian Espresso Coffee Maker while it was blowing and later crackling.
After rereading the assignment I decided against this sound since normally I don’t ignore it but wait for it, enjoy it…
Next I recorded water draining from the sink, but this wasn’t exciting.
Then I noticed the unnerving sound of my electric toothbrush when I hold it against a tooth - and so I chose this one (in the meantime I have discovered that I am not the only one).
The main melody is played with this sound, pitched down and slightly enhanced to tame the annoyance. The short theme is repeated several times to provide the carillon feeling. It is occasionally accompanied unisono by a distorted version of the sound, and gently by Bass Harmonics and the new LABS Autoharp .
This toothbrush-recording was also used for the creation of several accompanying sounds with the granular synthesizer Padshop.
The great coffee- and water sounds from my inital quest for sounds were turned into a drumkit and pitched sounds - I like how the coffeemaker and the water can clearly be identified in this drum-rhythm.
The track was complemented with some other instruments (Piano, Cello, Guitar Harmonics).
I am not quite sure what to think of it, but it is growing on me :slight_smile:


Thanks JE, but I might have called it “Close Shave (in three parts)” but opted for the gentler title. In any case, electric razors sound interesting at high playback rates but don’t work very well for their intended purpose.


Hello. Here is my contribution.

I found this week’s quite difficult. The “daily” sounds I hear right now, even when I try to perceive them in an unfamiliar way, seem boring and, given the lockdown black dog on the prowl, subconsciously upsetting. Supermarket beeps, phone bloops, water boiler gurgles, even my cat’s purr (which, when pitched up, sounded like a bad general MIDI saxaphone) weren’t doing it. I was messing with the recordings I had made, and suddenly found that when I placed a looped recording of the car’s windscreen wiper through lots of modulated delay lines, I got something interesting, at least to me. Clocks, rain, horses hooves…


Technical stuff: The source recording was made on a iPhone using the Voice Memos app, which was looped in Bitwig Studio and sent through three instances of a homemade Reaktor 6 delay ensemble, with some of the delay time parameters being modulated by “drunk walk” LFOs in Bitwig.



The recorded sounds of these objects/things were used in this composition:

  1. A metal cage on wheels used to carry groceries to a grocery store aisle overnight so that they might be put on a shelf and purchased by people during the day.

  2. A can of non-alcoholic beer.

  3. A package of nicotine gum.

  4. A desk chair.

  5. An internet hosted live feed of Chicago police radio.

  6. A web based playable Oud recorded through a tactile transducer attached to a empty polystyrene takeout container left over from a delicious falafel wrap purchased at a Lebanese restaurant near my flat here in Glasgow.

This week’s prompt is of my favourite sort, in that encourages listening and seeing/experiencing/hearing the potential in every day experience.
A practice that enhances my experience of being alive.

Hope everyone is doing as well as they can be,
(if you’re not, that’s o.k., though I hope you are soon)


Don’t worry, I still drink.
Don’t worry, I no longer smoke.


I recorded my washing in the laundromat. I started two machines next to each other with different onsets and placed my recorder in the middle.

I track layed 3 copies of the recording and processed them differently, trying to make something “LoFi”. I put one of them through a vocoder where I modulated some parameters, using amplitude and pitch information in the recording. This created some weird and nice harmonies.

The recordings were accompanied by a Pigments pad and some filtered drums.
The track ends with the unprocessed recording. I forgot to zip my fleece jacket, which is the clanging heard in the left channel :stuck_out_tongue:


I sampled my washer and dryer while they were both running. Transposed and processed some of the sounds for a percussion loop. The full original recording is bounced through some filters for the atmospheric and pad sounds. Keyboard and bass are side-chained with those sounds.


Justin wrote a piece for timpani, piano, and trumpet. The sound of a dumpster was the influence for the timpani. I sampled my chair at work (the sound you hear at the beginning and end of the track) and used it to replace all of the sounds but the trumpets. I added a trumpet harmony line and Justin added a vocal. Everything else is my sampled office chair.


I made this track with the sound I recorded of the back door to the patio closing in my house, it always closes so that it sounds like it’s slamming unless it is closed very lightly.
The vocal sample is from an old BBC archive film of a woman describing the internet in the early 90s.


For this disjunto I recorded the hum of my worn down bathroom fan (which has a surprisingly harmonic tone) as my main drone. For added texture, I recorded the sound of me tapping on the fan vent, as well as some electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the fan. The final track consists of several layers performed live on my ipad with Spacecraft ios.


Whew! Been busy over here. Just squeaked it in tonight.

I’ve got stairs at my place, and I walk up and down, over and over. It’s good exercise I guess. So I recorded it with my phone, and used those sounds to trigger my synth, which is playing chords with inversion modulations… in classic form, I reviewed the instructions after posting the track and realized I completely missed the intention. Oops! :ghost: